Monday, November 26, 2012

Recent Activity!

I REALLY hate missing a week of blogging. I love rereading each post from each week and re-living the memories of that week. I am not a journal keeper (though I am trying to get better) so this is basically all I have. Since the 11th or my last post so much has happened and I can't really write everything in detail so the following is just a bullet list type thing of all the memorable things. To start out all my roommates, except for Kari, got over being sick. Poor Kari got worse and had to see the doctor twice in one week. She is now feeling much better and hopefully is done being sick for a while. I also experienced my first snow of the season in Beaver, Utah at the hospital. I love the snow only when I am not living in it. Since then the snow has been scarce and I hope we get more because we really need it. Where there is snow it usually means that Christmas is just around the corner, and since it is our YSA ward was assigned to decorate a tree in the visitors center of the Temple. So for FHE two Mondays ago that is just what we did. We had a good turnout and thanks to the help of bishoprics wives the tree turned out great.  I love going to ward activities and that includes relief society activities, two Wednesdays ago we all went to our bishops house and played games on the WII. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait until the next activity.

I recently realized that I love my Iphone...granted I have loved it from day one but my love has grown. I just love the capabilities it has and how it never ceases to amaze me. I am a music junkie so I loved being able to download Gangnam Style at work last week! It made me very happy to instantly have it! Technology is just brilliant. Speaking of work, I had the honor of delivering a rabid, severed, cat head last Tuesday! I know what you are thinking and you read it right. Some cat got attacked by coyotes then saved by humans then it attacked the humans and went crazy. The people took it to the health department to get it checked for rabies, but our health department couldn't test it or something so I had to transport it to the state lab in Salt Lake. So far that package takes the cake of weirdest things I have transported. Two Fridays ago I  had the honor of doing a session in the St George Temple with Lindsey, I loved the session can't wait to go again this week.

Now I know that the weather here in St George is not as cold and horrible as some places up north but nevertheless it is still cold. We decided that cold weather sucks and we wanted to make a fire. Not last Saturday but the one before it we did, I personally didn't plan it I just participated! The fire was huge, very warm, and just what we needed. We did typical fire things like roast marshmallows, and star bursts. I accidentally roasted a star burst for far too long and burned my thumb very bad. I had a blister the size of Texas! Earlier on that same Saturday my roommates and I (minus Holly plus Tiana) went to see Breaking Dawn part II. I loved it! I am not an insane twilight fan...I haven't even read the books yet...I do plan to though. We didn't plan our movie going time very well though. We tried to buy tickets 20 minutes before the show started and that was an epic fail. It wasn't sold out but there were not 5 seats together...but we all got seats together for the next show. Unfortunately the next show was an hour and half away. To pass the time we went to arctic circle and then the mall. Time seemed to be creeping by but we made it and the show was great!

This past week was the because it was a three-day work week and a four day weekend. It started with a party on Monday because it was Aubrey's 22nd birthday! I love Aubrey to death and had a great time planning and celebrating her birthday with her. Tuesday I went to a very special dinner with Holly at Dustin's house and I finally got to meet his family. I was a tad nervous at first but soon after felt very comfortable and at home.Wednesday I had a night out with Aubrey, we went to pizza hut then watched Madagascar 3. Thursday-Saturday I had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving. I love my family so very much and had a great break even if it was short. Holly had to work until noon on Thursday so before we left I hung out with Tiana and Brandon. I am grateful for all my friends and I don't know where I would be today without them. Friday was the best day of all because we found Holly's wedding dress!! It was such a special day and I cannot wait for March to come so she can wear it! Saturday we just drove and then I had the house to myself all night. I took a nap and then did odd jobs while watching the Law and Order marathon. I am mad that I did not get any pictures from my trip home! I need to get better at taking pictures dang it! Yesterday I just went to church and learned so much, I have the highest respect for our teachers because I could never teach I would be so terrified. I have also developed  a new TV addiction...on Sunday nights I watch the Walking Dead with Randi. I definitely need to watch the first seasons but so far I really like it! After our shows we watched how to train your dragon and then called it a night.

