Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life is just crazy!!

This week was seriously a roller coaster ride for me! I had so many ups and downs,the beginning was so rough but the end turned out to be so awesome!! The beginning was rough because I was just super busy and getting over being sick too. I just need to REDefine my schedule and change some of my bad habits like staying up late and then sleeping late, like not studying enough during and then cramming for tests. I am making a change and hopefully this week will be much smoother! I already wrote about Monday through Wednesday on my last post (if you need a refresher go here). So basically my weekend went like this: Tuesdays and Thursdays I have no school, Tuesdays are usually filled with Student Gov things and then Thursdays is laundry day and I usually work all day. This Thursday was a rare one and I had it completely off; I just love days every once in awhile where I have nothing major to do. I got up studied with Aub then went to the gym, came home played with Holly Hol and did some cleaning! I deep cleaned my room and the rest of the house. I did laundry and was just very productive. At 7:00 Case and Aub came over and we departed for the  ANDY GRAMMER concert!!!!!!!!!! I was just ecstatic! We walked in and I bought a shirt that says "I'm just sayin it's fine by me" then we went and found our seats they were in row C and were the seats. We were 4 rows from the front and they were just perfect! We then went and found Abby and Chancen and chatted with them until the show started. Rachel Platten was first and what a great way to start off the show, I have never heard her before and I was amazed. She was just great! Her best was titled "nothing ever happens" I loved it!

Next to perform was Ryan Star, and oh my gosh he was just as good! It made it even better when he came out wearing our new campus-wide REDefine project shirt! I downloaded his stuff before I came so I can tell you that he was so good live! When I first heard his stuff I didn't really like it but I am now a Ryan Star fan. He was just so energetic and so great, he played his guitar and did so many amazing solos and his Breathe song at the concert was amazing-this is his actual video from his performance at the college (gotta love YouTube!)

He took this picture from the stage, I am over the the right side, you can't see me but I am there!
Last up was Andy himself and he started off with one of my favorites "it's fine by me" and from then on I was standing and loving every minute of it! He was so good live as well, and he just brought such excitement with him I loved it. He was also very personal and introduced us to every song he sung and wrote. I feel like an Andy Grammer song expert now! My favorite I can't really pick, he was just so great and I am still star struck now!! He did sing Biggest man in Los Angeles, except he changed it to the Biggest Man in St. George! So great! He ended with "Gotta Keep your head up", but then we called him out for an encore of course and he then ended with a "we found love" by Rhianna cover! AMAZING!! Perfect way and song to end the night with. I am definitely an Andy Grammer lover now! I have listen to his album atleast 5 times since the concert! If you missed it, you missed out!

From the stage! We are definitely in this one on the right side!!

LOVE THIS GIRL and am sooo glad she went with me!!

As if Thursday wasn't enough excitement for me, Friday and Saturday we did our Spring retreat for Student Gov. I love retreats! They are the best day and half trips ever! This retreat started on Friday at 2pm where we did some team building things, they were so awesome. One thing we did was the human knot-you stand in a circle and hold out your left hand and hold someone elses left hand and do the same with the right then you have to get untangled without not holding hands. It was tricky and we almost had it but then time was up. We then built a tent blind and with a leader that had frost bite. In the end we got it set up and was succesful. We then gathered the troops for lunch at the pasta factory and then headed to the cabin in Pine Valley!

ICC girls at the PF

I have never been to the school cabin and was super excited to go. The bus ride up was a blast I sat by Connor, Fishy, and Lyd. Chaz and Joe gave us some commentary and fun facts the whole trip too. We got to Pine Valley and boy was it chilly, we unpacked the bus and then went grazing as I like to call it! The cabin was huge and full of surprises. We started training and then played the rest of the night. Del Beatty (dean of students) came and spoke to us about the Dixie Spirit and how Dixie really does change people and I can attest to that statement. I love Dixie State College and I am so glad I came here in 2009 and hope I never have to leave this beautiful place. We learned songs and hand motions to them, I finally learned the spelling of Dixie 6 times song and the motions to Are you from Dixie. We then played a very emotional game it was like the line game but different. We got into 3 different circles and there was a person in the middle that had to close their eyes and fold their arms. The outside circle walked around and when Del said something you thought applied to the person you woud poke them. Some questions were very personal others not so much. It was a real 'bring the team together' game. Then we just played and had dance parties all night, by the end of the night I watched our Director of leadership and student involvment, Jordan, do a front flip off the couch and get dog piled on and I also got my ear licked during a game. Never a dull moment in Student Gov I decided. Everytime I walked into the main room someone was wrestling or dancing or making a 3 level human pyramid! Anyway, Friday night I went to bed a little after 2am while others went to bed at 7am in a fort with 15 other people. We arose at 8am had breakfast, more training, some breakout sessions with your department, and then came together for closing remarks from President Sheffield. Overall it was a dang good retreat and we are all pumped up and ready to get the Dixie Spirit back stronger on campus and to be the best leaders that DSC has seen!

