Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving up in the world of Technology!

You will have to keep reading to understand my title! This week was alright, I have had better that's for sure. Monday for FHE we had Costco pizza and just played games-it was the best turnout so far. I was so happy and just loved that everyone came, I really hope they got some blessing or some assurance that FHE is important and should come every week. Tomorrow we are doing some service I cannot wait it has just been too long since I have helped others.

Tuesday was Pioneer day but I didn't do much because I had to work. I've known this since day one but holidays away from home just suck really bad! The summer holidays especially suck because I miss the parades, BBQ's, fireworks, and just family time. The whole day wasn't a complete failure-we went to batman and did sparklers! I am very grateful for the friends I have here in St George they are my second family and I would be very unhappy without them!

Holly's design

Tiana's Design

Randi's Design

My Design
Wednesday was good, work was so easy the day after a holiday is always very light. After work we went to the gym, Randi and I have gotten so good at going everyday. Days that I don't go I feel like crap and that feeling alone makes me go everyday.I am doing this couch to a 5k training thing it is so great, if you hate running do this and it will help you a lot. We have decided to do a 10k in September I am really excited believe it or not. After the gym we celebrated Brandon's birthday with ice-cream cake and night swimming. I love swimming no matter what time of day it is-I love it the most when the sun is out though. After all that we came in and watched this movie that Randi has been dying to watch. The movie has Rosie O'Donnell and Andie MacDowell in it and they were so good. It really was a cute movie and I very much enjoyed it!  

Thursday night we literally did nothing-I mean we went to the gym and the usual but we stayed home and just hung out. After a while we got so bored and decided to do a late night McDonalds run, last summer we did them all the time and this summer not so much. After our adventure we came home and went to bed. Friday we through Tiana a friend bridal shower, it was sort of stressful to plan but it was so fun to have and I am really glad that we did it! After the shower we went to Brick Oven and then we went star gazing on the front lawn. One of our favorite things to do is be outside under the stars at night. So we did that for awhile then we came in and went to bed because we were all so tired!! 

Saturday was not a normal Saturday the only routine things I did was go to the Temple, the gym, Walmart, and do laundry. The rest of the day was spent packing up Tiana's room, swimming for hours and the best thing...wait for it...BUYING MYSELF AN IPHONE!!!!  My contract with tmobile ended last week and I needed a new phone and contract by August. All my friends have Iphones and I wanted one so bad. It took some persuading but last night I walked into Verizon with a dumb phone I have had since 2009 and walked out with a smart phone! I was so happy and have not let it down since! 


Today was a good Sunday, it was the 5th Sunday so we had a combined lesson with priesthood and relief society. We talked about family history and it was pretty interesting, I have never done family history but I wish I did. The sunday school class is starting soon so I just might take it but we will see. I downloaded an app I am hoping that will help me. After church we watched Enchanted and made dinner, I had a stake meeting, then came home and hung out with Randi. This week should be good-there are two service projects happening, I am taking my kaplan test for Dixie's nursing program on Thursday, and I am going home for the weekend. It's a busy week but that is how I like it! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life is Bliss :)

I feel redundant each post by saying that my life is just great right now and that every week I have an amazing time but it's the truth!! Every week brings me new experiences that I very much enjoy. This week was jam-packed of things, Monday for FHE we played capture the flag with a water fight and had a great turn out. Tuesday the girls and I decided to do a much needed movie night, Aubrey and Casey came over and we watched This means War. This was the first time I watched it and I loved it-it was so cute! We also made delicious cookies...Betty Crocker pre-made bags are my favorite!

Wednesday Tiana and I had tickets to Aladdin at the Tuacahn!! It was so so great and I was freaking out the whole time, it was worth the money and worth being so dang tired Thursday morning.

We were very close!

Besties for LIFE!
Thursday I had a less busy day we went to the gym, wal-mart, and ended the day with Law and Order. Friday afternoon I received a text from Tiana informing me that we were going to the Enterprise rodeo! I shrieked with joy and could not wait! At 7:15 Tiana, Brandon, Aubrey, and I hopped in the car and headed to Enterprise. It has been so long since I have been to the rodeo and was so thrilled to be there. There were so many events and my favorite was probably the ribbon grab, or the event where all the little kids had to catch chickens! It was freaking hilarious! We stayed for a couple hours till our backs started killing us because of the lack of support sitting in the bleachers, got home around midnight and then hit the hay...a little rodeo pun for ya!  

