Sunday, September 30, 2012

Live while we're young!

You are only young once and must take advantage of the time you have. The last week or so I passed up a ton of chances to have fun and go on adventures-I was a bump on a log as some would say. I have made a new goal to stop that and have more fun. This week was better and I got out a lot more! Monday for FHE we played water balloon fugitive it was so fun. I love going to FHE each week because it's so different-different activity, different people, just a different feeling. Tuesday I went to institute and it was phenomenal, I really needed to hear the lesson and it helped me a ton. Wednesday was almost a dream, nothing about Wednesday was was actually a really weird day. Last month Holly informed us that Harmon's was doing a 5K and she really wanted us to do it. I said yes and have been training for what feels like forever! In the end I ran a 37 minute 5K which is a 12 minute mile, which is what I wanted. I felt good and very happy the rest of the day. Since I had to take the whole day off of work Holly and I just hung out and had a Moat sister date-it was a much needed date and I love my sister with all my heart. We went to the Halloween stores, lunch, and ran some other errands together. We ended the night with the 2 hour law and order: SVU season 14 premiere which was so good!! After that we went to Yougurtland, then to the park and then came home. 

Cute note from my sister!

Thursday was so boring until 7:00 when Aubrey and I went to the school for a John Allred concert! I first heard Allred my freshman year at some activity and I fell in love. I could not pass up a chance to hear them live so I begged Aubrey to go with me and she couldn't resist. It was such a good concert we sat on blankets in the grass, the weather was perfect and I was content. After the concert I watched Glee then went to Mcdonalds with Randi, Tiana, and Kari. Friday work was so awful-Fridays are suppose to be so great and stuff but not if you are a courier for Intermountain Healthcare in St George, Utah. I finally got off almost 2 hours late took a nap and then ate dinner with Rand and Kari. We decided to go see the House at the end of the street it was not scary really just suspenseful and the ending killed me! I did not see it coming and I was blown away. We ended the night by getting blizzards from Dairy Queen and playing games with some friends. 

Saturday was a very lazy day I didn't have too much to do until 430 then I was busy the rest of the night. We went to a service project where we did blessing bags it was very humbling to put together bags for those less fortunate. We then went to the Relief Society broadcast and dinner; our stake presidency definitely out did themselves and I am so grateful for all the hard work they put into it. I loved the messages we heard at the broadcast and am so blessed to be a woman in this great church, I love relief society and would not be the person I am today without it. 

After the broadcast we went to my second John Allred concert in a week he was performing at a local cafe and I could not pass it up!! We got there at 8:00 sharp sat down and were entertained for hours. He had two opening acts-Zack Vandermyde and Little Big Heart. They were both so good and I bough Zack's CD and can't wait to listen to it all week. Allred was just as good as ever and I was literally in heaven for 2 hours. Sadly this was his last St George performance until the Spring but I think I will survive. He also gave away his latest CD for free and I got a picture in all it was a fantastic night! 

Zack Vandermyde

Little Big Heart

Allred Himself! 
He is such a stud!!!
The concert was such a great time but I was totally worn out so we came home put in a movie and crashed. Today was yet another great uplifting Sunday in the Buena-Vista ward! I always enjoy  our testimony meetings, and today relief society was amazing! I said this above but I am gonna say it again....I love the gospel and all it entails I am a very lucky girl! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slower than molasses...

Last week seriously went by so slow! I don't know why but by Wednesday I was ready for the was bad. Monday for FHE we did a do it yourself night and learned how to sew. It was my baby and I feel it was a good activity and we had a decent turnout so that is good! Wednesday I went to a relief society activity, we had to take a paper bag with something that describes us and then we switched bags with other girls that went too. I put cleaning things in mine because I am such a clean freak. I had a good time and got to know a ton of the girls in my ward! Thursday was our GLEE night, and I loved every minute of it. It was a Britney episode again but I still loved it. This season is much better than I ever could have imagined. Friday was a jam packed day-work was so busy and I was so frustrated. When I got off I went to the Temple that was a much needed pick me up! Our exciting Friday night started when we saw Trouble with the Curve- it was very good and I really liked it...I didn't like the amount of swears I heard but it was still good. After the movie I was craving a cookie dough shake so we had to go to Larson's! Then we went hot tubing and then called it a night.

Saturday I had so much to do and so many errands to run, I will spare you all the details but just know that I accomplished everything on my list and felt so good! We ended the night with football, treats, and WII games!! I also cut my hair, like really cut it! 6'' off the back and 4'' off the front! It was rough Sunday and I kind of regretted it but it will get better I am sure!