 Tonight for FHE we are learning how to dance three different types of dances! I am so excited! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing Aubrey!

Today is November 19, 2012 and the birthday of my dear friend Aubrey Ann Mullins. Today she is turning 22 so I am going to share with you 22 things about her. First off she spent most of her life living in Fillmore, Utah with her Mom, Dad, and two younger sisters Mckensie and Ryleigh. She graduated from Millard High School in 2009 and then came to Dixie State College to study for a profession in the world of healthcare.

Family vaca in Florida

Aubrey's favorite colors are orange and blue, she loves pizza but not pasta, and could drink 100 Dr. Peppers any day. If she were to max out her credit card at any store it would be at any type of sports or athletic store. She loves to shop...unless you make her try something on! At that point you are on your own. She absolutely loves snowboarding and would die without it, she also recently discovered long boarding. It is very possible that if she has any free time it is spent long boarding in the parking lot or up and down our block.

Aubrey with her snowboarding buddy.

  Pictures of her sweet custom made long board.

She often loves seeing movies in theaters, her favorite type are action ones. She loves to hang out and have fun, she also loves being out doors and doing things like hunting, four wheeling and everything in between. She works at St George Care and Rehab as a cook and also does home health part time. She has an Iphone, Ipod and an Ipad...she is definitely an Apple fan. Those who know Aubrey best can tell you that she is the pickiest eater EVER! She has to pick what or where we eat because she has to give the final approval. She is the girl who loves the rodeo and everything that is associated with it. Basically she loves any sport but she loves to play basketball and volleyball the most. She loves any type of music-unless it is Taylor Swift then she might have to gouge her eye balls out. Sometimes Aubrey likes to act gangsta by using the following lingo: homegurl, homie, wat-up, yo, peeps and es-cuse-me!

At the movies waiting to see the Vow.
Enjoying the outdoors stargazing
Us at the Enterprise rodeo! haha
She participated in the homecoming powder puff game
Us at a Dixie football game!
I have known Aubrey for 2 years now and she never ceases to amaze me. All you people out there who don't her are totally missing out. Here's to you Aubrey on your very special day, I love you and hope we stay friends forever!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cons of student housing

There are many good and bad things about living in student housing; one of the bad things is when one is sick you are all sick or go crazy trying to avoid sickness. Randi was the first victim, she got sick on Saturday after we came back from Manti. Everyone else was fine, I started feeling it come on Monday night and have not felt better since. Kari got sick on Tuesday-turns out she got it the worst and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Lets just say our apartment has been sprayed with Lysol and cleaned every night. Since we weren't fully sick Monday we went to FHE and played some dodge-ball, then went to the gym and did a killer workout.

Tuesday I woke up and my head felt like it was going to explode. I also slept like crap because I had a fever and either could not stay warm or was too warm. I went to work and it got better throughout the day but not much. I slept all day after work and went to bed early. Wednesday I slept better and felt better when I woke up, my throat made me feel like I had shards of glass in it though! It hurt so bad, thankfully I had spray and cough drops that I used all day so that helped. Once again I slept for a few hours after work and went to bed early. Thursday was fine my throat still hurt but it wasn't terrible, I had a work meeting so I didn't get to come home and sleep but I did come home and take a bath. Every night last week I took a bath and watched a movie-I loved it! Thursday night was also a special night in my family-my sister Holly got engaged. She has found the man she wants to spend her life with and I could not be happier for her. At first it was very hard for me and I didn't know what to do but everything is good now. I know this is how it is suppose to be and I am excited to be her maid of honor and help her plan her wedding!

Friday I have to say was the day that I felt the best, I just had a headache when I got off work. After work I took a nap and just waited for Aub to get off. Our activities that were as follows: first we went to dinner at wingers, it was delicious except our salads! (Note to self do not eat salad from there ever again!) After dinner we went the movie Wreck it Ralph it was super cute and I loved it! After the movie we went to Walmart then came home and went to bed. Saturday we just wanted to have a lazy day so that's just what we did. We just stayed home and watched movies like Something Borrowed, Sweet home Alabama, P.S. I love you, and Harry Potter. It was a much needed day to relax. 

