Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 months later..

It's official. I am the WORST blogger ever! It's on my list of things to do better so hopefully it won't be another 8 months till I write again!
Where do I even start? I am still in St George and loving every minute of it, the decision to move down here was the best thing I ever did! I now live with my sister and best friend (they are one in the same.) Most sisters would have a difficult time living together but not us. I'm not gonna lie, we have our little tiffs but make up shortly after..and if she's out of control I just call mom! Seriously I love living with her and am SO glad she chose to follow me to Dixie!

I am still a courier for IHC, I freaking love my job! I am still madly in love with One Tree Hill, and she's the man..some things never change! I have a new found obsession with the Sweet tooth fairy bakery..I just love the cupcakes there so we go at least once a week!

This semester I needed to take 12 elective credits to fill the requirements for my Associate of Science degree. I am finally learning the piano and absolutely love it, I am kicking spanish in the butt and cannot wait to be able to speak the language!I'm also taking a first aid class and it's a breeze,saving peoples lives I can do..but chemistry that is hard! Why do I even need chemistry..I'm not even going to be a chemist. Everyday in that class is another day of torture!
Something else new this semester, I recently became the newest DSC service rep (basically any service that happens on campus has to go through me). It's a more difficult Student government position and I have so much to do before this semester is done but I have a great group to work with, I love service, and I love Dixie!

That is pretty much what is happening in my life right now, I really do enjoy blogging and hope to write weekly...but we will see :)