Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Most Wonderful time of Year!

I really, really, REALLY love Christmas! There is just something about it; it brings people together and just puts a happy feeling in my heart. Since December started life has been awesome, I have literally been listening to Christmas music like all the time...all the time! I have also been drinking my weight in egg nog and hot cocoa! Oh and if I have to eat one more cookie I might die!  

On the 1st Bob and I went to the Temple lights, they are beautiful. They are nothing like the Salt Lake Temple lights but they were still good. Monday the 2nd for FHE we made gingerbread houses I know I have said this before but the members of my ward are so creative. On the 3rd there was a really bad snow storm-so bad that St George got some snow! It was crazy to wake up to snow again, it has been so long since that has happened to me. The roads on the way to Beaver County were terrible and it was freezing up there too. Thankfully I got back safe and that there was only one day of bad weather. Wednesday the 4th I had the opportunity to go to a Relief Society activity. We met at my presidents house and ate kneaders it was so delicious!! After that Bob and I let out our inner child and played in the snow! It was cute and he is a good sport. We then headed to the Eves to watch the Grinch, it's one of my favorite Christmas movies. 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I had to work. Saturday was awesome because once again we woke up to snow, and it snowed all day. It literally dumped on us! DUMPED! Like whole town catastrophe type of dumping. They were putting out warnings to not drive anywhere, and they closed the gorge all night! The freeway was backed up for hours! It was nuts everywhere you went. I left Target at 6 and was just stuck in traffic on River Road, then took a back road and found just as many cars there. I finally got home and refused to drive anywhere, I walked to Harmons for groceries and dinner too. My favorite part was playing in the snow all night. The Eves came down, Kari came out, the neighbors came too and we just had such a great night all together just playing! We ended the night watching Christmas Vacation-I have never seen the whole thing and I fell I still have to watch it all the way through. 

I parked it at 2 and came out at 6! #Cray!

Sunday the 8th we got up and found out that church had been canceled-I am from Tooele County and I have never had church canceled because of the weather. It was just mind boggling!! We played in the snow yet again and had crepes for lunch, then had an awesome dinner with the neighbor boys. After dinner we went to the Eves for a Christmas party with the Merrills and the Blacks. It was so fun! We did a treat exchange and white elephant gifts too, it was so fun to see what each couple brought! It was more fun to see what each person ended up with-like it was meant for them the whole time! During the party my handsome boyfriend surprised me and made December 8, 2013 a night I will never forget. It is finally my turn to be engaged to the man of my dreams. The asking was nothing elaborate, he just told me how he felt about me in front of my closest married friends. He got my heart racing and tears flowing-just how I always imagined it would feel. I have seen my ring before he proposed but it looked more beautiful and felt different. Like now it is my ring and it will always be my ring. I love him more than any thing in this world and I cannot wait to be with him for eternity-he is my eternal companion! I am so blessed to have found him and some days I feel like I don't deserve him. I have been on cloud nine all week and am so excited to plan a wedding and start the next chapter in my life! April 12, 2014 cannot come fast enough! 

The rest of this week has been good, Monday for FHE the stake just put on a choir performance. I wasn't going to go but Lindsey asked me to go with her so I did. It was awesome and I am glad that I went. Tuesday night I did some much needed cleaning, and tonight I studied and took my last final! This semester was challenging and I just wish I could be in nursing school already! I am taking next semester off since I have nothing left to take right now. Hopefully this next year I will be given a spot in a nursing school somewhere! Crossing my fingers! I probably won't post again before Christmas, so I hope everyone has a very very merry merry Christmas!! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy and Grateful!

Why is it that the end of the year goes by so fast?! The time between February and May goes by so slow and the rest just zips right by. Since my last post on the tenth, the most I have done is work! I knew that it would be hard having two jobs but I somehow didn't want to admit it! There are some days that I get off one job and have to go straight to the other...all in like 7 minutes! Everything else in my life is suffering-school, friends, Church duties, spirituality...whatever else! I am hoping with only working 3 days at Target this week that I can get my head above water and get my life back to where it needs to be. Despite being busy Bob and I have somehow managed to still see each other everyday, which means a lot because some days I just need him. We do little things like go to orange peel, go to swig, go for walks, go to Mesquite to see his adorable grandpa, and many other things! It's the little things in life that mean the most!

For Thanksgiving this year my family decided to come down to St George! Such a blessing to have them come down here! I loved it! My apartment was small but we made due. They came down Wednesday and then left Friday afternoon. It was short but still worth it, I love my family so much and don't know what I would do without them. This year I realized how much I have to be thankful for-and how much I take things for granted. Here is a short list of things I am grateful for!

