Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Vacation!

Why is life so busy?! It's supposed to be summer and I'm supposed to be care free...My summer has been nothing like that! Mostly because I took summer school, not a huge mistake but then again it kind of was; My professors took everything I'm supposed to learn in 15 weeks and made it fit into 8 weeks...it was a hard 8 weeks! I won't lie it's nice to know I got 9 credits done and under my belt. Plus my professors were so chill, I guess I really liked summer semester! First off, I cut my hair...7'' off to be precise..it was so sad but I really have loved it!!
This summer wasn't a total failure, I went to more wedding receptions between may and now than I ever have before! One of the weddings was for my long lost friend from high school. It was so great to help plan her wedding, the shower, and of course the bachelorette party! When her special day finally came it was amazing! I saw people I haven't seen since high school, it was just a little reunion and it was great!! Another reception I went to was for my very first roommate! If it wasn't for Aly I probably never would have moved to St George and my life would be completely different right now! I'm just so grateful for Aly and so happy for her and Race.
We also did a trip to Vegas because my best friend Hillary Bryan had never been to there.. I rounded up the group and we headed to Vegas to show Hillary the life she doesn't want! But to be honest, it was dirty and disgusting. I loved being with my friends but the whole time I was just sick to my stomach. Hopefully that cured her obsession with wanting to go so bad.

I now have less than a month before fall semester starts up again, we are hoping to go to Phoenix before then, and I'm hoping to hike a waterfall as well....but we will see!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm now a blogger!!

The newest crave now-a-days is blogging; I am sick of Facebook and need something new in my life! I am kind of getting the hang of things but then not really.. I figured out how to edit the layout and I'm fine with that for now. :)