Thursday, August 23, 2012

More than words!!!

Today is August 24, 2012 and it also happens to be my darling sisters 20th birthday!! I love her so much and wanted to do a special shout out to her. Last year's post is so hard to top...but I hope you will love this one just as much! Since a picture is worth a thousand words I have decided to share 20 pictures that I either love or  show her personality to a T. 

1) She recently received her Associates degree from Dixie State College.

2) I just love when she braids her hair, it is her latest master piece!

3) We love going to movies!

4) She is always so fun and energetic, the night we went to Anti-gravity was the best! 

5) Sometimes car washes excite her! We can't take her anywhere!!

6) Like mother like daughter!

7) Her and her new boyfriend Dustin!

8) BFFL!

9) It's hard to find friends as crazy as you are! 

10) Isn't she just stunning!!?

11) Newest Iphone owner of apt. 201...YAY!

12) Holly is always up for an adventure.

 13) She is and will forever be my best friend!

14) These 3 are literally inseparable even after two marriages and a baby on the way!  

15) We love sweet tooth fairy cupcakes! 

16) She is crazy when it comes to the game Curses!!

17) Gotta love the DQ lounge!

18) She sure does love her Grandpa!

19) I just love this picture! They are so cute!

20) Yep...Shes a keeper! 

Happy Happy birthday sister, I love you with all my heart, through thick and thin, I always have and always will!! 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is Gotta be the good life!

I have literally missed my blog! All you avid bloggers out there know what it's like to go 2-3 weeks without is a horrible feeling and I don't recommend it! I went home the first two weekends so my routine was off and that's why my blog has been neglected. The whole month of August has been so crazy and so fast! The first Friday of August we went to see Step up revolution! I have only seen the first one because of Channing Tatum but I really liked this one and I loved the a lot! 

That same week/weekend I participated in 2 service projects! The first was for FHE. There was a girl in my ward that needed many hands to help with yard work-I was just so thrilled because it has been far too long since I have served my fellow beings! Here are some before and after pictures-we kicked trash and were done within an hour and a half. The second project was a stake one up cedar mountain! It was so beautiful up there and we had such a good turn out I was so happy. I only got one picture though...and it was of the drive up! It shortly became first instagram pic though.

After the project we headed to Tooele to celebrate my grandmas 75th birthday party. By the time we showed up the party was basically over but we still got to see a ton of my family on my dads side-it was awesome! On that Saturday the 4th my best friend and roommate of 2 years moved out!! She is getting married September 1st and I am so excited for her! So she moved into her and Brandon's future home and Brandon moved home. It was a hard transition but thankfully she is right across the street and we still hang out all the time! As a last hurrah we decided to go bowling! To make it even more of an adventure we went to Dixie Bowl. Those who live in St. George know why I say that! 

T's empty room! 

On Monday the 6th I planned my very first Buena-Vista FHE! We did a picture scavenger hunt it was so fun  and very successful. On Thursday the 9th I participated in a blood drive, Lindsey does one at her work every year and I love it! I find it very satisfying that something so easy for me to do is such a  huge deal. Thursday night was also the night that our new roommate moved in! Her name is Kari and she is so awesome! I have loved getting to know her this last week and am so glad that she is on Student Government so I can live vicariously through her this school year! Through getting a new roommate it made me realize how many I have had and how lucky I have been! A lot of people have horror stories but I have been very fortunate in my roommate life! 

scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

2010 summer
I don't have a present one with Kari but I will by my next post!! The weekend of the 9th-11th I went home yet again. Holly had some showers and things planned that weekend and there were no other weekends open to do them. We left Friday and came back Sunday it was short but so much fun I did laundry, hung with the family, and witnessed my youngest sister getting her yw medallion. I am so proud of her and love her so much! Monday the 13th was the season 2 premier of GRIMM!!!! The best thing about fall is that all my favorite TV shows are coming back on I love it.  Last week nothing much happened, just went to the gym and enjoyed my last week of freedom. Friday the 17th we got a car full of girls (Tiana, Aubrey, Kari, Holly, and I) and headed to Vegas to do some shopping. There were some good deals and also some not so good deals but I came home with many new shirts. 

Saturday I went to the Temple-last time in St George for 3 weeks since it's closed because of cleaning-went to a bridal shower with Tiana, laundry, and went to a baptism. I love the spirit I feel at baptisms there is nothing like it! People accepting the gospel is thee best. Sunday we went to church and meetings, ate a huge roommate dinner with like 10 people it was crazy and ended the night with a Hunger Games party! 

Rand and I in our snuggies

Yesterday was the first day of school, I am seriously not ready at all! Summer went by way too fast and I am just not ready to study and do homework. Plus this semester is a total opposite of what  my past semesters have been, I am not on student government or involved on campus at all and I am taking afternoon classes because I am still working full time. We went to the carnival last night and it was depressing because I saw all of my student government friends and I really miss it. I will still go to as many activities as I can and now can do other things that I want to do. This semester will be tough but I know that I can do it! Sorry that this post was super long but it had to happen!