Connor and I on the bus
Fishy, me and Lyd hung out the whole Retreat!

The best ICC (minus 2 ) ever!
Saturday I got home around 2:00 and then went to a bridal shower for Sky Pie with Case and T and then came home took a little nap while watching willie wonka and the chocolate factory then just worked on homework for awhile. After Holly got off work we went to walmart and then came home and made brownies and ate icecream. Today I am working once again, I have made it a goal to talk to my boss again about not working on Sundays, the gospel means much more to me than any paycheck. Wish me luck with that! I guess that is all I hope that everyone has a super fabulous week!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girls Just wanna have fun!!

It's been far too long friends! I have been SUPER busy with everything on my plate lately and to top it off I spent the last 4 days being was not fun at all! So since my last post tons has happened, mostly just me hanging out with my best friends! It started on Sunday (01/15) when Tiana helped with the lesson in Relief Society it was so great, I am just so proud of my little TT and how far she has come in this short of time! Monday (01/16) for FHE we played human Foosball and that was such a blast and a people pleaser too so that is always a plus. Aub and I ditched out a tad early and hit up the DSC men's basketball game where we played Grand Canyon and crushed them! I LOVE our team and I really only miss home games if I am working and I just don't want the season to ever end! Student Government Tuesday (01/17) was just as busy as ever-meetings, trainings, putting the human Foosball PVC pipes back in the ridiculously packed closet and our first ever leadership class started. It was a really good class and even though I have had many leadership positions my whole life I still often learn something new about being a leader. After the madness was over we as an ICC took our Take Back the Night club to pizza factory because they were voted club of the semester last semester. 

I was in heaven, the pizza factory is just so so good!! The pizza, bread sticks, salad, ranch, and crushed ice with some Dr. pepper make this girl very happy. While we were there I got to do a little catch up with Abby, soon to be Hall, Hirschi  and before I knew it her and I were talking about a wedding showcase and made a deal that we'd go to one the following Saturday. I have always wanted to go to one of these and was so excited. I have mentioned in the past that my Case face has been thinking about moving to Dixie Red Sands sooner or later right?...well guess what?? She is all moved in!!! We found out last Wednesday and by Friday night she was all moved in. It has just been so fun to have another apartment to go play at and to be able to walk to each other's houses! I just adore her and can't wait for many more adventures. Also on Wednesday (01/18) there was a ward basketball game and since Tiana and Randi both have boys that play they go every week and watch...and since I don't have a boy that plays I usually don't but last week was different and I decided to go. It was so fun and our team is not to shabby, and afterwards it's now a tradition that we go out for ice cream. So our gang and the famous Joey Brown all went to the DQ lounge it was just great!

Saturday (01/19) was the day I woke up feeling not so good I had a stuffy nose, a sore throat and a cough. I went to clean the church and then met up with Abbs and Case at the bridal showcase thing. It wasn't all that I thought it would be but it was still fun! I went to work shortly after that and then after work went to the game where we killed the Hawaiian boys team. There was a good turn out at this one which is good (I really wish just once that the student section would be packed with people wearing their Dixie red). When the game was over we did our weekly Saturday night wal-mart trip...let me tell ya 5 girls on a much needed walmart trip can be kind of crazy. We made it in and out in under an hour and with only one very full cart. We returned to my house with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a packet of cookie dough that we mixed in. It was delicious and such a fun way to end the night, we usually do a huge sleepover but with 2 sick girls we decided not to.

Sunday (01/20) I got called into work which was not good because I was still sick and I was really looking forward to church. Thank goodness that work wasn't busy or I would have not survived. I also got a picture of the sunset it was so pretty!! Plus, I got a phone call detailing me about what happened at church though so it worked out in the end I guess.

