Friday, December 23, 2011

Out with the old in with the new!

** disclaimer: This post was supposed to be published last Friday before Christmas...sorry **
Since last Friday so much has happened, school is out so now I have more time to do those things I enjoy like staying up late with my roommates! On Sunday we had a CMC party (Christmas movie and cookie party) with all our friends. I am very blessed and grateful for the people in my life! Tiana made her famous sugar cookies and then we watched the legendary Christmas story it was so great!! We also did something bad...since we roommates are so close we just decided that everyone would get a present or two for everyone. Our tree has been packed for weeks and every night we just want to open them all but we never do. Until after our CMC party when we just couldn't wait anymore!!!!! So we did it! We opened all our presents!!!! It was so great, my roomies know me so well and I got everything I wanted and more! Nick was our Santa and picture taker thank you Nicholas!! (St Nick...ha ha I just thought of that)

Monday and Tuesday were my last working days until next Wednesday which is always exciting. Tuesday and Wednesday my papa came down and helped my buy a new car! It is a 2008 Honda accord and I just love it, it is a lot longer than my other one but I'll get use to that soon. It also has so much room and all the extra things that I wanted too it was just a dream come true. 

This week I dejunkified my closet it was really fun to go through stuff and find stuff that has been in it since I moved in. Holly then cleaned out her stuff and that was so fun to go through all her stuff that she has kept since Jr high!! Last night we did a back to the future marathon, I just love back to the future! Since Holly is at work and all my roomies are already home for Christmas today I am home alone. I am not sure what to do with myself, I will probably just pack for home, clean my apartment, oh and do my new years resolutions. I love how the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time for change. I love making goals that I really do try and keep for a whole year! I love this feeling of being able to better myself and my habits! Wish me luck! I hope that everyone has a very very very merry Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm sure everyone can agree when I ask where has December gone??? Sheesh this is our last weekend until Christmas and by golly the streets of St. George are packed too! But I love this season and wish it would never end! Even though December has gone by super fast a ton of things have happened in my life! December 3rd my dear friend Nick Smith got baptized, it was such a good baptism and I cried my eyes out. I just love when people accept the gospel and find true happiness! The Church was booked so we had to have a reception in our very own was a little stressful at first but then it all worked out! December also comes with it's fair share of Christmas parties, I haven't been to as many as Tiana has but 4 is enough for me. By far my favorite has been the student government one; I love the people I work with and just had a great night! The Tuacahn ampitheater does a live nativity thing every year and Randi had the brilliant idea that we should all go. So Rand, Nick, Hol, Jrad, T, Brandon, Aub and I piled in cars all bundled and warm and headed out. It was such a spiritual experience and helped me remember that this season is about Christ and not presents!

I really do love living in the sun 360 days of the year, the other 5 are rainy and cloudy, but I do miss the snow! So we decided heck lets drive to the snow, if it won't come to us we'll go to it. So last weekend Tiana, Holly, Aub and I went sledding in Cedar it was so much fun! There wasn't as much snow as we hoped but it was good enough and we will be going again with the rest of our gang soon. That same night after we got back we went to see New Years Eve! It was such a cute movie and I will be buying it when it comes out. This past week was finals so glad to be done and it was also Tiana's birthday! I love this girl so much and hope she had the best birthday, we took a 24 balloon bouquet to her work and then took her to Artic circle for lunch. After work she went to dinner with Brandon and then came home to friends and a freaking delicious ice cream cake from the DQ lounge. We ended the night with Glee scene it and back rubs! I always fret that I never do enough for special days so I hope everything was so great for her.

This week I am finishing Christmas shopping, buying a car, and then going HOME!!!! I will be back in St George before new years because I have to work so it's just a short trip home but I don't mind. That is all I have for you so I hope everyone else travels safe and has a great Christmas break!!

Well look who it is...

