Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get into Fall!

I realize that I just blogged on Wednesday but so much has happened in 4 days that I figure what the heck-and I can get back on my Sunday night blog sessions routine. So starting with Thursday night, the VMAs were on and Randi decided we should have a little party; after literally 25 minutes of figuring out what time it started (in the end we were still wrong) we sent a mass text to our friends and wham bam we had a party. The VMAs were not as good as I would have hoped but I loved Pink's performance so that made the whole thing worth it.

Blow me one last kiss! 
For some reason I had so much planned for this weekend, it is so weird how some weekends are jam packed and others are so ridiculously boring. Friday night I really wanted to go to dinner and to a movie, I text Aubrey and she agreed. We met up and went to dinner at the Brick Oven we are both infatuated with their house salads. Then we went to Sunset Corners and watched the Odd life of Timothy  Green-It was such a cute movie if you haven't seen it you probably should. 

Saturday I had a ton of things to do but seriously didn't do any of the things on my was still a great day nonetheless. I woke up and went to the gym then went shopping for fall decor with Holly we then came home and fall-ified our house! It is amazing how a small amount of decorations and a little glade plugin can instantly change the feeling in our apartment. I honestly love the weather we are having right now and have never loved fall this much. After the decorating we took a little nap, Holly went to work after that and  then Aub and I went swimming! It was over a 100 degrees outside and we needed to cool off. 

There are lots of leaves everywhere! That is basically all
I did, there are random window clings too. 
 After the pool we took a much needed trip to Walmart and then got ready for our first DSC football game of the 2012 season. We got there and could not believe our eyes! The stadium was packed and we were winning! I am sorry but for Dixie State College these are momentous things. At first we had to sit behind the band and did not like that at all so at half time we moved down and just our luck we sat behind two very annoying and obnoxious freshmen. Lets just say we left after the third quarter! In the end we beat Western Oregon and had a very successful first home game! After the game we headed to the DQ lounge for buy one get one .99 blizzard then headed home to watch Think Like a Man. It was such a great movie and I am definitely buying it-it made me laugh, cry, angry, you name it. 

Today was a Sunday unlike any other, for one it was stake conference. It was very uplifting and I learned so much about my daily habits that need to some changing. We have such a great stake presidency and great stake members as well. After church we napped then ate an amazing dinner thanks to Aubs mad cooking skills. We then proceeded to the Elder Holland fireside that will be talked about and 'instagramed' for days! We literally got there at the perfect time the line wasn't to bad but five minutes after we got there the line got ridiculous! Within one hour the Burns was filled! After Elder Holland walked in not one whisper was heard-amazing! His talk also made me rethink my life and the way I live it. He is an amazing speaker and I am so thankful I got to hear him tonight. 

 I haven't shared my testimony for a couple months and today is just as good as any other day. I feel like sharing it on the power of fasting, I know that when we fast to overcome trials or to help others overcome trials, or for comfort, or whatever reason you are fasting the Lord helps you. I really believe that fasting in numbers produces an amazing outcome. I know that through fasting we are strengthened and our testimony's grow. If you haven't fasted in awhile I encourage you to do so! You will receive many blessings when you do-I promise!

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