Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cons of student housing

There are many good and bad things about living in student housing; one of the bad things is when one is sick you are all sick or go crazy trying to avoid sickness. Randi was the first victim, she got sick on Saturday after we came back from Manti. Everyone else was fine, I started feeling it come on Monday night and have not felt better since. Kari got sick on Tuesday-turns out she got it the worst and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Lets just say our apartment has been sprayed with Lysol and cleaned every night. Since we weren't fully sick Monday we went to FHE and played some dodge-ball, then went to the gym and did a killer workout.

Tuesday I woke up and my head felt like it was going to explode. I also slept like crap because I had a fever and either could not stay warm or was too warm. I went to work and it got better throughout the day but not much. I slept all day after work and went to bed early. Wednesday I slept better and felt better when I woke up, my throat made me feel like I had shards of glass in it though! It hurt so bad, thankfully I had spray and cough drops that I used all day so that helped. Once again I slept for a few hours after work and went to bed early. Thursday was fine my throat still hurt but it wasn't terrible, I had a work meeting so I didn't get to come home and sleep but I did come home and take a bath. Every night last week I took a bath and watched a movie-I loved it! Thursday night was also a special night in my family-my sister Holly got engaged. She has found the man she wants to spend her life with and I could not be happier for her. At first it was very hard for me and I didn't know what to do but everything is good now. I know this is how it is suppose to be and I am excited to be her maid of honor and help her plan her wedding!

Friday I have to say was the day that I felt the best, I just had a headache when I got off work. After work I took a nap and just waited for Aub to get off. Our activities that were as follows: first we went to dinner at wingers, it was delicious except our salads! (Note to self do not eat salad from there ever again!) After dinner we went the movie Wreck it Ralph it was super cute and I loved it! After the movie we went to Walmart then came home and went to bed. Saturday we just wanted to have a lazy day so that's just what we did. We just stayed home and watched movies like Something Borrowed, Sweet home Alabama, P.S. I love you, and Harry Potter. It was a much needed day to relax. 

Today was our ward conference and let me tell you what, I have amazing stake leaders! The messages today were all about becoming better members, and being converted everyday! In Relief Society I balled my eyes out, President Weaver is a great man and knows just what to say. At the end of the day the only side I want to be on is the Lords side, because in the end it is the righteous who will win. I really hope this week will be better and that I am done being sick. I miss going to the gym and I miss just being healthy.

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