Saturdays seem to go by so fast I don't know why but I wish Saturday time would go slower than other days! I woke up and went to the Temple by myself-the first time in a long time. It was really nice to just go and not worry about anyone else's schedule or anything, I loved being able to stay after my session and just sit outside the Temple. After the Temple I did my normal Saturday things: laundry, Gym, cooking, and cleaning. Holly got off work at 5:00 and then we went on a Moat sister date it was a much needed one. We went to see The Dark Knight Rises because we just could not wait any longer. Let me just say that was freaking awesome!!!! I loved it so much that I could watch everyday. After the movie we hit up the sweet tooth fairy and got some delicious cupcakes. 

After the movie we came home made apple crisp, went to Walmart with B and T, then watched the big bang theory. Today was a good Sunday-it was kind of long because I had 2 activity meetings but it was still good. For now we are watching the Bachelorette, it's so good and I really have no idea who she is going to pick! Only one more hour until we find out though!! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Gut-Busting fun!

These last couple weeks have been all play and no has been so great and I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Last week I worked Monday and Tuesday then had the rest of the week off so I could go home and spend time with my amazing family. Tuesday after work Hol and I hit the road to T-Town, the weather was good and the drive was good; this trip Holly drove more than she has ever! I was just so tired and needed a little nap. We got to Tooele around 7:30 and it was so nice the weather is really different up there and it was very enjoyable. We played the board game curses it's not my favorite but my mom and sister love it.

Wednesday we went to lagoon, I seriously love Lagoon!! I know that it is nothing like Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland but it is good enough for my family and I! We have gone every year (except the last two) since I can remember. I just love this tradition and look forward to it every year, there is just something about riding rides all day that brings my family closer together. This year was no different, we made more memories that only my goofy family can appreciate. Although it was not the same without my papa, he didn't go because he couldn't get work off, it was still great. 

We were part of the many harmons members

When we got home that night there was a fire on the mountain near my house, the fires are now making me very angry. I have been praying like crazy for all these fires to end and for the families to be comforted. Thankfully it was not that bad and it is now out because it has rained so much in the last few days.

 Thursday we slept in way late because we were so tired and didn't really have anything planned until that night. The day consisted of us just playing games and messing around, we tried to get ice cream at Maceys but the stupid machine was broken!! Ridiculous! That night we had tickets to the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray. The show was called the Adams Family Home Evening it was really funny. The playhouse never ceases to amaze me every show is totally different and funny in its own way. My favorite was the oleo they did at the end it was titled summer fun and was freaking hilarious! 

cast of Adams FHE
Friday we packed in a lot because we were leaving at 4:00 sharp. We could not leave the county without seeing the beautiful Courtney Johnson so that is what we did first thing. We surprised her and she loved it, since living at home she has not had many visitors so it really did surprise her. We chatted with her for awhile then hurried home so we could go have lunch up the canyon. We usually don't go home during the week just on weekends so we saw an unusual small amount of my dad which was so sad. I really miss camping and just going up the canyon so I really wanted to do that and my dad loves it so it was a win-win situation. We couldn't have a legit fire so we just cooked in dutch ovens, and played curses. I didn't get one picture up there I am such an idiot. After the canyon we came home got packed up, loaded  the car, and headed back to St George. I always, always, ALWAYS hate leaving home and this time was no different. I am so glad that I live with my sister it makes being away from home much easier. It also makes the drive much better we sing, dance, talk, fight, she dozes off while I listen to music she's the best really. 

This particular drive home was so rainy! There were times when it got so bad that I had to drive like 40 in a 65 mph zone. In the end I am grateful for the rain and we got home safely. That night when we got back we just unpacked and did our own things. Saturday I had so much to do since I was gone all week so I got up early and had a full day hour by hour plan. When I got up I went to get an oil change, then came home picked up Tiana went to Mcdonalds for breakfast then went to the Temple. I say this all the time but I love the Temple and love that it is so close. After the Temple I had a much needed chat with Austin, then T and I went and explored Kanab for a few hours. I used to go there every Saturday for work and just wanted to explore other things there. It was so much fun and it really is such a neat place. 

