Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week 10!!!

I seriously love October and love my beautiful life! This past week was so amazing on many different levels. Monday was my 22nd birthday, if you know me then you know that I love birthdays; I love making them special for the person and making it the best day of the year for them. In return I love it being my special day, and this year was no different. I only asked for two things-1) to go to Thriller at the Tuacahn, and 2) a cake and/or vanilla frosting from the sweet tooth fairy bakery. My roommates did these things and much more! I woke up bright and early and found my bathroom to be decorated with streamers, balloons, and writing on the mirror. By 830 the calls and texts start rolling in, Austin being the first to text me. I then went to school got many hugs and happy birthdays there. I went to class and then at noon I headed home, when I got to my car in the parking lot I found that it had been decorated by my lovely roommates. I freaked out and couldn't stop laughing it was great. I then went to lunch and Walmart with my sister, then came home and opened presents. I got lots of fabulous items and am grateful to anyone who got me anything! We then took a little nap and then went to Brick Oven for dinner, since it was Monday night we got free root beer and it was delicious. Holly didn't come to dinner because she had "Homework" but when we returned home she had a surprise party waiting for me!! This was my first surprise party ever and it was so great, the house looked great and most of my friends were there too. We had cake and ice cream while socializing and then it was Thriller time. We piled into Tiana's car and headed out I love thriller and this year was no different. The whole first half was things I've already seen but the second part they did some new things. Overall it was a great show and I love Tiana, Randi and Holly for taking me. Thriller ended my special day and I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday was just as great as Monday, for one of my two meetings we assistants decided to go to Cafe Rio. It was the best, a meeting and a sweet pork salad are the perfect combination. Later that night we as an ICC went to Krave, I love being on the council with John, Jessica, Taylor, Kourtni, Chancen, Shane, Mark, and Kathleen. We work so well as team and have accomplished so much this semester and are definitely setting the bar for next years council.

Wednesday and Thursday I worked so nothing exciting happened, I had my year evaluation and got an excellent rating by my bosses. That was really cool because that's the highest rating you can get and I've also worked so hard to get courier of the quarter and really feel that this quarter is mine. We have our meeting next week and that's when we'll find out I'm crossing my fingers till then. Friday I had off and hung out with Austin, Shilo and Jason all afternoon hunting for their Halloween costumes. In the end they each found one and they matched their personalities to a T. I love these boys and don't know what I'd do without them.

Saturday I worked a morning shift it was the, since this was the first Saturday that we roommates all had off we decided to do a group date/Halloween party. I had the honor of going with the handsome Nick Rhodes, he and the rest of the dates met at our house at seven and we did caramel apples. This was the first time many of us had done apples so it was fun. Nick really wanted to go to the orchestra symphony concert at the college so we left the group and went to that. It was so awesome the students here at Dixie are so talented. We then met back up with the group and headed out to the corn maze! I love the corn maze every year and this year was no different. We started out as a group but eventually got separated as couples. This was Nick and I's first date so it was a perfect time to get to know each other and that's just what we did. After the maze we returned home to my house and watch the adams family, some of us stayed awake but the majority fell asleep. In the end it was a great first roommate group date and hopefully there are many more to come!

Overall I had a great week ten, I had two tests and kicked butt on them both. I also got all caught up on my gym hours and am on track to get an A. This week is a bit calmer the only
thing planned is work and a blood drive on Friday. There will be more things that come up I'm sure but it'll be good!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weeks 8 and 9!

Yes I fell behind again! Between last week being fall break and this week being homecoming I have not had any time for things other than school and work. To start off fall break here at Dixie, we had a YELLOW CARD concert. Oh. My. GOSH! It was so good! I bought my tickets clear back in July and have been super excited ever since. The concert included Go Radio, Every Avenue, and Yellow Card of course. Every band was so good live and I just loved every minute of the concert. I loved being able to dance like a fool with no one caring, and sing my heart out to one of my favorite bands. I woke up the next day with a sore scratchy throat, throbbing head, and very very sore calf muscles and thighs...but It was soooo worth it!

The next day we departed for Utah county, this was my first ever road trip with my car stuffed. The car consisted of me, Nick Rhodes, Courtney, Holly and Jared. Since we all love the temple, we decided to do a session in the Mt. Timpanogos temple and It was so beautiful. It reminded me of the Bountiful temple so much. Then we dropped off Nick and the rest of us headed to T-town. The weather was so beautiful, it was like 70 the whole time. I mostly hung out with my family we went to Gardner village to the witches festival it was a blast to just hang out with my family and have a great time. Hillary and I hung out on Saturday night, we have the same
birthday (it's tomorrow!!!) So we switched birthday presents and then went to get slurpees with Hol and Mirr they were delicious I hate that there are no 7-elevens in southern Utah. This was basically my fall break, it was short but I got family time and caught up on my sleep which was definitely much needed. I also got my head above water with my life...I got behind again
because of homecoming but It's fine.

