Sunday, May 27, 2012

Batting Cage Pro

This week was almost uneventful I feel. Monday I worked, went to the gym, and FHE. We recently got a new bishopric and they are so passionate about finding the lost sheep in our ward so for this weeks activity we went out and tried our very best to find them. This is the second week we have done this and both times my group came back without finding one person...we just had the worst luck I guess. Tuesday was the same worked, went to the gym, and then watched the season finale of glee. It was nothing I expected it to be but it still made me cry and love glee even more. I hated how it ended but what else can you do.

Wednesday was one crazy day! My driving route at work requires me to meet the Salt Lake courier and when he is late I am late. This particular day he was almost 2 hours late which made for a long day! I ended up taking a break from the gym and finished the student government scrapbook instead. It some pages turned out great others not so great...I just hope I the team of the century likes it. That night was the finale for season 13 of law and Order: SVU. It was epic at the beginning and end but a tad boring in the middle. The end was freaking crazy and I cannot wait for season 14 to start and for this case to be solved!! Thursday night was our ward Temple night, I was a little disappointed in our numbers that went but it was still an uplifting experience for me. Plus Morg went with me she is such a fun girl and I loved spending time with her!

Friday I worked, went to the gym, and just had some alone time because my roommates were either working or out of town. It's nice every once in awhile to just do what I want and not have to make plans with others. Saturday I cleaned house, took my car to the shop, went to the gym, then napped till my sister and Tiana came home. We then went to Walmart and Costco for much needed groceries-we ended up getting a huge thing of strawberries which are so delicious! Tiana and Holly decided to go on dates so I called Aubrey and we played the rest of the night. We went to dinner, the batting cages, dicks sporting goods, Menchies and home. We watched Princess and the Frog then called it a night! The batting cages was a first for me and it was so much fun-i'm not as bad as I thought would be.

All I can say is that I am so glad this weekend is a three day one, I love the fact that I don't work tomorrow and that I have another day to play! We have decided to hike red cliffs out in Leeds and I can't wait! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miracles do happen!!

This week was fantastic!! I loved the adventures I had and the lessons I learned. First off, I worked everyday it'll be 3 weeks this week since I have taken this route full time. Working everyday takes it's toll but I love having my afternoons and weekends off. Monday I watched the Bachellorette with my roommates it was so good. I have never been a fan of these shows but I was determined this season to watch. Some of the fellas on this season are so handsome...others are big dorks so it'll be awesome to see how this season unfolds!

Tuesday was the two hour GLEE event! It was so good! I laughed, cried, and sang my little heart out the whole time. To end it all they finally won nationals and the whole school accepted them, it sounds cheesy but every gleek knows what I am talking about! I also fell in love with the Puckerman song mean! Wednesday night we watched Law and Order it was a really good one! This next week is season finale week-I might die without my weekly shows.

Friday my sister and best friend of 20 years got her heart broken, I have never seen her so sad or so depressed. We are so close in our relationship that in some strange way I feel like I just broke up with my boyfriend because I feel so bad for her. I love her so much and just want her to be better and to realize that the lord has a freaking amazing and handsome guy just waiting for her somewhere in this world. Since the best thing to mend a broken heart is ice-cream, good friends, and fun adventures. We decided to stop at the DQ lounge and then go star gazing! We all hopped in the car and went up to the old airport and had a grand old time. We even saw a shooting star!!! It was such a special moment-all my closest friends witnessing a much needed wishing moment!

Saturday was the hardest day for my beautiful sister but the key was to stay busy and keep her occupied. I had to work on the student government scrapbook till noon then I was all hers. We had lunch, went to the bank, went swimming/tanning, went to dinner in harmons deli, cleaned house, made a memory box, and went to Walmart.  

Today we went to church it was amazing I live in such a fantastic ward with wonderful members that lift an inspire me each week. After church we had crepes for dinner, watched a couple law and orders and then witnessed our second weekend astronomical event-the solar eclipse!!! It was so awesome, we almost missed it because we failed to realize that you need special glasses but our awesome neighbors were kind enough to let us borrow theirs. This obviously isn't my picture but this is exactly what we saw as we looked up into the sun:

It was freaking awesome and we can't wait for the other upcoming astronomy events! After this we took a family walk, then had the urge to go night swimming! I hate to admit this was the first time for me but it was and I loved it. 