 Monday (01/23) I was still sick and not feeling hot at all, I slept in and therefore looked a mess the rest of the day. I had a microbiology test to take and it would not stop raining-overall not the best day. I had good intentions of going to FHE but just couldn't, we did however have Panda Express for dinner since it was Chinese new year. Tuesday (1/24) was much calmer then others for some reason, we did a training for all the club presidents and advisers it went  so well and meetings with food are always the bomb. I had class till 6 and then had a definite plan to go to the game but then it didn't happen. I got side tracked by Case at target and then putting up curtains that out smarted us for like half an hour. In the end we just hung out and did some laundry. Yesterday was the most busiest day I think I have had this whole semester. Some professors like to have student leaders come and instruct their classes about involvement or whatever and I got to do that today. I really do enjoy it and have done so many it doesn't even phase me. Anyway I had to do one of those during my lunch break and really only break today here's how my day went: 6:30 wake up, 8:00 micro, 9:00 Office hours for student gov., 10:00 social dance where I learned the whole waltz!! Pretty legit...11:00 institute, 12:00 teach that class, 1-2:30 micro lab and finally 2:30-10:30 work. I was gone all day and only home once therefore I packed so much stuff with me all day it was ridiculous! I do love being busy and days like this are good for me but if I don't have another one in a while I'll be fine!  Tonight Andy Grammer is coming to Dixie and I am so so EXCITED!! I almost almost didn't get to go because of work but everything worked out good thing cause I almost quit...not really! I just love concerts and didn't want to miss this so I am so glad I got everything covered!!

Friday and early Saturday is our spring 2012 retreat up in pine valley and I am stoked!! Saturday afternoon Case and I are going to an event or two together and gonna paint the town Red. That is about all, life is great and I really can't complain! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spring of 2012

Well everyone...We made it through the first week of this cold Spring semester. I don't know about you but I had a great first week. It was a little overwhelming at first and I really hate that we as college students have 2 first weeks of school ('cause we have 2 semesters) but it's fine! I'm taking 15 credits this semester: Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Social Dance, Nutrition (ONLINE), Co-op, Fitness Center, Student Government Leadership I, and finally Sem in Student Services: Leadership Seminar. It sounds like a lot but the only ones I am really worried about are micro and nutrition. I had my first real lecture and lab yesterday for micro and I'm not gonna lie it was really fun and interesting...NERD I know but I really liked it and hope that I can keep this attitude until the end! My social dance class is super fun, we are currently learning the waltz. I took his class in like tenth grade so I still remember some things like the waltz and swing. The boys in our class are few in numbers so like 10% of the time I am dancing alone, which means some of the moves that require a boy I really haven't grasped. Good thing than I have a super great friend that is going to help me because he himself is in a dance class and needs to practice-it's a win win situation! Student Government is going really well considering that the break wiped out a lot of our members. It's hard to find people who are willing to work with us on such short notice but we have some great students here at Dixie State and things are coming together. Hopefully by the time our retreat comes we'll have a full DSCSA. Some exciting news, I have always wanted my picture on the board outside the student government room and it's now there!! Everyone should go look it's a very  good looking picture if I do say so myself. We also have our website up and running go here if you'd like to see it! We also got a new director of student involvement and leadership his name is Jordan and he's the bomb so far! We still miss Donna but he and Stefanie are just going to do great things for Dixie and "rocking the status quo" as Mike would say! One of my besties Case-face wininger is moving to Dixie Red Sands this month! She has an opportunity to buy some one's contract and she isn't going to pass it up. She sold her contract that she has now to someone on craigslist and it's pretty much a done we just have to find someway to fit her queen bed in a room that normally has a twin and a desk. We measured my room last night and she is 98% sure it'll fit. I am just so happy that she is moving closer to me so we can hang out easier than before! Plus she is moving into a different apartment so in the end I am getting 3 new friends which is always good! We had our first ward date night of 2012 last night and it was so much fun!! I had the opportunity to go with Joey Brown and that boy is a hoot I have never laughed so much on a date. We went to the church played games and ate banana splits and then after that was over we went on an adventure! Joey has lived here in St George since he was 3 so he knows what to do on Friday nights. We drove out to this random construction site out by the airport and just played on all the tractors and heavy equipment-we weren't doing anything illegal don't worry. I didn't want to loose/break my camera so I didn't take any pictures but just know we had an awesome night together! That is pretty much all I have for you, sorry that there are no pictures this post, but I'll be sure to take pictures of my 2nd week of school adventures!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

winter break!

