Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let Freedom Ring!

Today is only the 9th but so far July has been so good to me! I have done so much in the past week and I hope it stays like this! The month started out with an FHE trip to the family history center. I am not sure if you have noticed how much family history is talked about now but it is our time and generation to step up and do our part. I learned a lot and learned how to navigate family search and I really hope to do more for my family. Our stake is also doing a Temple day in August and they want us to bring our own name to do the work for I am really excited for that! 
Tuesday started out rough, I woke up to a flat tire on my car. Car troubles are literally the worst thing for me...I know nothing about cars and my dad just lives so far away and I get so emotional because I rely so much on my car. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal and I have a good coworker that willingly put my spare on. I went straight to Big O Tires right after work and good thing I did because they were so busy and didn't get it done until 7:30. While they were fixing my tire I had the great opportunity of going to the Temple with my beautiful roommate Natalie. It was the perfect stress reliever and I love how close the Temple is to me. 

Wednesday after work I finished packing and headed home!! I have not been home since the first weekend in May...that is far too long for me and I was ready to go see my family. I arrived around 9 and then went to bed since driving all day wears me out. Thursday we got up early and guarded our spot to watch the parade. There is nothing like the Tooele parade, it has been years since I have watched it and I really enjoyed it this year. After the parade we did normal celebration things-city park, BBQ, and of course fireworks. I love the 4th of July: the meaning, the festivities, the family time. Everything!! I am so so thankful for all those past, present, and future who fight for our freedoms. I take living in this Country for granted everyday and it's a shame. Friday I got up and took my siblings swimming at the public pool, I forget how much I love our slide and lazy river. After swimming I learned how to make my moms homemade bread. For a long time now I have wanted to make bread but just never did, I am so glad that she taught me and can't wait to make some all the time! Saturday I went to my grandparents house in Bountiful and my grandma taught me some things about sewing. I got a machine for Christmas and have yet to use it. I tried but failed horribly and I really wanted to make my sister some pillowcases to match her and Dustin's quilt they got when they got married. So I went out there with the mission to get them done and I did! They turned out so good and I am so happy that I finally got them done. I also now have the flame of sewing lit and want to sew more things. We were literally out there all afternoon and didn't get home until 11:00. It was a great day spent with them and my siblings. Sunday we went to church then I went to my other grandmas house to talk family history with her and to see if she had any names that need work done. Ironically she was feeling very overwhelmed and worried about how she was going to get all her names done. I am so glad that I could help her and do this work for her. I am looking forward to doing this work and more excited to contribute to our wards 'celestial ward'. We have decided to do work and then pin the names to a bulletin board and make a celestial ward it is gonna be awesome! 

My favorite part of the whole parade!

Monday morning I woke up and drove home so I could be back in time for FHE. I made it in perfect time unpacked, did my chores, then we headed out to Veyo. This was the second time we have gone to Veyo and the turnout was just as good as last years. I love this activity because there is so much for everyone to do and the weather is so nice too.  After FHE a few of us went to chick fil a, then to the hot tub, played games, and had ice cream. It was a very good Monday and it is good to be back! Today I had the day off because I planned on being home longer but I forgot about that I needed to be back for FHE. I was going to change it but figure why not have to day off. All day I just did things I had to do like go to the gym, blog, clean and I also hung out with Holly and Dustin. I love them both so much and am so glad that we live so close to each other. Tonight I am going to the Temple with Natalie and the rest is up in the air! 

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