Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's always a good time!

Wow, can you believe that August is already over? It is crazy how fast time just flies by. Since my last post a lot has happened! On the 24th my sister turned 20 and I had to do something huge. We were going home on her birthday so the Thursday before we left I threw her a surprise party. I got all her close friends and surprised her at Dustin's house when she got off work. I have never thrown a surprise party but everything turned out great and she really loved it! On the 25th (and the reason we went home) one of Holly's best friends Mirranda got married. It was a beautiful reception and I am so glad that I got to go and support her.

T and I with the poppers

Dustin was the official fire maker

I toilet papered her room! 

On the 27th for FHE we went to the really cool pool place in Veyo, Utah. It was so much fun we had a BBQ, rock climbing, sand volleyball, and the pool of course. The weather was so nice and we had our biggest turn out yet! On Tuesday Tiana, Rand, and I celebrated Tiana's last night as a free woman by going to Yogurt land. I love frozen yogurt and am so glad that we have such a good selection of places in town.

On Saturday the 1st Tiana and Brandon got married in Mesa, Arizona. Holly, Aubrey, Rand, and I all wanted to support her so we decided to drive to Arizona and be there for her special day. We left Friday afternoon and never looked back, the drive was long, especially the stretch after Kingman and the Hoover Dam. We got there around 7, checked into our sketchy hotel and then went to dinner and Walmart. We ate at the Cactus Moon sports grill it was delicious-even though the service was awful. That night we just went to bed early because we were all so tired from driving. Saturday we got up early and went to the Temple to do a baptism session and to tour the Temple. It was so pretty and so different then any one I have ever been in. Around noon we headed back to the Temple to be there when Tiana came out and let me tell you it was so freaking hot!! You think that living in St George would have prepared me but it didn't. We hid under a tree until she came out-that's how hot it was. After they came out we took some pictures then went to the luncheon at Golden Coral then went to the hotel and took a 3 hour nap until the reception. 

We all did whatever we had to do to get through the trip.
I just love this, it may not seem that hot but it was!

I am so mad that we didn't get one with all 4 of us! 

Mr and Mrs Eves! 
The reception was at a church and it was so pretty! Her theme was black and blue and I really liked everything they did with the reception. I laughed, cried, and had every emotion you can imagine. I am literally so happy for the Eves and wish them the best. They are currently in Hawaii right now and I am so jealous of them! On the way home from the reception we got dinner and found a Heather Road and I had to take a picture with it; everyone wants a picture by their road and I finally have one! 

Sunday morning we left Mesa and headed to Vegas there was no way we were driving all the way to Utah again. We got to Vegas and hung out at Rand's house-we went swimming, ate dinner, then went on adventures! We went to the strip and stopped by the M&M factory and the Coke factory. Somehow we got talking about Freemont Street and realized I haven't been there. Right away we hopped in the car and went. I didn't even know what to expect but I was amazed! It was so different from the normal strip and I just had the best time. 

Bon Jovi sky show!
Monday morning we left Vegas and headed home, it was the longest hour and a half drive of my life! I was just so sick of sitting in the car and wanted to be home. The rest of my Labor day was spent napping, unpacking, FHE, and going to the gym. For FHE we played water volleyball in the Virgin River! It was the best and I had the time of my life. The rest of this week has gone by fast and it's almost the weekend! I can't wait! 

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