Sunday, May 27, 2012

Batting Cage Pro

This week was almost uneventful I feel. Monday I worked, went to the gym, and FHE. We recently got a new bishopric and they are so passionate about finding the lost sheep in our ward so for this weeks activity we went out and tried our very best to find them. This is the second week we have done this and both times my group came back without finding one person...we just had the worst luck I guess. Tuesday was the same worked, went to the gym, and then watched the season finale of glee. It was nothing I expected it to be but it still made me cry and love glee even more. I hated how it ended but what else can you do.

Wednesday was one crazy day! My driving route at work requires me to meet the Salt Lake courier and when he is late I am late. This particular day he was almost 2 hours late which made for a long day! I ended up taking a break from the gym and finished the student government scrapbook instead. It some pages turned out great others not so great...I just hope I the team of the century likes it. That night was the finale for season 13 of law and Order: SVU. It was epic at the beginning and end but a tad boring in the middle. The end was freaking crazy and I cannot wait for season 14 to start and for this case to be solved!! Thursday night was our ward Temple night, I was a little disappointed in our numbers that went but it was still an uplifting experience for me. Plus Morg went with me she is such a fun girl and I loved spending time with her!

Friday I worked, went to the gym, and just had some alone time because my roommates were either working or out of town. It's nice every once in awhile to just do what I want and not have to make plans with others. Saturday I cleaned house, took my car to the shop, went to the gym, then napped till my sister and Tiana came home. We then went to Walmart and Costco for much needed groceries-we ended up getting a huge thing of strawberries which are so delicious! Tiana and Holly decided to go on dates so I called Aubrey and we played the rest of the night. We went to dinner, the batting cages, dicks sporting goods, Menchies and home. We watched Princess and the Frog then called it a night! The batting cages was a first for me and it was so much fun-i'm not as bad as I thought would be.

All I can say is that I am so glad this weekend is a three day one, I love the fact that I don't work tomorrow and that I have another day to play! We have decided to hike red cliffs out in Leeds and I can't wait! 

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  1. Oh my heck you are so brave! I would DIE in the batting cages! I literally would probably get beat up by the ball lol thats how uncoordinated I am :( I wish i had good hand and eye coordinations! You are a brave brave little girl!!