Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6, general conference, and week 7!

Hopefully this entry is not super long, I've just been busy and have not had the time to update on my life! So week six was rough, I had plenty of good and bad things happen to me! I fell
down the stairs (I missed the last step and almost died.) I scratched up my knee, heal, and hit my was horrible. Tuesday 9/27, I had the chance to sell Yellowcard tickets to my fellow students at Dixie state! It was so much fun, I love student government and I love how happy it makes me

On Wednesday 9/28 I went to the Temple before I went to school, it was such a great way to start out my day, I know this will be a
weekly experience. On Thursday 9/29 I found out that I didn't make the nursing program here at Dixie, I was sad but also very ok with that news. I have taken classes since the fall of 2009 including summer and it's just time for a break. I know there is a reason
for everything and that eventually something will work out I just need to have patience. That was all for week 6 I'm sure there are things that I am missing but oh well. Now conference weekend! I.LOVED. Conference!! This year I had the wonderful opportunity of going to a live session of conference, it rocked my socks! Holly, Tiana, Randi and I all headed up to Utah County early Saturday morning with McDonald's breakfast in hand.

We got to Pleasant Grove at 1:00pm and hung out with T's grandparents for the remainder of our afternoon and then it was party time. We went to the University mall in Provo, and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen. We then went to AF to the haunted forest...oh my gosh it was so great!! I love Halloween and here in St George/Cedar all we is a corn maze. So we definitely had to hit that while we were up there. They did some things that I have never seen before and I'll admit there were times I thought I was going to pee my pants. It was just so good, if you live up north go it was worth every penny.

Then Sunday we went to the afternoon session and I was amazed, this was my first time actually going to conference and it won't be the last. After conference we headed out to Tooele to have dinner with my family. I love being home even if it's just to eat and run. There is no place like home and I shed a tear or two every time I have to hug my mom and say goodbye. We got home around ten and had to face reality again, I say this all the time but I love my girls and am so fortunate to live with their sweet spirits everyday!

Week 7 was pretty boring-I didn't almost die, and no road trips. I advertised so much for Yellowcard because they are coming in 5 days!!! I am super excited, and hope we get a huge turnout! I had two tests and kick both their butts. I Decorated my apartment and now it officially feels like Halloween. I work 40 hours....some of which were spent driving in the snow!! It snowed in Beaver yesterday and I got to witness it, it was the first snow of the season! I hate the cold I really do but living in St. George has kind of made me miss it....just a little. Like I said not much happened in week 7. Next week is fall break and I can't wait to head home and be with the family and take a break from work and school.

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