Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crazy Kids

Sometimes I wish for a calm and relaxing week but then other times I love having things to do. Summer has been so good to me and I am blessed to have many friends who want to do stuff everyday. Last Mondays Ultimate frisbee FHE went so good! We had an awesome turn out and everyone loved it! Tuesday my beautiful roommate Brindi went through the Temple!! Natalie and I had the privilege of being with her and I am so glad that we were there to support her. Wednesday I went to my last summer institute class and then went to pie night. They were out of Apple does that even happen? So I resorted to getting the peach supreme pie. It is the pie of the month and it was so good!! I almost wanted to get another one. After pie night some went to play games but I was so tired and just needed me time so I watched Shrek and did a face mask. With all the heat/humidity and sweating my face has been breaking out like crazy so it needed a little more TLC than usual.

 Thursday night I hung out with the Eves until about 10, we watched pitch perfect and drank half priced Freddy Dr Peppers. Then I went to a bachelorette party for Brindi, she got married Friday so Thursday was her last night as a single lady and as our roommate. We went to Applebees and just talked while eating their famous 'Blondies'. After Applebees we came home and brought out our mattresses to watch a movie and go to bed. Friday morning we all had to be up at 6 and we all slept through our alarms-except Brindi she is awesome. So needless to say I was a little late to work...oops! Work was interesting, I had the chance to move some dead bodies...just kidding!!!! They looked like dead bodies and I felt super awkward moving them but it was fun to see people's looks. After work Tiana and I hung out until Connor and Nat got off work and then us three headed to Alamo, Nevada for Brindi and Logan's reception. It was a nice drive, we went a little to far before getting off the freeway but we got there eventually. Upon entering the town we were amazed at it's smallness and got lost in it's smallness. We finally found signs (they were the worst signs ever) and then found the reception. It was so beautifully done and I loved everything about it! Brindi looked beautiful and I am already missing her presence in our apartment. I am so happy for her and Logan and can't wait to see what the future brings them. (We did take Pictures but Nat has they will come later!)

Creepy right?
Saturday Brandon was out of town so Tiana and I hung out all day long! It was thee best and has been so long since it has been just us hanging out. We went shopping and ran a whole bunch of errands, got lunch, took a nap, baked some cakes, and just had a fabulous time. We didn't get one picture so I demand a redo...that night we were suppose to have a girls night but it ended up just being me and Holly all night just talking! It was nice I love my sister and will hang out with her anytime. Sunday was a busy day, I woke up later than usual and found that our ant problem had returned. The last couple of weeks we have had a serious problem with ants! they are everywhere in our kitchen and it is sick. Nick says they are our friends but they all just need to find new friends. So I spent most of the morning cleaning out the cupboards and stuff only to receive a text at 11:00 saying that we had ward council at 12:00!! I freaked out, cried a little, then just ran like mad to get in the shower, get linger longer cakes ready, and be at the meeting on time. Lets just say without my beautiful roommate Nat I would not have made it on time! So I had that meeting, church, linger longer, and then a dinner date at 5:30. The dinner date was just fabulous! It was with Nat, Connor, Linds, Torri, Taylor and one other couple I didn't know. We made homemade pizzas, then played games. It was so fun and we will definitely be doing it again.

Last nights FHE was so so...we were suppose to play water balloon human battleship. The first fail: I was late, in charge and late. Second fail: the blankets didn't cover the net-they were too short and I didn't even have enough (I am an idiot) Third fail: It was super windy and the blankets wouldn't stay up. In the end we scratched the blankets and just played! That was fun until we got booted off the court, fourth fail. We then decided to just play on the grass and that worked out very good and we should have just played on the grass the whole time. Fifth and final fail we ran out of water balloons! We had 120 and just ran out! After we ran out of balloons people played frisbee and just socialized which is what FHE is for so I was ok with that! Our turnouts for activities this summer have been so random and fluctuates so much. Some weeks we have less than 40 and some weeks we have more than 60 it's so frustrating. Yesterday I worked then watched the following, then went to a relief society activity! It was so awesome and we had such a good turnout, I love my ward so much! Today I worked which is weird but so nice for two reasons: holiday pay, and a super easy day!  Tonight I am for sure watching fireworks which are my fave and the rest will just come to me. I am afraid that most of my friends are will be an interesting night that's for sure. I am grateful for this day and for our ancestor pioneers and all they sacrificed to settle our land. I had the opportunity to do a pioneer trek many years ago and even thought it's nothing close to what they really did I feel indebted to them!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Never Ending Adventures!