Today was our ward conference and let me tell you what, I have amazing stake leaders! The messages today were all about becoming better members, and being converted everyday! In Relief Society I balled my eyes out, President Weaver is a great man and knows just what to say. At the end of the day the only side I want to be on is the Lords side, because in the end it is the righteous who will win. I really hope this week will be better and that I am done being sick. I miss going to the gym and I miss just being healthy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Grateful Heart

It is already November, it still amazes me how fast time flies! I love fall, I basically love all the months from August-December. They are life changing months; families come together, people realize what is important and what is not, they also realize how fortunate they truly are. Goals are made...and hopefully kept so a better person can shine. The holidays just make for a more generous, humble, and grateful people. It may only be November 4th, but I am already in the holiday spirit. I have never wanted to serve my fellow men as much as I do now. This week has just been different. Monday for FHE we did a Halloween costume party and there was a great turnout. Each week we get more and more people and I love it, I have really grown to love this ward and those in it.


Tuesday I went to institute I am so glad that I have stuck with it and gone as much as I can. I have loved going through the new testament and reading about Christs teachings through parables. Wednesday was Halloween and since we are lame, tired, and old we didn't do much. We stayed home and did homework until almost 7:30 then went to dinner at Red Robin, then went to see if anything good was at the theater. To our surprise there wasn't much playing late but we decided to go see Chasing Mavericks. It was based on a true story about a surfer learning to surf the most dangerous and biggest wave known to man. It was a good one but very sad! After that we came home and went to bed...losers I know. Thursday I was just exhausted for some reason and didn't feel like doing anything. I hate those days because I know if I just did something I wouldn't be as tired. Nevertheless, I bummed around until Aub and Kari got off then we went to in and out for dinner, then just hung out and did some homework. Friday was the perfect day-I had a very easy work load and it was pay day! After work I had so much to do but so little time. I had to shop for FHE stuff, then went to the Temple with Rand which was so busy. Then ran to some other stores with Kari, had dinner with Aub, hung out with Tiana, then went to yougurtland with the roommates. By the time Friday was over I was beat and could have slept for days. 
Saturday was the best day of this whole week. I haven't told many people, but as of 3:30 Saturday afternoon I am now an endowed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! I am not planning a mission at this time and I am not engaged to be married yet. I am very confident with my decision to go through and I know it was the right thing for me to do at this time. I loved every minute of my time in The Manti Utah Temple and I loved going back there with my beautiful family. I am grateful for my family, plus the Eve's, the Church's, Holly, Aubrey, Randi, Kari and Lindsey for coming to support me on my special day. I could not have done it without any of you! I love the Temple, more now then ever, and know it is where we should be. 

Flowers from my dear roommates!
After the Temple, pictures, and goodbyes Aub, Holly, Kari and I headed back to St George. We made a few stops along the way including a trip to Fillmore. I have never been to Aub's so we figured since we were in the area that we might as well stop. It was great, I love seeing where my friends grew up and lived their lives. It was so small of course and very cold. It was fun to go through her house and see some embarrassing Mullins pictures too. After Fillmore we headed home and only stopped once more in Beaver to eat. We got home and went to Walmart then went to bed, being in car basically all day makes you so tired!  It was a very quick Saturday but very very special and a day full of memories and things I will never forget!

The following are random pictures from parts of the Mullins house! 

 Today was fast Sunday, I love fast and testimony meeting in the single adult ward. I love hearing all the testimonies of those in my age group. Today there happened to be an unwritten theme for the meeting-every testimony was directed to the phrase "God will deliver". Everyone had a story to share about how trusting in our Heavenly Father and in his Son makes things happen in our life. They are both watching out for us and have a plan for us. I know this is true, we all have trials and tribulations but we also all have blessings! Our lives might not be where we thought they would be right now but that's how it is! That is the beauty of the plan we might not know it but our Heavenly father does, trust him, it will all work out how and when it is suppose to! 

I love this! I hope everyone has a spectacular week!