Sunday, September 30, 2012

Live while we're young!

You are only young once and must take advantage of the time you have. The last week or so I passed up a ton of chances to have fun and go on adventures-I was a bump on a log as some would say. I have made a new goal to stop that and have more fun. This week was better and I got out a lot more! Monday for FHE we played water balloon fugitive it was so fun. I love going to FHE each week because it's so different-different activity, different people, just a different feeling. Tuesday I went to institute and it was phenomenal, I really needed to hear the lesson and it helped me a ton. Wednesday was almost a dream, nothing about Wednesday was was actually a really weird day. Last month Holly informed us that Harmon's was doing a 5K and she really wanted us to do it. I said yes and have been training for what feels like forever! In the end I ran a 37 minute 5K which is a 12 minute mile, which is what I wanted. I felt good and very happy the rest of the day. Since I had to take the whole day off of work Holly and I just hung out and had a Moat sister date-it was a much needed date and I love my sister with all my heart. We went to the Halloween stores, lunch, and ran some other errands together. We ended the night with the 2 hour law and order: SVU season 14 premiere which was so good!! After that we went to Yougurtland, then to the park and then came home. 

Cute note from my sister!

Thursday was so boring until 7:00 when Aubrey and I went to the school for a John Allred concert! I first heard Allred my freshman year at some activity and I fell in love. I could not pass up a chance to hear them live so I begged Aubrey to go with me and she couldn't resist. It was such a good concert we sat on blankets in the grass, the weather was perfect and I was content. After the concert I watched Glee then went to Mcdonalds with Randi, Tiana, and Kari. Friday work was so awful-Fridays are suppose to be so great and stuff but not if you are a courier for Intermountain Healthcare in St George, Utah. I finally got off almost 2 hours late took a nap and then ate dinner with Rand and Kari. We decided to go see the House at the end of the street it was not scary really just suspenseful and the ending killed me! I did not see it coming and I was blown away. We ended the night by getting blizzards from Dairy Queen and playing games with some friends. 

Saturday was a very lazy day I didn't have too much to do until 430 then I was busy the rest of the night. We went to a service project where we did blessing bags it was very humbling to put together bags for those less fortunate. We then went to the Relief Society broadcast and dinner; our stake presidency definitely out did themselves and I am so grateful for all the hard work they put into it. I loved the messages we heard at the broadcast and am so blessed to be a woman in this great church, I love relief society and would not be the person I am today without it. 

After the broadcast we went to my second John Allred concert in a week he was performing at a local cafe and I could not pass it up!! We got there at 8:00 sharp sat down and were entertained for hours. He had two opening acts-Zack Vandermyde and Little Big Heart. They were both so good and I bough Zack's CD and can't wait to listen to it all week. Allred was just as good as ever and I was literally in heaven for 2 hours. Sadly this was his last St George performance until the Spring but I think I will survive. He also gave away his latest CD for free and I got a picture in all it was a fantastic night! 

Zack Vandermyde

Little Big Heart

Allred Himself! 
He is such a stud!!!
The concert was such a great time but I was totally worn out so we came home put in a movie and crashed. Today was yet another great uplifting Sunday in the Buena-Vista ward! I always enjoy  our testimony meetings, and today relief society was amazing! I said this above but I am gonna say it again....I love the gospel and all it entails I am a very lucky girl! 

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