Last week I feel like I did so much! Monday FHE to Veyo, Tuesday Temple night with Lindsey and Natalie, Wednesday afternoon Nat and I had a little Mary Kay facial/makeup party. She signed up a long time ago to do one and we finally did it. The consultant was this cute little old lady I loved her! Later that night I went to institute and I am so glad I did. I really needed the lesson we had and I know that I was supposed to be there. After institute I went with a group to village inn for free pie night, it was my first time with this group and I really had such a fabulous time! After pie we went to Kira's apartment and played one crazy game of phase ten! I stayed up way past my bed time and was super tired Thursday morning but it was totally worth it.

Thursday I went to the orthodontist, my teeth don't look like I want them to so I am fixing them...the problem is my stupid insurance doesn't cover adult orthodontics so it will be really expensive but worth it in the end right? I hope so. Last week it also rained a lot! Friday we were even in a flood warning! I was supposed to go an outdoor movie but it got canceled so I ended up going to Old Navy and Target! I literally spent a good hour or so in Target I love that place. After all that I went to the Eves to play some Mario Kart, then went to Dennys with Darren and Kira. Saturday I got up bright and early watched The Following with Nick, then headed to Kanarraville with members from my ward. We were few in number-like 10 people showed-but we still had the best Saturday afternoon ever. If you have never been to the Kanarraville Falls you must put it on your bucket list and do it before summer is over! It was amazing up there and people are already talking about going again this weekend. After the hike we got lunch, then I watched/napped through the third Batman. Then we got a group together to play games, eat sonic shakes, and watch the first Batman. Believe it or not that was my first time seeing Batman Begins...I know gasp and freak out a little...I just never watched it and I don't know how I never wondered how batman became batman or how his parents died or anything! It's mind boggling to me and I feel like my life is now complete having seen the Batman Trilogy.

Plus I loved spending Time with Randi Stratton!! She text me Saturday before we left and asked if she could go with me! I almost cried! I have missed hanging out with her and can't wait to see her again!

Sunday was a very emotionally draining day first because I heard the very sad news about Cory Monteith AKA Finn Hudson dying. It was so sad to me and I really wanted it to be an April fools joke. It obviously wasn't and I know he will be missed and Glee will not be the same without him. Second sadness of the day my YSA bishopric got released! I love those three men and they will be greatly missed, but I am also very excited to get to know our new bishopric. After church Nick and I had dinner with the Eves, then we watched the second Batman and played games. The last sad thing about yesterday was that I miss my dear best friend Aubrey! Her sister came to church with us and it just made me think about her a lot. We are in the works of getting together before school starts up and I cannot wait for that day!! 

Tonight for FHE we are playing ultimate frisbee and it is going to be awesome if we don't get rained out! I love all this rain because it cools down a lot but I sort of miss the sunshine and heat...just sort of! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

Today is only the 9th but so far July has been so good to me! I have done so much in the past week and I hope it stays like this! The month started out with an FHE trip to the family history center. I am not sure if you have noticed how much family history is talked about now but it is our time and generation to step up and do our part. I learned a lot and learned how to navigate family search and I really hope to do more for my family. Our stake is also doing a Temple day in August and they want us to bring our own name to do the work for I am really excited for that! 
Tuesday started out rough, I woke up to a flat tire on my car. Car troubles are literally the worst thing for me...I know nothing about cars and my dad just lives so far away and I get so emotional because I rely so much on my car. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal and I have a good coworker that willingly put my spare on. I went straight to Big O Tires right after work and good thing I did because they were so busy and didn't get it done until 7:30. While they were fixing my tire I had the great opportunity of going to the Temple with my beautiful roommate Natalie. It was the perfect stress reliever and I love how close the Temple is to me. 

Wednesday after work I finished packing and headed home!! I have not been home since the first weekend in May...that is far too long for me and I was ready to go see my family. I arrived around 9 and then went to bed since driving all day wears me out. Thursday we got up early and guarded our spot to watch the parade. There is nothing like the Tooele parade, it has been years since I have watched it and I really enjoyed it this year. After the parade we did normal celebration things-city park, BBQ, and of course fireworks. I love the 4th of July: the meaning, the festivities, the family time. Everything!! I am so so thankful for all those past, present, and future who fight for our freedoms. I take living in this Country for granted everyday and it's a shame. Friday I got up and took my siblings swimming at the public pool, I forget how much I love our slide and lazy river. After swimming I learned how to make my moms homemade bread. For a long time now I have wanted to make bread but just never did, I am so glad that she taught me and can't wait to make some all the time! Saturday I went to my grandparents house in Bountiful and my grandma taught me some things about sewing. I got a machine for Christmas and have yet to use it. I tried but failed horribly and I really wanted to make my sister some pillowcases to match her and Dustin's quilt they got when they got married. So I went out there with the mission to get them done and I did! They turned out so good and I am so happy that I finally got them done. I also now have the flame of sewing lit and want to sew more things. We were literally out there all afternoon and didn't get home until 11:00. It was a great day spent with them and my siblings. Sunday we went to church then I went to my other grandmas house to talk family history with her and to see if she had any names that need work done. Ironically she was feeling very overwhelmed and worried about how she was going to get all her names done. I am so glad that I could help her and do this work for her. I am looking forward to doing this work and more excited to contribute to our wards 'celestial ward'. We have decided to do work and then pin the names to a bulletin board and make a celestial ward it is gonna be awesome! 