I LOVE winter break! There is no school for weeks, no homework, lots of family time, and did I mention no homework or school. I honestly can't believe that it is over and that I am approaching on my last weekend before the spring of 2012. With that, I want to tell you all about my break! I did so much in the 3 weeks I had off. I bought an amazing car which I am still in love with, hung out with my family and closet friends, dejunkified my room, worked a ton and still found plenty of time to just relax. December is also the time for TV seasons to end for a few weeks and then start back up in January, they do this so I can re watch episodes while I am on break. This break was all about GLEE! Tiana owns all the seasons and there is only 2 and 1/2 so I figured what the heck might as well start over. I have loved every minute of it! It is fun to see them in the beginning and then to watch them now and to see how everyone came to be in Glee club...I am such a nerd and only Glee fans know what I mean. It is also so great to fall in love with songs that I hated the first time around. I never was a hard core glee fan but let it be known that Heather Moat is now a hard core Finn Hudson loving fan! I can't wait until Tuesday for the new episodes to start I am so ready.

We are both GLEEKS!

The break allowed me to hang out with so many of my friends, I  rekindled a great friendship with Case-face Wininger and we hung out so much. We had a giant sleepover, and hung out all day the next day! She is coming over tonight for the new Once Upon a Time and dinner, and since she has no school on Fridays that is going to be our friends find adventure Friday... FFAF it's going to be epic! Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a roommate reunion with Karissa, Mitra, and Case-face. It was awesome!! I have never had a RR before but I loved every minute of it. They all came to my house and we made some delicious chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs. It was just great to catch up and meet Kar's husband (he is so great and I approve) and Mitra's dogs Charlie (if you know Mitra she loves this dog so it was great to finally meet her). We just had a great time and it makes me want to do another one with Aly, Jacie, Lindsey, and Hayley! Lets not forget the current roommates I have who are the and who were the friends I hung out with the most. Holly, Tiana, and Randi you girls are my best friends and I would literally die without you! I love every minute of every day spent with you 3 and dread the day that we get separated. We spent this break doing many sleepovers, way to late of nights, Temple visits, and doing so much more together!

I believe  that is all I really did over the break! I have decided (just now) that I am ready for school to start...I just need a routine and I need to get my sleeping schedule back...I need to go to the gym and I need to be busy!! I will hate doing homework and having to study but I just miss the feeling of going to campus and seeing all my fellow DSC students! It's weird but true! So first week school...Here I come!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

End of the Year Greatness!

The end of the year is always so busy! Christmas and New years are always the best, being with my family and closet friends is truly a blessing. Christmas means something different to everyone, for me Christmas is just spending time with my family that I don't get to see everyday. After moving away to college the past 2 Christmas seasons have just been different for me. My heart and mind are now in the right places and I have realized what really matters-the gospel and my family. I received many awesome things for Christmas and I'm so grateful for that but all I need are the things I've always had! My time at home this year was very short, because of work schedules we only had 4 days. I am very blessed for that much time I couldn't imagine not going home for Christmas. So we left St. George Christmas eve and headed to good ole Tooele county where we were faced with no snow and warmish weather-I was a little upset. Later that afternoon we went to my grandparents house where we have a big dinner and then Santa and Mrs. Claus come to give us an early present; I love this tradition and just shed a tear or two every year, this year was no different. My grandparents are the only ones that don't sit on Santa's lap and get a present (they plan it and aren't going to give themselves a present) so my family decided that we'd slip something into the bag. They loved it!! My grandma started crying she was so happy and excited. It was the best present I got this year just seeing her face when she opened the present from 'Santa'.

Christmas Day was very different this year because it fell on a Sunday, it was very uplifting though and definitely put me in the right state of mind. My parents have come so far, they haven't always been strong in the gospel but they are today and that is all that matters! They spoke in sacrament on Christmas and they were the best talks about the birth of our Savior that I have ever heard. I have never been so proud of them I just love them so much. I really do have the best parents ever. The rest of our time home we just spent as a family-watching lots of movies, playing games, and eating as much food as we could! 
    We returned to St. George late Tuesday night and had a little roommate reunion, us four 201 girls are so fortunate that we have jobs and that Dixie has become our second home so we can all be here together for the holidays and ring in the new year. We decided to throw a  New Years Eve party with all our friends, and man did we party! We had slush, tons of food, Wii 'just dance 2', and the classic board game curses! It was seriously so much fun!  

Pineapple Slush
All our junk food


After all the fun and games we watched the ball drop and then said our goodbyes. 2011 was one of those equilibrium years...plenty of good and bad things happened to me. I really can't wait to see what this year has in store for me 2012 BRING IT!!!