Sunday, May 13, 2012

Summer of 2012!

It has already been ONE week of the summer! I have loved my summer thus far and can only imagine the greatness the rest of this summer will bring!!  I recently got a full time shift at work, I work 7am-2pm Monday-Friday. I enjoy the route and I love getting off at 2 it is the best thing ever!! I usually have to take a nap after and I go to bed early but it's so worth it. I start out driving to Beaver County first thing and I get all the southern Utah area meds from the SLC driver. I then drive back to St. George and deliver as needed. Driving this much gives me a reason to listen to Harry Potter on tape...I have already finished the first book!  

I made a goal this summer to workout 5 days a week-I take Saturday and Sunday off. I joined Planet Fitness on Monday and loved it. I was a little nervous to switch gyms but I very much enjoyed the PF, it's not crowded and they have a lot of machines for everyone to use, plus they have a judgment free zone that makes me feel comfortable while working out. I only went 3 times, but for my first week i'll take it. This week should be better because I am now used to my schedule and have a little routine down. 

My three beautiful roommates and I have made what we like to call a 'summer 2012 bucket-list' There are many things on it including taking a trip to Veyo and buying a world famous pie! Yesterday afternoon we were just twiddling our thumbs and decided to look at our list and pick something to do. Veyo was a unanimous vote so we hopped in the car and drove 30 minutes north of St. George. We got there and were in heaven for 15 minutes. If you have ever walked into a legit bakery you know what i'm talking about-the smell is almost indescribable! We picked out our delicious baked good-a mouthwatering cheesecake and headed back to St. George!

After Veyo we went to see THE AVENGERS!!! It was so so good!! I will definitely be seeing it again soon! To those of you who haven't seen it do it soon and make sure you stay after the credits there are two extra things!  One is quickly after it ends the other is literally after all the credits! 

The last great thing about this Saturday was hanging out so much with my amazing sister Holly. We went to the Temple, wal-mart, Jimmy Johns, and Orange Peel.

I love everything about summer and cannot wait to see what this next week brings!

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