The rest of the day went as follows: gym, harmons, cleaning, wal-mart, law and order, cupcakes, and finally bed. Today was great, I went to my first ever linger longer it was awesome. We made homemade ice-cream in a zip-lock bag can you say yummy?! After church we napped then made enchiladas for dinner. Holly, Dustin, Nick and I watched Aladdin: Prince of Thieves and ate drumsticks. I love my friends and am so blessed to have such great ones in my life! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July!

This last week was super duper fun-I just love holidays! This 4th of July was a lot different then those of the past. It all started when Holly and Tiana decided to go out of town for the week and leave Rand and I home. I don't know if anyone else ever gets weird desires to take road trips but I do. With that, we decided to go to Vegas for the holiday! Tuesday night at 5:00 Nick, Randi, and I packed the car and never looked back.  When we arrived in Vegas we dropped Nick off then went to dinner at Canes. Nick always talks about how good it is so I had to try it...I loved it! I could have eaten there all weekend if Randi would have let me! 

After dinner we went to Randi's house, I met her step sister Jessica and her dog Linus. We wanted to go see  a movie but decided we would rather stay in, make cookies and just watch things on TV. Wednesday we had so much to see and do, first thing on the list was workout. Randi is the best gym buddy a girl can have and she really wanted to show me the 24 hour fitness near her house. After the 20 minute drive we found out that the guest passes are for Nevada residents only!!! Totally lame and we were so mad. After that let down things turned right up because I got to see the hotel where her reception is going to be held. It was so amazing and I cannot wait for December! After that we were still in need of a workout so it's a good thing that her family lives in a gated community with a fitness center! It was so nice and I just loved it-the treadmill I was on had a touch screen with a TV  that could get any channels! I watched Men in Black II while running my 2 miles it was the best. After our workout we seriously wanted lunch and then to go swimming. Her community has a water park in it too!! Let me just say if I ever had move to Vegas I would live in Rhodes Ranch! It just has so much to offer and the main office smells like the zoo...a good smell not like animals and stuff. Anyway, It was just our luck that the weather was so crappy, by the time we went swimming it was rainy and windy. Did that stop us? No it didn't! We went down all the slides and sat in the hot tub for awhile.

front of the water park

The park had all these water slides

After swimming we went back to her house showered, finished her laundry, watched some Kardashian drama then departed for Utah. The weather was still crappy and we didn't want to stay if they weren't doing fireworks. We ate at Pizza Mania-another Nick Smith favorite it wasn't too shabby! They had the best bread and amazing cheese! We then picked up Nick, I met his family they are so great. I left there with hugs and just a happy feeling. We could not leave Clark County without getting slurpees so get hit up 7/11 on the way out of town.

On the way home we had the brilliant idea to skip fireworks and go see Spiderman instead. We got to the theater and it was nearly empty...we got to our seats and the whole place was empty! The movie was way good and a lot different than the Toby McGuire version. The movie ended after midnight and we were way tired so we called it a night. Although my 4th didn't include a parade, family BBQ,  sparklers, or fireworks of any kind it was still one that I will remember for a long time! 

Spiderman in 3D
Thursday work was just torture because I was so tired. That night we definitely stayed in and watched TV, we recently got addicted to this cop show called Rookie Blue so we watched that.  We also watched a law and order...go figure! 

Friday was the best because I finally got to see my sister after what seemed like her 1,000 day vacation to Idaho.  I really missed her and was so happy to come home form work and see her!! Unfortunately she worked that night so Randi and I hung out. We watched Honey it was so good and went to Iceburg which was so packed! Saturday we went to the Temple, the gym, and swimming. I stayed in the pool way too long and got so burnt, worse than ever before I am such an idiot! The rest of my Saturday was spent cleaning and planning FHE activities for the rest of the summer. I also made cupcakes and homemade frosting for the activities meeting that was held after church. My Sunday was great I have really grown to love the Buena-Vista ward. We got a new relief society presidency I am very excited and know that they will be great. After church we watched Charly...I cried my eyes out! We had lasagna for dinner and are currently watching Aladdin. This week I work Monday and Tuesday and then Hol and I are heading home! She got super cheap Lagoon tickets for Wednesday, and Thursday we are going to the Desert Star playhouse in Murray to see the Adams Family Home Evening I am so excited. There is no place like home and I can't wait to get out of the 100 degree weather for a few days! This e-card says it all!