Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Recap

Well, it's that time again.. Summer is over, school is starting and I have blogged once. I'm horrible, therefore I am doing a summer recap to tell you everything that has happened in the last 3 months...ready go! :)

This summer (just like any other) had some pretty high hopes like for instance: going to the Little mermaid at the tuacahn, Phoenix trip with Tiana, hiking a waterfall, and many bonfires! Sadly none of these things happened but I still had a great summer....don't worry :) Where should I even start? Well, the most of my summer was consumed in working two jobs. I hope to get into Dixie's nursing program soon and I needed to get CNA hours to keep my license current, so from April-July I worked two days at St George care, and 5 at IHC. Basically most weeks I worked every night it sucked! The pay checks were good, the experience was good and I got my hours taken care of so mission accomplished I suppose! I also did the summer school thing, I made myself retake two of my science labs to get better grades and guess what? I blew my old grades out of the water I was so excited!!

Now for the things that made this summer memorable, I went home one weekend each month and mostly hung out with my family. One trip we went to the desert star play house and watched Sherluck Holmes it was hilarious.

Another trip I went to Harry Potter with my little sister it was the best!! I love Harry Potter and cried all the way through it, I'm so sad that it's all over.
This summer actually had some really good films come out Pirates 4, Kung Fu Panda 2, Super 8, Cars 2, and Transformers 3!!, Now I have only seen the following: super 8 it was way good I went in not knowing anything about it and loved it, Cars 2 was horrible, and transformers 3 was the Pirates I've heard was so bad, and Kung Fu I just haven't had time to watch. but they are both playing in the dollar theater so I might go see them before school starts...I hope...

We went swimming and tanning so much it was awesome! We also went on many late night runs to Wendys, McDonalds, and Walmart. Jessica and Thomas finally got married it was so great to drive to bunkerville and attend their reception there. Alexis Lynne Bird had her farewell in July I am so glad I go to go home for that I miss her so much! This is the year that either the boys are coming home or the girls are leaving for missions it's kind of crazy! I had the chance to see some of my good friends Nic, Phil, and Russell at Alexis's farewell it was awesome. I'm going home this weekend to hear Cody and Michael speak I can't even wait! Since Jess moved out we got another roommate her name is Randi she's so awesome!! I just love my living situation so much I've gotten very lucky. Randi was a nonmember when she came here to Dixie and through the amazing Elders Goodman, and Hayden she is now a member!! She got baptized on Saturday and it was great. I loved having the missionaries in our apartment every week because of the great spirit they brought.

I've also decided to do student government again this year so I have been working so hard the last couple of weeks to get stuff ready for this semester. We've done a few retreats, cleaned our office area, played with glitter, and lastly we've bought lucky bamboo plants! I love these people I work with and can't wait for the Team of the Century to kick some butt at Dixie State College!!!!

I guess that is pretty much my summer in a nut shell, I can't wait for school to start so I can get a daily routine established and also meet new people!


  1. Its about time you update your blog woman! haha. jk but really. I understand that you are one busy girl, I definitely saw that first hand last year! I am glad you had a great summa though even with all your working and summer classes! I am proud of you for getting great grades!!! Go Heather! whoop whoop!!thats sooo neat your roomie got baptized! that would have been such an awesome and memorable experience =) gee i miss you! and thanks for updating your blog =) love you cute girl!!!!

  2. Pirates 4 was so good! It might have had nothing to do with the other 3 movies but when was a pirate known to follow rules! The reviews dont do this movie justice! It's way good! Don't go in expecting anything and you will end up loving it! If you have pre conceived notions like the critics do...then you probably won't like it very much.