Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Madness

Yes today is the last day of March...and my first post about March activities. The title of this post fits my life perfectly! I thought February was busy but I was wrong. The first weekend in March I put together a bachelorette party for my dear sister. I gathered the girls-Kari, Aubrey, Randi, Tiana and of course Holly-we hit I-15 southbound and headed to Vegas. We spent the day shopping, laughing, eating at Canes, drinking slurpees, getting our nails done and just having a good single ladies time.  

At the nail salon

our cute nails

The next Saturday was the Merrill wedding, my sister has done it folks, she has taken the plunge and is now a MRS.!! It was such a great day and really went off without a hitch, I was stressed because I wanted to make it so so good for her and in the end I did. We were really really worried that the weather would ruin her special day but it didn't! We all prayed for no rain and that's what we got, it was freezing but it wasn't raining. Friday nights rehearsal was much colder though believe me! Saturday morning I got up did my hair and then picked up the bride to be to take her to get ready. I loved spending this time with her and will never forget it. We then headed to the ceremony where they did their first look and then the ceremony started. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed! The words, the emotions, and the ceremony itself made me cry. I am so happy for Hol and Dus and love them both so much. After the ceremony we took some pictures and then headed over to the luncheon. We ate a wonderful meal I shared some embarrassing things about Holly then my job began! I had a lot of help from my best friends and the other bridesmaids and could not have done it without them. We got everything set up and then the rest was a piece of cake. They mingled, danced, cut cake, threw a garter, (which my boyfriend made a huge scene about and caught..yep hes a keeper) and then departed. We cleaned up then I went and took a nap! My family went to dinner after that and then they headed home. I loved having my family here, this is my home and having them in my home is indescribable to me. Bob met my whole family-it was quick but it was a perfect time to do it. They loved him and he fit right in! It made me happy and I am so glad that it went well. I didn't take many pictures because I was super busy but here are some from others that I have stolen! The photographer has a website where you can see most of the pictures! It was truly a beautiful day and experience, welcome to the family Dustin!

Nat was the best hair dresser ever!

collage I made for instagram on her big day!

signing the marriage license!! 

The second week in march just happened to be spring break, it didn't feel like spring break at all though!! This is the first spring that I have worked full time and it has been hard to adjust. Usually for spring break I go home or on some vacation but not this year, I just stayed in St George. It wasn't bad but checking Instagram and Facebook and seeing all my friends on these cool vacations made me so jealous. Thankfully Aubrey also works full time and had to stay here too so we hung out a lot! We didn't do much until Wednesday and we were itching to do something awesome. We went to dinner, went tanning (it was our idea of soaking up the sun), and then went to the gym. It's not a super exciting spring break but it was good for us!! We also went to the Temple, I actually went 3 times that week. It was closed the 3 weeks previous and I needed some spiritual guidance obviously. Saturday of spring break was the's best friend Kory is going on a mission so he went through the Temple that day and invited me to go in. So we did that then went to lunch then Aubrey, Bob, Kory, and I all went shooting. I have only been shooting once in my life (It was in Tooele with my cottage glen know who you are..we also shot a cannon..ha) After that we gathered a group and went to the movies, we saw 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' it was pretty good I liked it a lot. After that we went to dinner then went star gazing at a park. It was a busy Saturday but also very very fun! I don't have pictures to show it though..I suck.

The third weekend in March was my sisters open house/reception in Tooele, honestly I was thrilled to be going home, a little sad because of the things I was missing in St George but I was so happy to see my family. I had Friday off and spent the morning running errands with Bob. He went through the Temple that Saturday so I took him to get everything he needed. We went to breakfast,  Deseret Book, Walmart and then I left for Tooele. The drive this time wasn't hard for me at all and I really enjoyed it. I got home and was welcomed with a cooked meal and open washer. Saturday we woke up and got things ready for the open house, I wish I could have said it was a beautiful springy day but...I can't. I woke up to like 2-3 inches of snow! Yep snow in March thank you Tooele County. The setting up process went very smooth my mom is secretly a wedding planner no big deal! We received a phone call around 12:00 from my sister informing us that her and Dustin broke down in Scipio. To make a long story short they had a bad alternator so they had to have it towed to Tooele and made it to the open house a little after ended at 4:00. Needless to say we left all the decorations up and ordered a pizza! Best open house I have ever been to, I do feel bad that she missed everyone who came to support them but what else could we do? The show had to go on. Sunday we left early to get Holly to work on time and I was going a little fast for that to happen...and yeah..I received my first ticket ladies and gents! The officer was very nice and I really did deserve it. I am more mad at myself because I know that drive like the back of my hand and I know the speed limits. I have already paid my dues and will be watching my speeds more closely.  

JT kept me company all the way home!

Ridiculous right??

My favorite center piece, they were all different.