So speaking of homecoming it was this week. We kicked off the week with some legit peach cobbler, the outdoor cooking class made us some dutch oven style cobbler! It was amazing. Tuesday was the Miss Dixie Pageant, the girls at Dixie are amazing, the pageant had 23 entries! That's the most we've had since 1989. There were so many different talents too like singing, playing the piano, tap dancing, acting and much much more. Wednesday was the powder puff game, sophomores and seniors one. Friday was Rock the mall, it's an event where we take the school song and out our own twist on it. Some did backstreet boys, some had treadmills, and some even did a Harry potter thing! It was so great to see the creativeness of some of our clubs/organizations that we have here at Dixie.

Saturday was the parade, my branch of student government had the responsibility of planning the parade. Many hours were put into planning this event. We had over 100 entries and the streets were filled with people to watch the parade. Overall I feel it was a great success and everything went smoothly. Student Gov. was the last entry in the parade and some of us had the opportunity to ride in a train of little cars it was so much fun!! After the parade Casey and I went to the tailgate and football game. I really love the games and cheering for my school. The weather was beautiful and my right side got way to much sun and I look like a crab.
We did good at the beginning but lost it in the second half. It was still a good game and the boys played well.

After the game I came home and got ready for a banquet and the dance. My sweet sister Holly did my hair and it turned out beautiful. I went to the banquet with Nick Smith and it was just lovely, the SAA did an amazing job at decorating and the food was so tasty. After the banquet we headed to the dance. Student life did and awesome job and putting this together, this year is our 100th birthday so we did things different. We held it in the Eccles bldg. and it was free. We had the jazz band come for the first hour and I was so fun! Then the DJ came and the dance floor was packed! We had a ton of people and just had a great time. My favorite part were the beverages, we had apple juice and it had cinnamon sugar on the rim! Such a cute idea I sang bottoms up all night...salt around that rim. Overall my homecoming week was fantastic.

Life is great school is going good we are approaching on week ten with only five to go, it's seriously gone by so fast. My birthday is tomorrow I'll be 22 nothing big I can't wait to go see thriller at the Tuacahan my roommates are taking me. I also can't wait to see what they have in store for my special day :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6, general conference, and week 7!

Hopefully this entry is not super long, I've just been busy and have not had the time to update on my life! So week six was rough, I had plenty of good and bad things happen to me! I fell
down the stairs (I missed the last step and almost died.) I scratched up my knee, heal, and hit my was horrible. Tuesday 9/27, I had the chance to sell Yellowcard tickets to my fellow students at Dixie state! It was so much fun, I love student government and I love how happy it makes me

On Wednesday 9/28 I went to the Temple before I went to school, it was such a great way to start out my day, I know this will be a
weekly experience. On Thursday 9/29 I found out that I didn't make the nursing program here at Dixie, I was sad but also very ok with that news. I have taken classes since the fall of 2009 including summer and it's just time for a break. I know there is a reason
for everything and that eventually something will work out I just need to have patience. That was all for week 6 I'm sure there are things that I am missing but oh well. Now conference weekend! I.LOVED. Conference!! This year I had the wonderful opportunity of going to a live session of conference, it rocked my socks! Holly, Tiana, Randi and I all headed up to Utah County early Saturday morning with McDonald's breakfast in hand.

We got to Pleasant Grove at 1:00pm and hung out with T's grandparents for the remainder of our afternoon and then it was party time. We went to the University mall in Provo, and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. We then went to AF to the haunted forest...oh my gosh it was so great!! I love Halloween and here in St George/Cedar all we is a corn maze. So we definitely had to hit that while we were up there. They did some things that I have never seen before and I'll admit there were times I thought I was going to pee my pants. It was just so good, if you live up north go it was worth every penny.

Then Sunday we went to the afternoon session and I was amazed, this was my first time actually going to conference and it won't be the last. After conference we headed out to Tooele to have dinner with my family. I love being home even if it's just to eat and run. There is no place like home and I shed a tear or two every time I have to hug my mom and say goodbye. We got home around ten and had to face reality again, I say this all the time but I love my girls and am so fortunate to live with their sweet spirits everyday!

Week 7 was pretty boring-I didn't almost die, and no road trips. I advertised so much for Yellowcard because they are coming in 5 days!!! I am super excited, and hope we get a huge turnout! I had two tests and kick both their butts. I Decorated my apartment and now it officially feels like Halloween. I work 40 hours....some of which were spent driving in the snow!! It snowed in Beaver yesterday and I got to witness it, it was the first snow of the season! I hate the cold I really do but living in St. George has kind of made me miss it....just a little. Like I said not much happened in week 7. Next week is fall break and I can't wait to head home and be with the family and take a break from work and school.