Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spring of 2012

Well everyone...We made it through the first week of this cold Spring semester. I don't know about you but I had a great first week. It was a little overwhelming at first and I really hate that we as college students have 2 first weeks of school ('cause we have 2 semesters) but it's fine! I'm taking 15 credits this semester: Microbiology, Microbiology Lab, Social Dance, Nutrition (ONLINE), Co-op, Fitness Center, Student Government Leadership I, and finally Sem in Student Services: Leadership Seminar. It sounds like a lot but the only ones I am really worried about are micro and nutrition. I had my first real lecture and lab yesterday for micro and I'm not gonna lie it was really fun and interesting...NERD I know but I really liked it and hope that I can keep this attitude until the end! My social dance class is super fun, we are currently learning the waltz. I took his class in like tenth grade so I still remember some things like the waltz and swing. The boys in our class are few in numbers so like 10% of the time I am dancing alone, which means some of the moves that require a boy I really haven't grasped. Good thing than I have a super great friend that is going to help me because he himself is in a dance class and needs to practice-it's a win win situation! Student Government is going really well considering that the break wiped out a lot of our members. It's hard to find people who are willing to work with us on such short notice but we have some great students here at Dixie State and things are coming together. Hopefully by the time our retreat comes we'll have a full DSCSA. Some exciting news, I have always wanted my picture on the board outside the student government room and it's now there!! Everyone should go look it's a very  good looking picture if I do say so myself. We also have our website up and running go here if you'd like to see it! We also got a new director of student involvement and leadership his name is Jordan and he's the bomb so far! We still miss Donna but he and Stefanie are just going to do great things for Dixie and "rocking the status quo" as Mike would say! One of my besties Case-face wininger is moving to Dixie Red Sands this month! She has an opportunity to buy some one's contract and she isn't going to pass it up. She sold her contract that she has now to someone on craigslist and it's pretty much a done we just have to find someway to fit her queen bed in a room that normally has a twin and a desk. We measured my room last night and she is 98% sure it'll fit. I am just so happy that she is moving closer to me so we can hang out easier than before! Plus she is moving into a different apartment so in the end I am getting 3 new friends which is always good! We had our first ward date night of 2012 last night and it was so much fun!! I had the opportunity to go with Joey Brown and that boy is a hoot I have never laughed so much on a date. We went to the church played games and ate banana splits and then after that was over we went on an adventure! Joey has lived here in St George since he was 3 so he knows what to do on Friday nights. We drove out to this random construction site out by the airport and just played on all the tractors and heavy equipment-we weren't doing anything illegal don't worry. I didn't want to loose/break my camera so I didn't take any pictures but just know we had an awesome night together! That is pretty much all I have for you, sorry that there are no pictures this post, but I'll be sure to take pictures of my 2nd week of school adventures!

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