We are currently watching the epic greys anatomy plane crash episode and just getting ready for bed. I love my roommates-especially my sister and am very grateful for all I have been given! I hope everyone has a great week I know I will! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer of 2012!

It has already been ONE week of the summer! I have loved my summer thus far and can only imagine the greatness the rest of this summer will bring!!  I recently got a full time shift at work, I work 7am-2pm Monday-Friday. I enjoy the route and I love getting off at 2 it is the best thing ever!! I usually have to take a nap after and I go to bed early but it's so worth it. I start out driving to Beaver County first thing and I get all the southern Utah area meds from the SLC driver. I then drive back to St. George and deliver as needed. Driving this much gives me a reason to listen to Harry Potter on tape...I have already finished the first book!  

I made a goal this summer to workout 5 days a week-I take Saturday and Sunday off. I joined Planet Fitness on Monday and loved it. I was a little nervous to switch gyms but I very much enjoyed the PF, it's not crowded and they have a lot of machines for everyone to use, plus they have a judgment free zone that makes me feel comfortable while working out. I only went 3 times, but for my first week i'll take it. This week should be better because I am now used to my schedule and have a little routine down. 

My three beautiful roommates and I have made what we like to call a 'summer 2012 bucket-list' There are many things on it including taking a trip to Veyo and buying a world famous pie! Yesterday afternoon we were just twiddling our thumbs and decided to look at our list and pick something to do. Veyo was a unanimous vote so we hopped in the car and drove 30 minutes north of St. George. We got there and were in heaven for 15 minutes. If you have ever walked into a legit bakery you know what i'm talking about-the smell is almost indescribable! We picked out our delicious baked good-a mouthwatering cheesecake and headed back to St. George!

After Veyo we went to see THE AVENGERS!!! It was so so good!! I will definitely be seeing it again soon! To those of you who haven't seen it do it soon and make sure you stay after the credits there are two extra things!  One is quickly after it ends the other is literally after all the credits! 

The last great thing about this Saturday was hanging out so much with my amazing sister Holly. We went to the Temple, wal-mart, Jimmy Johns, and Orange Peel.

I love everything about summer and cannot wait to see what this next week brings!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

End of life as we know it!

SCHOOL IS OVER!!!! We have reached the light at the end of the tunnel folks! 

The last few weeks have been so crazy and I can't believe I am done with the semester! I wish I could have blogged but all the free time I had was spent working and studying! My finals week was rather easy-I only had two during that week. My micro lab, and dance final were almost two weeks ago and were so easy! I loved my dance class and it was hard to finish that class. Student Government ended just as quickly as it started, this last week was so hard for me! I cleaned out our ICC 'club house' cubicle and all the reps binders, we had our closing socials and last day of leadership class. We took group pictures and said our goodbyes! I have been on the DSCSA for three years now and it's hard to just say goodbye to something that has been such a huge part of my life. I loved all the experiences I have had and all the people I have met through student government-'the Team of the Century Mike and Nick' was the best team I have ever been on and next years team has big shoes to fill!

At the end of every spring semester the Dixie Awards and graduation happen-during both events the Moat sisters were honored! I had the great privilege of being in the top five for the Dixie Awards, I was nominated in the Dixie spirit category. I answered an online questionnaire, made a portfolio of all the things I have done here at Dixie and did had a personal interview with an award committee! Thursday night were the awards, they had a light refreshment thing at six and then the ceremony at seven. It was so fun to see my fellow students get recognized and to see the new DSCSA executive council get sworn in. When It came time to my category being announced I was so nervous! Every winner gave a speech just like the grammys! I had been thinking of what to say the whole time...then came the envelope...and the winner is...Jordan Bracken! I was a little upset but also relieved that I didn't have to give a speech! I also felt bad that I brought my whole family to watch and for nothing. There is always next year and it was still a great experience and being in the top five was huge! 

Friday was graduation and my beautiful sister Holly Marie walked and received her associates degree! I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished in her life! My family came down and we had a blast! We swam at the hotel, went shopping, went to dinner, and just had such a great time! I love my family and am so blessed to be with them forever. They left Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend was spent with the girls! Mirranda and Sarah came down and we just had thee best weekend ever. Saturday was spent shopping, eating tacos, looking at wedding dresses, watching the Lucky One and jumping at Anti-Gravity arena! I didn't take many pictures yesterday but that is ok! 

I loved this weekend and cannot wait for summer it's going to be so awesome!!