My favorite part of the whole parade!

Monday morning I woke up and drove home so I could be back in time for FHE. I made it in perfect time unpacked, did my chores, then we headed out to Veyo. This was the second time we have gone to Veyo and the turnout was just as good as last years. I love this activity because there is so much for everyone to do and the weather is so nice too.  After FHE a few of us went to chick fil a, then to the hot tub, played games, and had ice cream. It was a very good Monday and it is good to be back! Today I had the day off because I planned on being home longer but I forgot about that I needed to be back for FHE. I was going to change it but figure why not have to day off. All day I just did things I had to do like go to the gym, blog, clean and I also hung out with Holly and Dustin. I love them both so much and am so glad that we live so close to each other. Tonight I am going to the Temple with Natalie and the rest is up in the air! 

Last week of June!

Time sure does fly when you are having fun, I really cannot believe that June is over already and that we only have a month and a half of summer left! It's so crazy! When I said last week was super hot I lied...this past week we had record breaking temps! I past a temperature sign on Friday that said 126...granted I don't think it was quite that hot but for the thermometer to be that hot is nuts. Monday for FHE we we joined like 5 other wards and went out to Sand Hollow, it was rough getting into the lake but once we got in it was so fun. We had boats, food, 2 volleyball nets, and beach soccer. It was perfect and I am so glad we had the opportunity to go. I wish we would of had more come but what can you do. Tuesday night I went to this thing called Kalamity with Natalie, it was just a dance practice sort of like zumba. Now I can't at it was a bit embarrassing for me at times but by the end I learned the dance and had a good workout. After that I hung out with Aubrey since she finally came back from her 4 day vacation-I am gonna be a mess when she leaves for weeks at a time-we just hung out and caught each other up on our lives.

Wednesday was a super busy day, I worked then went to the work med for a renewal of my medical card-I passed with flying colors! Then I did some visiting teaching, then hung out with Aubrey. We cleaned her house like it was no body's business and got so much done in like 2 hours! During our cleaning Austin, Shilo, Shauni, and Nick convinced us to come out and play. We sat around the fire and had smores and just talked about life. It was so good out hang out with them and hopefully we can do it again very soon! Thursday night Nat, Connor, Nick and I all had a delightful dinner together-I love family dinners they are the bomb! After dinner nothing really happened, we just got packed and ready for Manti. I was driving us to Manti so I had to get my tires rotated and gas up and stuff like that so I did that. Friday after I got off work Aub, Nick, and I hit the road for the Manti Pageant! This was our first time going so were all super excited! We made it in dang good time and got there at about the same time the stake did. Our stake is awesome and took whoever wanted to go the pageant and paid for everything! Some took buses others drove themselves and got reimbursed-such a sweet deal! They fed us two meals dinner and breakfast and even had a place for us to stay after the pageant. Such an awesome opportunity and I could not miss taking advantage of it all! So we got there and ate a fabulous dinner, then drove around, then went and sat in our seats until the pageant started. It was seriously such a testimony builder and I loved it! It was very well done and I hope to go again next year. After the pageant and 30 minutes of traffic we finally got to Ephraim where we stayed at the park place apartments, by the time we got there we were all so tired that we just passed out. We woke early and made it to the Temple by 7:15. We got into the baptistry and found that it was packed, we got a little worried but they worked us in and had us out by 8:00!!! It was just perfect. We took some pictures outside and got delicious donuts from Millers-they were to die for! We ate and then started our drive home and made it back to St George around noon.

The rest of day was spent trying to keep cool: we went to the pool, sonic to get happy hour drinks, and went to the river and played river volleyball. I have become very good at volleyball and our team kicked some trash. 

June was fabulous but I am so excited for July! It has only been 8 days into July but it has been a fabulous 8 days and I can't wait to share my 4th of July post later this week!