Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 11...only 4 left!

That's right folks we are in the homestretch, only 2 weeks till thanksgiving and then 2 after plus finals and it's winter break which means 3-4 weeks off!!!!! I love winter break because it's the only break that I don't have to do homework on! Well, this week was totally boring I don't even know if I have any pictures for you a week without pictures is depressing! Monday was Halloween, I love Halloween it is my favorite holiday but this year I didn't really get into it. I decorated the house, went to a haunted house, forest, and field...I went to Thriller, a corn maze and also watched all my favorite Halloween movies. However, I didn't carve pumpkins and I didn't dress up...dressing up is my favorite part too, but because of my lack of creativity and the amount that I worked I just didn't have a reason! Since I did all the stuff mentioned above, in my book, Halloween was a success this year. Tuesday was November 1st I still can't believe it! It has been so cold this week and I hate it, I woke up this morning to evidence that it snowed throughout the night. Compared to other places it's not bad...there's really not any just one patch...but that's enough. Anyways back to Tuesday it was just a normal student government meeting day nothing new. I came home to dinner done, thank you Holly, and then we watched the Others! The new Glee was also on it was alright I feel this season has lost it's touch but it's still early we will see where it goes. Wednesday and Thursday I worked, they had me training and I love training especially on the far driving routes. I also love just connecting with my fellow employees and training is a great way to do that. Friday was my day off and I enjoyed it very much. I gave blood, and then hung out with my fabulous sister. We both needed to go to Walmart way bad so that's what we did for our sister date. We then came home to the rest of our group and just hung out got pizza, played a game and then went to the movies. We went and saw Tower Heist oh my gosh it was so good!!! I really, really liked it. Saturday I worked and had to drive to Kanab it wasn't bad at all. I really enjoy the long drives they let me think about everything going on in my life. After work I went on a little date with Austin, he's one of my best friends and I never get one on one time with him anymore so we went to dinner together. We decided to go to a new diner in town it's called the Black Bear diner. Austin loves bears so he just loves this place, and their food is so delicious. I ordered cinnamon roll french toast and it was to die for. I had a great time just talking about anything and everything with him and he was on one so he was exceptionally funny which made my night! We then came home to my roommates and then all went to Walmart for Sunday dinner supplies and treats. The rest of the night consisted of pulling our mattresses out and falling asleep to the princess and the frog! Sunday was a great day, I woke up early because of the time change so I decided to watch a movie. It has recently been brought to my attention that my life is similar to the life of Jane on 27 dresses so I had to watch it because it's been to long. I almost cried because I really am like Jane. If you have not seen 27 dresses watch it you'll love it!
This week is going to be equally as boring as last week but I hope it goes by fast because I have the whole weekend off and cannot wait!!!