  • In this cold weather I am grateful for coats, gloves, shoes, and blankets.
  • I am grateful for the Gospel! It means so much to me. I am also grateful for the Temple, visiting teaching, my stressful yet amazing calling, and the trials that have brought me to where I am today! I am also grateful for my Savior, he died for me and took upon him all my sins-I love him. 
  • Alarm clocks-who would have thunk to be grateful for something I have used everyday for years?
  • I am grateful for the radio and also for artists who share their talents with me.
  • Today's technology makes my life much easier! Grateful everyday for the means to be able to talk to my family who live far away from me.
  • I am grateful for Bob Kane, who accepts me for who I am-all my weaknesses, quirks, and things even I can't stand about myself. 
That list will do, if I bullet every thing I am grateful for we would be here all night! 'Aint no body got time for that' 

Since my family was here I got to go black Friday shopping with my mom-just like old times when I lived at home. We decided to go to Walmart on Thursday night (don't judge me, they were open and had what we wanted so we went). I ended up spending way too much but also basically finished my Christmas shopping! I had the goal of finishing all my shopping on black Friday and I succeeded! That's it for now, check back soon for my more recent update and most exciting news!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Until next year October!

October sure went by super fast!! My last post was the first part of October and now this post is the last part of it! My 24th birthday on the 24th was so good!! I took the day off-which was a good idea because I heard later that it was a super busy and horrible day! I woke up then Bob came over and made me french toast. I also woke up to a decorated door and bathroom mirror. (I have thee best roommates) The day went like this: We ran some errands, had lunch, watched the little mermaid on DVD-I love it and my parents got it for me. We then went to see the Saratov Approach! It was so so good!! I really loved it and cried the whole movie-I can not imagine going through what they did, they had such great faith thought. It was really a testimony builder and I will definitely be buying it when it comes out! After the movie we had dinner at the Pasta Factory, it's one of our favorites. We then just hung out some more and ended the night with carrot cake! I had a fabulous birthday, Bob really out did himself and I am so grateful for him.

Monday the 28th for FHE we did a Halloween party. I don't know if you have ever planned a party for over 50 people but it is hard. I don't know if it was a very good one or not...people told me they had fun but others told me they didn't so it's whatever. It was so fun to see everyone dressed up-we have some creative people in our ward for sure. Bob and I decided to go as a Gangsta and flapper girl it was a cute idea! On the 29th we did our annual tradition of going to Thriller!! I love Thriller each year and it never feels like Halloween until I go. This year I went with my roommates, Bob, Patrick, Greg, Conner, and Lindsey's sister B. I have never been with a group that big but it was awesome. Halloween day itself was pretty lame, we didn't really have anything planned and I got called into work until 10:30.

November 1st was the long awaited Atkin wedding!! I am so happy for Conner and Nat and am so grateful that I was able to be part of their special day. The weather was perfect, and the Temple sealing was just amazing! It was just the best way to spend a Saturday. This past week I worked a lot at Target, it was very tiring. I am slowly getting the hang of things and am really liking it there. I got to experience some winter weather last week as well, driving to Beaver and seeing the snow covered mountains is the best. I love our snow covered mountains and can't wait to see them more often now. Friday night we joined the Eves and Holly and watched white house down. It was SO GOOD! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and need to buy it!

Didn't take any personal! This is his family! Works for me! 

16 degrees?? Soooo cold!!
Saturday I got a pedicure with Tiana-it was nice and much needed. I then went to lunch and a movie with Bob, we went to Romeo and Juliet. I know what you are thinking-never heard of it recently? Me neither! It was in our cheap theater and was pretty good.

Today we had stake conference, it was different because it was a broadcast from SL! Basically all Southern Utah past Nephi got this broadcast, kind of neat huh? We spent the rest of the day napping. watching movies, and eating breakfast burritos! This week we don't have much planned but I am sure things will come up and it will be awesome!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthdays and New Jobs!

This past week was a fun one! I type that with a lot of sarcasm. I literally thought it was Friday on was horrible! I suppose the whole week wasn't too bad, there were some positives. Monday for FHE we played broom hockey with the Bloomington Hills ward. It was so much fun, a little violent but so fun! Tuesday night Bob and I didn't want to cook dinner so we went to Wendy's. Wednesday night I really had the craving for some pie so Bob and I went to Village Inn and got some free apple pie! It was the best thing ever and we will probably go again this week. Thursday after work I had the awesome and great opportunity to see Aubrey!!! She was in town for her fall break and I was so thrilled to spend a whole afternoon with her!! We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Nick and Kenzie (Just like old times), then went an ran errands, then went hot tubing! Seriously it was like she never moved away!! I almost cried when she dropped me off, I miss her so much and was so sad to see her go! 

