Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I have been so busy lately due to the holidays, but I have loved every minute of the busyness. For Christmas this year Bob and I had the great opportunity to go up north and be with our families. We both had to work the 23rd so we left around 9 that night, it made for kind of long drive but we got more time with my family.Christmas Eve we woke up and just hung out, we helped my grandma with dinner and also went to the Gateway with my uncle and his family. Later that night we had our traditional Christmas party full of food, fun, and even a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. I love this night and look forward to it every year. After everyone left we went to bed and arose around 8. It was so fun to wake up my grandparents and open presents with them. We then headed out to Tooele to be with my family for breakfast and more present opening. That afternoon consisted of naps and a lot of food! Our activity that night was going to a good friend of Bob's; every year this friend does a cheese party and just has a ton of people over. It was so fun to go and meet the people he grew up with and can't wait to do it again next year! Since we were in the neighborhood we decided to go see his sister and his mom that night too. His sister is such a cutie and I am so excited to soon call her my sister. 

driving up North!

our version of Christmas jammies!

At the Gateway
Before the Cheese Party

For a few weeks now we both have been dying to go ice skating (me more than he) so on the 26th we gathered my family together and went to the Gallivan Center. It is downtown Salt Lake and is outdoors...which means it was so packed!!  It was so much fun though and so worth it!! I loved how much fun it was just to hold Bob and ice skate, it is a new tradition for sure. After skating we met up with more of my family and went to Temple Square to look at the lights, they are so beautiful and never disappoint me. The 27th we spent the day in Tooele, the boys really wanted to go hunting and shooting so they went and the girls stayed in. Bob came back so exhausted but so thrilled and just loves the men of my family (thank goodness). That night we had homemade calzones then went back to my grandparents where we hung out and then after 9 we went to the local Applebees! Leave it to us to go there while on vacation. 

The morning of "Tooele Man Day"

We keep Applebees in business! 

Saturday the 28th we didn't have anything really planned, so we had the idea to go to the Zoo. As we were driving we realized that we wanted to take his brother to lunch so we did that, and then ended up just shopping the day away. We also couldn't resist going to Jamba Juice, so delicious! While shopping we found a free coupon to get Bob and haircut at a really nice place so that was fun for him. It really was so great just spending that time with Bob. Later that night we went on a date with his friend Isaiah; we went to the pizza pie cafe and then to the movies. We went to see Saving Mr. Banks, (the Disney movie about how Walt Disney got the rights to Mary Poppins.) it was super good! 

new hair cut, short but super handsome!
Sunday morning we got up, had a big breakfast with my grandparents and then said our goodbyes. We also went out to Tooele real quick to get some things and say goodbye to my parents and siblings. I hate goodbyes!! They are always so hard for me, but luckily I had bob to comfort me and keep me company all the way home. It was the best week home and I could get used to spending each and every Christmas with Bob! 

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