Sunday was the Brigham City Temple dedication, I love Temple dedications and I was so excited. Went to the 3:00 session and it was just empty, I was so sure that it would be packed since I am in a YSA/College stake and students love to sleep in. Anyways the session was amazing and I am so grateful to have another house of the Lord on this earth today. I always, always, forget how blessed I am to live within 2 miles of a Temple-I get to see the Temple everyday! The speakers in the session got me real excited to go and do some work inside they also made me realize how very important it is to have a current recommend...if you don't have one get one! The things keeping you from the Temple are not worth it-I PROMISE! If you have one but don't use it why do you have one? 
Brigham City Temple!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let it Rain!

I am sad to say that I missed a week so here is a recap from the week of Sept. 10th-14th. It was a fabulous week- not too busy not too slow just perfect! Monday for FHE we learned about family history...not the most exciting activity but I enjoyed it. I know that family history is so important but I have never really gotten into it or known where to start. Now I know a little bit and can start the process-wish me luck!

Tuesday was not really a horrible day but the weather made me mad, we needed rain but I hated working in it! It really sucked being wet all day wherever I went. I was watching the news and they stated our average rainfall a year is not very much but throughout last weeks rain we got 6 months worth!! I was amazed! The flooding in Santa Clara was so unfortunate and luckily they got many volunteers and relief for those effected. There was also a crazy amount of water in Vegas, students at UNLV were stranded because their cars were buried!! I can not even imagine coming out of class ready to get home and then not being able to because my car was drowning!

Santa Clara
UNLV-these guys are hilarious!

Wednesday and Thursday were a bit calmer, Thursday the weather was just so beautiful!! I wanted to stay outside all day and for once I was not jealous of people that have office jobs! Thursday was also the season 4 premiere of GLEE!!!! It was such a good opening and I cannot wait to see what this season brings! Friday night was Tiana and Brandon's St George reception-they called it an open house but it was basically a second reception. It was just as pretty as the first one and I got to see many people that I haven't in a long time! Saturday I ended up picking up a shift, at first it was so rough but throughout the day it got much better. It was my normal route but with a couple added stops. After I got off I went to the gym, then cleaned, showered, and then Aub, Rand, and I went to the rodeo! It was fun, the enterprise rodeo was so much better though I must say. After the rodeo my allergies were so bad I felt miserable but we still had so much to do with our Saturday! After the rodeo we hurried home so we could be there in time for Dustin's birthday celebration! We had cake, ice-cream and just chatted for a while. We went to Walmart, then since I felt like crap and was so tired I called it a night! 

Sunday was great we heard from the missionaries that are serving in our stake they are so great. We then came home and had them over for dinner! They were so grateful and even though I totally burnt the bread they still ate it and loved it! I really enjoyed feeding them and I hope I get to do it soon!                                                                  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get into Fall!

I realize that I just blogged on Wednesday but so much has happened in 4 days that I figure what the heck-and I can get back on my Sunday night blog sessions routine. So starting with Thursday night, the VMAs were on and Randi decided we should have a little party; after literally 25 minutes of figuring out what time it started (in the end we were still wrong) we sent a mass text to our friends and wham bam we had a party. The VMAs were not as good as I would have hoped but I loved Pink's performance so that made the whole thing worth it.

Blow me one last kiss! 
For some reason I had so much planned for this weekend, it is so weird how some weekends are jam packed and others are so ridiculously boring. Friday night I really wanted to go to dinner and to a movie, I text Aubrey and she agreed. We met up and went to dinner at the Brick Oven we are both infatuated with their house salads. Then we went to Sunset Corners and watched the Odd life of Timothy  Green-It was such a cute movie if you haven't seen it you probably should. 

Saturday I had a ton of things to do but seriously didn't do any of the things on my was still a great day nonetheless. I woke up and went to the gym then went shopping for fall decor with Holly we then came home and fall-ified our house! It is amazing how a small amount of decorations and a little glade plugin can instantly change the feeling in our apartment. I honestly love the weather we are having right now and have never loved fall this much. After the decorating we took a little nap, Holly went to work after that and  then Aub and I went swimming! It was over a 100 degrees outside and we needed to cool off. 

There are lots of leaves everywhere! That is basically all
I did, there are random window clings too. 
 After the pool we took a much needed trip to Walmart and then got ready for our first DSC football game of the 2012 season. We got there and could not believe our eyes! The stadium was packed and we were winning! I am sorry but for Dixie State College these are momentous things. At first we had to sit behind the band and did not like that at all so at half time we moved down and just our luck we sat behind two very annoying and obnoxious freshmen. Lets just say we left after the third quarter! In the end we beat Western Oregon and had a very successful first home game! After the game we headed to the DQ lounge for buy one get one .99 blizzard then headed home to watch Think Like a Man. It was such a great movie and I am definitely buying it-it made me laugh, cry, angry, you name it. 