Yes it is I..Heather Moat. I am sorry that I have not blogged in a couple weeks but I have just been so busy with life that I have not had time. Since my last post which was November 7th lots has happened: school, Breaking Dawn premier, more school, work, Thanksgiving, and more school. The end of the semesters are always the hardest I think-I usually get very tired, over whelmed, stressed and just burnt out! I have no motivation to do anything that has to do with being productive and I hate it. Well these feelings are all gone because officially today at 10:58am I became a free women!! At least untill 8am Monday January 9, 2012 when spring semester starts...but we aren't thinking about that until um January 8th maybe not even then. This chrstmas break will be the bomb I am getting a much needed new car so I can make it home for a Christmas, I am also hanging out with anyone who wants to (roommates, Case face, Maria, Dallas, and anyone else who calls me haha). I also decided today that this break I need to dejunkify my room/hall closet so that'll be fun! I am just excited to stay up as late as I want and sleep as late as I want too. I'm mostly excited to have no major responsibilities for 3 weeks and no reason to go to this place either!

In other news, November and December have gone by super fast. Here are some highlights: I registered and got my life for the spring figured out! I am taking Microbiology with the lab, Elements of Effective Communication, Social Dance, Coop and fitness center! I am on the wait list for a nutritions class hopefully I can get in! Most of these are new to me so it'll be an interesting semester but bring it on! I also took pictures with my sister, she works at sears and they gave a free photo session to each employee so she decided we would do it! It was so much fun, we ordered a cd so here are some of our favorites! I love my sister with all my heart and would be lost without her. She's my best friend and I am grateful for her everyday! Thanksgiving was the bomb just like it is every year! Hailey and I have this thing where we like to see big movies together like Harry Potter 7 pt II and Breaking Dawn pt I. It was so good, I have read every book of this series except breaking dawn...but I will eventually! On Thanksgiving we went to Bountiful to my grandparents house, everything was so delicious and I loved being with my family.

Since Holly works in retail she had to be back to work black friday, so we drove to St George that night after dinner. It actually worked out for the best because Tiana was going to Phoenix Friday and invited me to come with her! I really do love road trips-good music, new adventures, and lots of Dr pepper! She was going home to babysit her niece and nephew Madie and Chase; if anyone knows me you know I LOVE kids and hope to have 5 of my own someday. So the three days we babysat were tough but also so enjoyable. I didn't get many pictures but here are some when we went to the park. I love these two munchkins and hope to babysit them again!

November was great and December so far has been such a blur but at the same time I have already done so much. With that, I am ending this post and starting a new one just for December so if your interested continue on reading my 'It's beginging to look a lot like Christmas' post!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The terrific Tiana!!

Today is December 13, 2011 and 22 years ago my very bestest pal
Tiana Marie Heid was born.

There is way to much to tell you about Tiana, but I'm going to try my very best! She is just so great! She is from Glendale Arizona, she went to Cactus High School (home of the cobras) class of 2008. She has 2 brothers Tyler and Trevor and one sister Tiffany. She now has 2 sister in laws, one brother in law, 2 nieces and 3 nephews! She loves to travel so she's basically been everywhere. Her favorite trip so far has been her trip Washington DC.

Christmas of 2008

Christmas of 2009

She has been here at Dixie State college since the fall of 2008, she received her associate of science degree and is now working at the IHC health and performance center with the Southwest spine and pain center. She is a great leader and planner that is why she was on student government for a year.

She absolutely loves Mexican food: Poncho and Lefty's, Durangos and Chipotle are among her top three. She enjoys getting pedicures and manicures, and getting her hair cut/dyed! She loves, loves LOVES getting her back scratched and rubbed any time and all the time. Her favorite drink is Dr pepper with lots and lots of crushed ice. She prefers McDonalds breakfast over any breakfast in town. She is literally a glee fanatic! She watches each episode sometimes twice, and downloads the music a week early! She loves late 80s early 90s music, The Rocket summer is her favorite band and she occasionally loves Shania Twain. Her favorite holiday is Christ
mas- she loves the tree, the lights, the presents, and the music! She never really has a sweet tooth more of a salty one...all the time. Her favorite smoothie from orange peel is the Big Kahuna. She is one of the best bowlers I know, she also makes the best batch of mac and cheese every time she makes it! Here are some of my favorite Tiana pictures:

Tiana is seriously one of the friendliest people I know, she's so outgoing and always wanting to get to know other people. She never leaves anyone out and is always there as a shoulder to cry on, or to go get ice cream on a very depressed day! Tiana is also so strong and such and example to me everyday! She is just doing so well and I am so proud of her everyday!! I love you Tiana and don't you EVER FORGET IT!!!