Monday, November 26, 2012

Recent Activity!

I REALLY hate missing a week of blogging. I love rereading each post from each week and re-living the memories of that week. I am not a journal keeper (though I am trying to get better) so this is basically all I have. Since the 11th or my last post so much has happened and I can't really write everything in detail so the following is just a bullet list type thing of all the memorable things. To start out all my roommates, except for Kari, got over being sick. Poor Kari got worse and had to see the doctor twice in one week. She is now feeling much better and hopefully is done being sick for a while. I also experienced my first snow of the season in Beaver, Utah at the hospital. I love the snow only when I am not living in it. Since then the snow has been scarce and I hope we get more because we really need it. Where there is snow it usually means that Christmas is just around the corner, and since it is our YSA ward was assigned to decorate a tree in the visitors center of the Temple. So for FHE two Mondays ago that is just what we did. We had a good turnout and thanks to the help of bishoprics wives the tree turned out great.  I love going to ward activities and that includes relief society activities, two Wednesdays ago we all went to our bishops house and played games on the WII. It was a lot of fun and I cannot wait until the next activity.

I recently realized that I love my Iphone...granted I have loved it from day one but my love has grown. I just love the capabilities it has and how it never ceases to amaze me. I am a music junkie so I loved being able to download Gangnam Style at work last week! It made me very happy to instantly have it! Technology is just brilliant. Speaking of work, I had the honor of delivering a rabid, severed, cat head last Tuesday! I know what you are thinking and you read it right. Some cat got attacked by coyotes then saved by humans then it attacked the humans and went crazy. The people took it to the health department to get it checked for rabies, but our health department couldn't test it or something so I had to transport it to the state lab in Salt Lake. So far that package takes the cake of weirdest things I have transported. Two Fridays ago I  had the honor of doing a session in the St George Temple with Lindsey, I loved the session can't wait to go again this week.

Now I know that the weather here in St George is not as cold and horrible as some places up north but nevertheless it is still cold. We decided that cold weather sucks and we wanted to make a fire. Not last Saturday but the one before it we did, I personally didn't plan it I just participated! The fire was huge, very warm, and just what we needed. We did typical fire things like roast marshmallows, and star bursts. I accidentally roasted a star burst for far too long and burned my thumb very bad. I had a blister the size of Texas! Earlier on that same Saturday my roommates and I (minus Holly plus Tiana) went to see Breaking Dawn part II. I loved it! I am not an insane twilight fan...I haven't even read the books yet...I do plan to though. We didn't plan our movie going time very well though. We tried to buy tickets 20 minutes before the show started and that was an epic fail. It wasn't sold out but there were not 5 seats together...but we all got seats together for the next show. Unfortunately the next show was an hour and half away. To pass the time we went to arctic circle and then the mall. Time seemed to be creeping by but we made it and the show was great!

This past week was the because it was a three-day work week and a four day weekend. It started with a party on Monday because it was Aubrey's 22nd birthday! I love Aubrey to death and had a great time planning and celebrating her birthday with her. Tuesday I went to a very special dinner with Holly at Dustin's house and I finally got to meet his family. I was a tad nervous at first but soon after felt very comfortable and at home.Wednesday I had a night out with Aubrey, we went to pizza hut then watched Madagascar 3. Thursday-Saturday I had the opportunity to go home for Thanksgiving. I love my family so very much and had a great break even if it was short. Holly had to work until noon on Thursday so before we left I hung out with Tiana and Brandon. I am grateful for all my friends and I don't know where I would be today without them. Friday was the best day of all because we found Holly's wedding dress!! It was such a special day and I cannot wait for March to come so she can wear it! Saturday we just drove and then I had the house to myself all night. I took a nap and then did odd jobs while watching the Law and Order marathon. I am mad that I did not get any pictures from my trip home! I need to get better at taking pictures dang it! Yesterday I just went to church and learned so much, I have the highest respect for our teachers because I could never teach I would be so terrified. I have also developed  a new TV addiction...on Sunday nights I watch the Walking Dead with Randi. I definitely need to watch the first seasons but so far I really like it! After our shows we watched how to train your dragon and then called it a night.

 Tonight for FHE we are learning how to dance three different types of dances! I am so excited! 

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  1. hahaha i love your cat story, feel very sad for the cat but it sounded so funny the title of the transport and all. I miss you lady!!!