Thursday, August 23, 2012

More than words!!!

Today is August 24, 2012 and it also happens to be my darling sisters 20th birthday!! I love her so much and wanted to do a special shout out to her. Last year's post is so hard to top...but I hope you will love this one just as much! Since a picture is worth a thousand words I have decided to share 20 pictures that I either love or  show her personality to a T. 

1) She recently received her Associates degree from Dixie State College.

2) I just love when she braids her hair, it is her latest master piece!

3) We love going to movies!

4) She is always so fun and energetic, the night we went to Anti-gravity was the best! 

5) Sometimes car washes excite her! We can't take her anywhere!!

6) Like mother like daughter!

7) Her and her new boyfriend Dustin!

8) BFFL!

9) It's hard to find friends as crazy as you are! 

10) Isn't she just stunning!!?

11) Newest Iphone owner of apt. 201...YAY!

12) Holly is always up for an adventure.

 13) She is and will forever be my best friend!

14) These 3 are literally inseparable even after two marriages and a baby on the way!  

15) We love sweet tooth fairy cupcakes! 

16) She is crazy when it comes to the game Curses!!

17) Gotta love the DQ lounge!

18) She sure does love her Grandpa!

19) I just love this picture! They are so cute!

20) Yep...Shes a keeper! 

Happy Happy birthday sister, I love you with all my heart, through thick and thin, I always have and always will!! 


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  1. Oh my heck Heather you really out did yourself! You seriously are the best sister a girl could ask for!! You do way too much for me and I am so blessed to have you in my life!