Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miracles do happen!!

This week was fantastic!! I loved the adventures I had and the lessons I learned. First off, I worked everyday it'll be 3 weeks this week since I have taken this route full time. Working everyday takes it's toll but I love having my afternoons and weekends off. Monday I watched the Bachellorette with my roommates it was so good. I have never been a fan of these shows but I was determined this season to watch. Some of the fellas on this season are so handsome...others are big dorks so it'll be awesome to see how this season unfolds!

Tuesday was the two hour GLEE event! It was so good! I laughed, cried, and sang my little heart out the whole time. To end it all they finally won nationals and the whole school accepted them, it sounds cheesy but every gleek knows what I am talking about! I also fell in love with the Puckerman song mean! Wednesday night we watched Law and Order it was a really good one! This next week is season finale week-I might die without my weekly shows.

Friday my sister and best friend of 20 years got her heart broken, I have never seen her so sad or so depressed. We are so close in our relationship that in some strange way I feel like I just broke up with my boyfriend because I feel so bad for her. I love her so much and just want her to be better and to realize that the lord has a freaking amazing and handsome guy just waiting for her somewhere in this world. Since the best thing to mend a broken heart is ice-cream, good friends, and fun adventures. We decided to stop at the DQ lounge and then go star gazing! We all hopped in the car and went up to the old airport and had a grand old time. We even saw a shooting star!!! It was such a special moment-all my closest friends witnessing a much needed wishing moment!

Saturday was the hardest day for my beautiful sister but the key was to stay busy and keep her occupied. I had to work on the student government scrapbook till noon then I was all hers. We had lunch, went to the bank, went swimming/tanning, went to dinner in harmons deli, cleaned house, made a memory box, and went to Walmart.  

Today we went to church it was amazing I live in such a fantastic ward with wonderful members that lift an inspire me each week. After church we had crepes for dinner, watched a couple law and orders and then witnessed our second weekend astronomical event-the solar eclipse!!! It was so awesome, we almost missed it because we failed to realize that you need special glasses but our awesome neighbors were kind enough to let us borrow theirs. This obviously isn't my picture but this is exactly what we saw as we looked up into the sun:

It was freaking awesome and we can't wait for the other upcoming astronomy events! After this we took a family walk, then had the urge to go night swimming! I hate to admit this was the first time for me but it was and I loved it. 

We are currently watching the epic greys anatomy plane crash episode and just getting ready for bed. I love my roommates-especially my sister and am very grateful for all I have been given! I hope everyone has a great week I know I will! 

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