Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Slower than molasses...

Last week seriously went by so slow! I don't know why but by Wednesday I was ready for the was bad. Monday for FHE we did a do it yourself night and learned how to sew. It was my baby and I feel it was a good activity and we had a decent turnout so that is good! Wednesday I went to a relief society activity, we had to take a paper bag with something that describes us and then we switched bags with other girls that went too. I put cleaning things in mine because I am such a clean freak. I had a good time and got to know a ton of the girls in my ward! Thursday was our GLEE night, and I loved every minute of it. It was a Britney episode again but I still loved it. This season is much better than I ever could have imagined. Friday was a jam packed day-work was so busy and I was so frustrated. When I got off I went to the Temple that was a much needed pick me up! Our exciting Friday night started when we saw Trouble with the Curve- it was very good and I really liked it...I didn't like the amount of swears I heard but it was still good. After the movie I was craving a cookie dough shake so we had to go to Larson's! Then we went hot tubing and then called it a night.

Saturday I had so much to do and so many errands to run, I will spare you all the details but just know that I accomplished everything on my list and felt so good! We ended the night with football, treats, and WII games!! I also cut my hair, like really cut it! 6'' off the back and 4'' off the front! It was rough Sunday and I kind of regretted it but it will get better I am sure!

Sunday was the Brigham City Temple dedication, I love Temple dedications and I was so excited. Went to the 3:00 session and it was just empty, I was so sure that it would be packed since I am in a YSA/College stake and students love to sleep in. Anyways the session was amazing and I am so grateful to have another house of the Lord on this earth today. I always, always, forget how blessed I am to live within 2 miles of a Temple-I get to see the Temple everyday! The speakers in the session got me real excited to go and do some work inside they also made me realize how very important it is to have a current recommend...if you don't have one get one! The things keeping you from the Temple are not worth it-I PROMISE! If you have one but don't use it why do you have one? 
Brigham City Temple!

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