Today was a Sunday unlike any other, for one it was stake conference. It was very uplifting and I learned so much about my daily habits that need to some changing. We have such a great stake presidency and great stake members as well. After church we napped then ate an amazing dinner thanks to Aubs mad cooking skills. We then proceeded to the Elder Holland fireside that will be talked about and 'instagramed' for days! We literally got there at the perfect time the line wasn't to bad but five minutes after we got there the line got ridiculous! Within one hour the Burns was filled! After Elder Holland walked in not one whisper was heard-amazing! His talk also made me rethink my life and the way I live it. He is an amazing speaker and I am so thankful I got to hear him tonight. 

 I haven't shared my testimony for a couple months and today is just as good as any other day. I feel like sharing it on the power of fasting, I know that when we fast to overcome trials or to help others overcome trials, or for comfort, or whatever reason you are fasting the Lord helps you. I really believe that fasting in numbers produces an amazing outcome. I know that through fasting we are strengthened and our testimony's grow. If you haven't fasted in awhile I encourage you to do so! You will receive many blessings when you do-I promise!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's always a good time!

Wow, can you believe that August is already over? It is crazy how fast time just flies by. Since my last post a lot has happened! On the 24th my sister turned 20 and I had to do something huge. We were going home on her birthday so the Thursday before we left I threw her a surprise party. I got all her close friends and surprised her at Dustin's house when she got off work. I have never thrown a surprise party but everything turned out great and she really loved it! On the 25th (and the reason we went home) one of Holly's best friends Mirranda got married. It was a beautiful reception and I am so glad that I got to go and support her.

T and I with the poppers

Dustin was the official fire maker

I toilet papered her room! 

On the 27th for FHE we went to the really cool pool place in Veyo, Utah. It was so much fun we had a BBQ, rock climbing, sand volleyball, and the pool of course. The weather was so nice and we had our biggest turn out yet! On Tuesday Tiana, Rand, and I celebrated Tiana's last night as a free woman by going to Yogurt land. I love frozen yogurt and am so glad that we have such a good selection of places in town.

On Saturday the 1st Tiana and Brandon got married in Mesa, Arizona. Holly, Aubrey, Rand, and I all wanted to support her so we decided to drive to Arizona and be there for her special day. We left Friday afternoon and never looked back, the drive was long, especially the stretch after Kingman and the Hoover Dam. We got there around 7, checked into our sketchy hotel and then went to dinner and Walmart. We ate at the Cactus Moon sports grill it was delicious-even though the service was awful. That night we just went to bed early because we were all so tired from driving. Saturday we got up early and went to the Temple to do a baptism session and to tour the Temple. It was so pretty and so different then any one I have ever been in. Around noon we headed back to the Temple to be there when Tiana came out and let me tell you it was so freaking hot!! You think that living in St George would have prepared me but it didn't. We hid under a tree until she came out-that's how hot it was. After they came out we took some pictures then went to the luncheon at Golden Coral then went to the hotel and took a 3 hour nap until the reception. 

We all did whatever we had to do to get through the trip.
I just love this, it may not seem that hot but it was!

I am so mad that we didn't get one with all 4 of us! 

Mr and Mrs Eves! 
The reception was at a church and it was so pretty! Her theme was black and blue and I really liked everything they did with the reception. I laughed, cried, and had every emotion you can imagine. I am literally so happy for the Eves and wish them the best. They are currently in Hawaii right now and I am so jealous of them! On the way home from the reception we got dinner and found a Heather Road and I had to take a picture with it; everyone wants a picture by their road and I finally have one! 

Sunday morning we left Mesa and headed to Vegas there was no way we were driving all the way to Utah again. We got to Vegas and hung out at Rand's house-we went swimming, ate dinner, then went on adventures! We went to the strip and stopped by the M&M factory and the Coke factory. Somehow we got talking about Freemont Street and realized I haven't been there. Right away we hopped in the car and went. I didn't even know what to expect but I was amazed! It was so different from the normal strip and I just had the best time. 

Bon Jovi sky show!
Monday morning we left Vegas and headed home, it was the longest hour and a half drive of my life! I was just so sick of sitting in the car and wanted to be home. The rest of my Labor day was spent napping, unpacking, FHE, and going to the gym. For FHE we played water volleyball in the Virgin River! It was the best and I had the time of my life. The rest of this week has gone by fast and it's almost the weekend! I can't wait!