Sunday, September 23, 2012

Let it Rain!

I am sad to say that I missed a week so here is a recap from the week of Sept. 10th-14th. It was a fabulous week- not too busy not too slow just perfect! Monday for FHE we learned about family history...not the most exciting activity but I enjoyed it. I know that family history is so important but I have never really gotten into it or known where to start. Now I know a little bit and can start the process-wish me luck!

Tuesday was not really a horrible day but the weather made me mad, we needed rain but I hated working in it! It really sucked being wet all day wherever I went. I was watching the news and they stated our average rainfall a year is not very much but throughout last weeks rain we got 6 months worth!! I was amazed! The flooding in Santa Clara was so unfortunate and luckily they got many volunteers and relief for those effected. There was also a crazy amount of water in Vegas, students at UNLV were stranded because their cars were buried!! I can not even imagine coming out of class ready to get home and then not being able to because my car was drowning!

Santa Clara
UNLV-these guys are hilarious!

Wednesday and Thursday were a bit calmer, Thursday the weather was just so beautiful!! I wanted to stay outside all day and for once I was not jealous of people that have office jobs! Thursday was also the season 4 premiere of GLEE!!!! It was such a good opening and I cannot wait to see what this season brings! Friday night was Tiana and Brandon's St George reception-they called it an open house but it was basically a second reception. It was just as pretty as the first one and I got to see many people that I haven't in a long time! Saturday I ended up picking up a shift, at first it was so rough but throughout the day it got much better. It was my normal route but with a couple added stops. After I got off I went to the gym, then cleaned, showered, and then Aub, Rand, and I went to the rodeo! It was fun, the enterprise rodeo was so much better though I must say. After the rodeo my allergies were so bad I felt miserable but we still had so much to do with our Saturday! After the rodeo we hurried home so we could be there in time for Dustin's birthday celebration! We had cake, ice-cream and just chatted for a while. We went to Walmart, then since I felt like crap and was so tired I called it a night! 

Sunday was great we heard from the missionaries that are serving in our stake they are so great. We then came home and had them over for dinner! They were so grateful and even though I totally burnt the bread they still ate it and loved it! I really enjoyed feeding them and I hope I get to do it soon!                                                                  

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