Village Inn
Friday night we went on a group date with the Blacks, and Eves-the Merrills were out of town. We all met at Dairy Queen then went to the Corn Maze! It was super fun and so great to go out with them. Saturday morning I woke up early to accompany my grandma Monosso to a funeral of her sister. It was very sad and even though I have never met her sister I know she was a very good woman and will be missed by a lot of people. The good thing about the gospel is, we will see her again and someday I will get to meet her-such a beautiful thing! After the funeral I hung out with Bob-we went shopping, took a nap, went to wingers for his birthday dinner, and just spent the whole rest of the day being together. I love that man so much, more than I ever thought I could. Sunday was his 26th birthday so I made him breakfast and gave him presents. After church we did dinner with the Merrills and my grandma Robinson (double grandma weekend I loved it!). Then we ended the night with Cheesecake and a walk. I loved spoiling him on his special day and can't wait to do it many more times.

Collage I made for instagram on his birthday 

This week has been good thus far, Monday I finally got the guts and time to donate plasma at Biolife. It really wasn't bad at all and something I will work into my weekly routine. Monday night for FHE we did a bonfire!! It was Legen..wait for it..dary! There was easily 100+ people, it was so fun!! I love my ward and my activities committee! I couldn't do FHE each week without them! Yesterday I worked and then babysat for my coworker-I freaking love their kids! Today after work I had my second interview with Target and guess who is the newest Target team member?! This girl!! I was so happy when he told me! Such a good feeling to get something you need and want! It is going to be hard for Bob and I since we now both work two jobs (he works nights at Sportsmans Warehouse) but we will be ok!

This week also happens to be my golden birthday! 24 on the 24th! YAY! I love birthdays, especially mine (is that vain?). I am so excited to have the whole weekend off and can't wait to see what my birthday brings!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Beginnings

October is my FAVORITE month! For multiple reasons:the weather, General Conference, Halloween, Birthday celebrations and much much more. So far the weather has been so delightful, for my job I drive every morning to Beaver, Utah and it is freezing already. I am not ready for this weather at all..but it is coming whether I like it or not. I love driving back to St George everyday and experiencing the 72 degree paradise-it is the best. This past weekend was General Conference!! I seriously love conference and this year was no different. I woke up early Saturday morning and went to a service project that was held on Temple grounds. For some reason they had us pull all the flowers out of the flower beds, when Randi and I got there we found there were so many people and not enough work. We still got to do a few things but not as much as we wanted. We then went to my house for a crepe breakfast with the roommates and then watched conference. During the break Bob and I went to wingers for lunch and then came home and finished the Saturday session. Since Saturday night is the Priesthood session my friends and I always get together and go out to dinner. This session we chose Red Robin (no surprise there), we ate then went shopping at Target and Old Navy. We finished the night watching Mean Girls, painting nails, and eating strawberry cookie dough shakes from Arctic Circle.

Sunday we woke up for a waffle breakfast then watched the first session, napped during the break then Bob and I went to the Eves. We decided to watch the Sunday afternoon session as old roommates with new husbands-or boyfriends in my case. We watched and then ate a big dinner afterwards, we are all such good cooks and it was super fun. More Sunday dinners with them to come for sure! After dinner everyone left but me so we decided to watch Hunger Games...we are all so excited for the second one to come out!!

So far this past week has been a pretty normal week, just work and trying to do homework! Tuesday I helped Bob pack a storage unit; he is moving and his new room is smaller than his old one and he just doesn't have enough room. So he decided to buy a unit and put all his extra stuff in it. That night we watched fireworks outside my bedroom window-it was awesome. Then Bob and I went out to Applebees with the Eves-Bob seriously loves Applebees and he could eat there everyday if I let him. Wednesday my sister and brother in law were able to find out the sex of their little one!! Any guesses?? Times up! Its..a..little..GIRL!!! YAY! I am so happy to be getting a niece and cannot wait to buy things for her.

They were blindfolded and had to put their hands in paint then on the canvas! Super Cute!

Thursday Bob and I went to the Temple, we have been meaning to go but just haven't had time. I love going to the Temple with him and look forward to it each and every week. After the Temple we went to the Atkin home to help them paint. I have been meaning to get over there for a while now but I never have. I was so glad we could go help them. Friday Bob was out of town and so was Dustin so Holly and I decided to have a girls night. It has been so long since we have had a full night together. We went shopping, and got Yogurtland! It was really good to hang out with her and vent her my concerns. Somehow she makes me feel much better, she always knows what to say.

Saturday I just did my own thing-slept in, cleaned house, went to the gym, decorated for Halloween, did some homework, and watched Harry Potter! It was a good productive day and I really needed it. Today I had meetings and it was fast Sunday...not a good combination! In the end it was a good Sunday and a good ending to a great weekend!