Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Most Wonderful time of Year!

I really, really, REALLY love Christmas! There is just something about it; it brings people together and just puts a happy feeling in my heart. Since December started life has been awesome, I have literally been listening to Christmas music like all the time...all the time! I have also been drinking my weight in egg nog and hot cocoa! Oh and if I have to eat one more cookie I might die!  

On the 1st Bob and I went to the Temple lights, they are beautiful. They are nothing like the Salt Lake Temple lights but they were still good. Monday the 2nd for FHE we made gingerbread houses I know I have said this before but the members of my ward are so creative. On the 3rd there was a really bad snow storm-so bad that St George got some snow! It was crazy to wake up to snow again, it has been so long since that has happened to me. The roads on the way to Beaver County were terrible and it was freezing up there too. Thankfully I got back safe and that there was only one day of bad weather. Wednesday the 4th I had the opportunity to go to a Relief Society activity. We met at my presidents house and ate kneaders it was so delicious!! After that Bob and I let out our inner child and played in the snow! It was cute and he is a good sport. We then headed to the Eves to watch the Grinch, it's one of my favorite Christmas movies. 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I had to work. Saturday was awesome because once again we woke up to snow, and it snowed all day. It literally dumped on us! DUMPED! Like whole town catastrophe type of dumping. They were putting out warnings to not drive anywhere, and they closed the gorge all night! The freeway was backed up for hours! It was nuts everywhere you went. I left Target at 6 and was just stuck in traffic on River Road, then took a back road and found just as many cars there. I finally got home and refused to drive anywhere, I walked to Harmons for groceries and dinner too. My favorite part was playing in the snow all night. The Eves came down, Kari came out, the neighbors came too and we just had such a great night all together just playing! We ended the night watching Christmas Vacation-I have never seen the whole thing and I fell I still have to watch it all the way through. 

I parked it at 2 and came out at 6! #Cray!

Sunday the 8th we got up and found out that church had been canceled-I am from Tooele County and I have never had church canceled because of the weather. It was just mind boggling!! We played in the snow yet again and had crepes for lunch, then had an awesome dinner with the neighbor boys. After dinner we went to the Eves for a Christmas party with the Merrills and the Blacks. It was so fun! We did a treat exchange and white elephant gifts too, it was so fun to see what each couple brought! It was more fun to see what each person ended up with-like it was meant for them the whole time! During the party my handsome boyfriend surprised me and made December 8, 2013 a night I will never forget. It is finally my turn to be engaged to the man of my dreams. The asking was nothing elaborate, he just told me how he felt about me in front of my closest married friends. He got my heart racing and tears flowing-just how I always imagined it would feel. I have seen my ring before he proposed but it looked more beautiful and felt different. Like now it is my ring and it will always be my ring. I love him more than any thing in this world and I cannot wait to be with him for eternity-he is my eternal companion! I am so blessed to have found him and some days I feel like I don't deserve him. I have been on cloud nine all week and am so excited to plan a wedding and start the next chapter in my life! April 12, 2014 cannot come fast enough! 

The rest of this week has been good, Monday for FHE the stake just put on a choir performance. I wasn't going to go but Lindsey asked me to go with her so I did. It was awesome and I am glad that I went. Tuesday night I did some much needed cleaning, and tonight I studied and took my last final! This semester was challenging and I just wish I could be in nursing school already! I am taking next semester off since I have nothing left to take right now. Hopefully this next year I will be given a spot in a nursing school somewhere! Crossing my fingers! I probably won't post again before Christmas, so I hope everyone has a very very merry merry Christmas!! 

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