This last week was spectacular, Aubrey and I worked our butts off at the gym and it was great. I watched Red Dawn with Bob, Randi and Mike on Monday after FHE. Went to the Temple with Lindsey on Wednesday, Went to Allred on Friday with Aubrey and he was so good!!! I love seeing him every time. Bob worked a lot so I was unable to see him until Saturday, we went to the arts festival and then just hung out. Saturday night we had a girls night-everyone bailed but Holly and Aubrey it was still great though. We went to Costco, Walmart, Dicks and the mall. Then we went to dinner at Casa Don Maria it was pretty delicious. Then since it was Kenzie's birthday we went to her parents house for cake and ice cream. It was the cutest cake ever and was so good too. After that we came home and watched The Lucky One with Zac Efron then called it a night.  

Today was a very good day! I felt the spirit so strongly all day it was incredible. I woke up and watched some movies off that were all about the Atonement and the Saviors life. I talked to my family and just had a good morning. I then went to church where we had fast and testimony meeting, it was probably the best Easter Sunday I have had in years. Everyone was just so willing to bear their testimonies and share their love for the Savior. I know that he died for each of us and for all our sins, he did the Fathers will without even thinking twice.  I know he lives and that someday, if we endure to end and are righteous, we will see him and our Father again. Someone said today that the Savior is their best friend, it hit me very the Savior my best friend? This is something that must change in my life. I love this gospel with all my heart and always will, there is nothing more important to me. I hope that everyone had a great Easter Sunday! 

I promise that I will get back into my blogging habit! I know these last posts have been super long and maybe boring to you but thanks for reading!


Well, I have a whole load of excuses for why I haven't blogged in so long but they are worthless at this point. I have decided to just give you highlights of the things that have been going on since I got back from my cruise...that was the last post I did you can read it here. February went by very very fast! It started off with a trip up north for two bridal showers, and Holly's bridals. The weather was terrible but that didn't stop us! Her first shower was Friday night and it was thrown by Karen and Emma. It was decorated super cute, the games were great, and they even had an amazing carrot cake! The people in attendance were mostly older family members-mom, grandmas, aunts, family friends. She made out like a bandit though present wise! The Saturday shower was the bridesmaids shower, unfortunately not a lot of people showed no one showed up. It was just Holly and her bridesmaids which she was totally ok with, she is sweet like that.  We played games and had a brunch buffet it was delicious! After the shower we braved the storm and headed out to the capitol to take some bridals. We were freaking out a little on the way because we didn't even know if the capitol was open. Thankfully it was and it was packed with brides! In the end Holly looked beautiful as always and I had thee best time with her and Mirranda. We then headed to have dinner with my grandparents at Texas Roadhouse and then went home to Tooele. Sunday we went to church then came back to St George, weekends like that make me so happy and grateful to live where I do.

The next thing on the agenda is Valentines day! Since my friends and I were all single we decided to do a girls night in, we ordered take out and watched movies with homemade goodies! We ended the night with a giant sleepover and it was the best date-less Valentines day ever! The worst part is that we didn't take ANY pictures but it's fine.  We also celebrated Valentines later that week when we went to see Safe Haven with Josh was so so good!! If you haven't seen it you probably should go to a theater now and watch it! 

Presidents day weekend treated me very well! It started out with a surprise bridal shower for my dear sister. This shower was so hard for me to plan and keep it a secret. In the end it worked out and was a very successful shower. The best part is she had no idea it was happening, I loved her reaction and loved that she had  so much fun, it made the stress of planning so worth it! 

No offense to Holly but this next thing was my favorite Presidents day event...I received a text from a boy in my ward that he wanted to hang out! So we did and it went very well! We then hung out everyday..and are still hanging out almost everyday!! His name is Bob Kane and he is just thee best, I am very happy and full of smiles everyday. He is from South Jordan been here a little over a year, he works at Danville services and is a manager there. He is a twin (the cuter one too ha ), loves to cook but loves when I cook, he loves to eat weird things like octopus...gross I know! There is a lot more I could tell you but I will stop...for now! We haven't taken many pictures for some reason and will start from now on! 

February was literally full of happy experiences, like for instance when I was a witness at the Stratton to Larson family sealing!! On the 23rd Tiana and I hit the road to go to the Vegas Temple, it was such a great experience and I wish I could do it every weekend. The Vegas Temple was magnificent inside and out! I am so very happy for Randi and her family they have come a long way and are stronger than ever! 

Rand's biggest fans! 
Other monumental things that happened: February 16th Dixie State College became Dixie State UNIVERSITY! Its been a long time coming but we made it folks! I am so happy for Dixie and cannot wait to see what university status brings us! Also Carlos Morgan won the students over and is the newest student body president. I am so very pleased with this and know he will do an amazing job!

New Presidency! 

The last basketball home game was also in February, so I gathered the girls and we went! I haven't been to many games this season so I really made an effort to go! We kicked trash and it was a good way to end the season. 

 Well that is my February update! It was a good quick month and I cannot believe that March is already over and went just as fast!