Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Wonderful Sister!

Today is August 24th, and 19 years ago my amazing and beautiful sister
Holly Marie Moat was born!

She is my sister, best friend, roommate, and shoulder to cry on. She's the one I'd call in the middle of the night if I was in trouble, she's my comic relief, my duet partner, my car pooling buddy and much much more! She's deathly afraid of mornings, and loves to stay up late. She hates carbonation and seafood too. She has more shoes than anyone I know (they are her weakness we all have them, and she also works in a shoe department.) She is selfless, full of charity, and cares deeply about her friends and family always! She loves watching the TV shows Psych, bear grylls, andOne Tree Hill. She is a Pandora Radio addict and a love song..well she loves love we'll say that :) If you were to ask her today what her favorite song is however, she would not be able to pick just one. She would end up saying: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry, Till the world ends by Britney Spears, anything Rhianna, and any Boyce Avenue cover!

She is a communications major, which totally fits her because she is definitely a people person! She loves The lord of the rings and spiderman saga, she also enjoys despicable me every now again. Her favorite colors are yellow and grey. She loves headbands, flower clips and also doing other peoples hair. She never leaves home without her phone, she actually never does anything without that phone so she loses track of it all the time. She loves to eat Jimmy Johns, cereal, mashed potatoes, strawberry and banana V8 juice, and cheese its (oh and word to the wise don't ever open her box after she first buys it...she'll kill you) She is still working on her meal making skills but she is the bomb at making brownies!!! She also does great with making scones, she is
the official scone maker of our home!

She has never dyed her hair, been to Disneyland, or been a Lady gaga fan. She has however had her heart broken more than once but has never stopped loving or being loved...she is one of the strongest people I know. She is really never afraid to speak her mind or confront someone who
needs confronting!

Well, this blog was to let the world know how great my sister is and how much I freaking love her!! Happy Birthday dear sister don't ever forget how special you are :)

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  1. Okay this is such a sweet post! You are such a great sister and friend to our lovely Holly. Thanks for taking such great care of her :)

    ps. You have a darling blog!