Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July!

This last week was super duper fun-I just love holidays! This 4th of July was a lot different then those of the past. It all started when Holly and Tiana decided to go out of town for the week and leave Rand and I home. I don't know if anyone else ever gets weird desires to take road trips but I do. With that, we decided to go to Vegas for the holiday! Tuesday night at 5:00 Nick, Randi, and I packed the car and never looked back.  When we arrived in Vegas we dropped Nick off then went to dinner at Canes. Nick always talks about how good it is so I had to try it...I loved it! I could have eaten there all weekend if Randi would have let me! 

After dinner we went to Randi's house, I met her step sister Jessica and her dog Linus. We wanted to go see  a movie but decided we would rather stay in, make cookies and just watch things on TV. Wednesday we had so much to see and do, first thing on the list was workout. Randi is the best gym buddy a girl can have and she really wanted to show me the 24 hour fitness near her house. After the 20 minute drive we found out that the guest passes are for Nevada residents only!!! Totally lame and we were so mad. After that let down things turned right up because I got to see the hotel where her reception is going to be held. It was so amazing and I cannot wait for December! After that we were still in need of a workout so it's a good thing that her family lives in a gated community with a fitness center! It was so nice and I just loved it-the treadmill I was on had a touch screen with a TV  that could get any channels! I watched Men in Black II while running my 2 miles it was the best. After our workout we seriously wanted lunch and then to go swimming. Her community has a water park in it too!! Let me just say if I ever had move to Vegas I would live in Rhodes Ranch! It just has so much to offer and the main office smells like the zoo...a good smell not like animals and stuff. Anyway, It was just our luck that the weather was so crappy, by the time we went swimming it was rainy and windy. Did that stop us? No it didn't! We went down all the slides and sat in the hot tub for awhile.

front of the water park

The park had all these water slides

After swimming we went back to her house showered, finished her laundry, watched some Kardashian drama then departed for Utah. The weather was still crappy and we didn't want to stay if they weren't doing fireworks. We ate at Pizza Mania-another Nick Smith favorite it wasn't too shabby! They had the best bread and amazing cheese! We then picked up Nick, I met his family they are so great. I left there with hugs and just a happy feeling. We could not leave Clark County without getting slurpees so get hit up 7/11 on the way out of town.

On the way home we had the brilliant idea to skip fireworks and go see Spiderman instead. We got to the theater and it was nearly empty...we got to our seats and the whole place was empty! The movie was way good and a lot different than the Toby McGuire version. The movie ended after midnight and we were way tired so we called it a night. Although my 4th didn't include a parade, family BBQ,  sparklers, or fireworks of any kind it was still one that I will remember for a long time! 

Spiderman in 3D
Thursday work was just torture because I was so tired. That night we definitely stayed in and watched TV, we recently got addicted to this cop show called Rookie Blue so we watched that.  We also watched a law and order...go figure! 

Friday was the best because I finally got to see my sister after what seemed like her 1,000 day vacation to Idaho.  I really missed her and was so happy to come home form work and see her!! Unfortunately she worked that night so Randi and I hung out. We watched Honey it was so good and went to Iceburg which was so packed! Saturday we went to the Temple, the gym, and swimming. I stayed in the pool way too long and got so burnt, worse than ever before I am such an idiot! The rest of my Saturday was spent cleaning and planning FHE activities for the rest of the summer. I also made cupcakes and homemade frosting for the activities meeting that was held after church. My Sunday was great I have really grown to love the Buena-Vista ward. We got a new relief society presidency I am very excited and know that they will be great. After church we watched Charly...I cried my eyes out! We had lasagna for dinner and are currently watching Aladdin. This week I work Monday and Tuesday and then Hol and I are heading home! She got super cheap Lagoon tickets for Wednesday, and Thursday we are going to the Desert Star playhouse in Murray to see the Adams Family Home Evening I am so excited. There is no place like home and I can't wait to get out of the 100 degree weather for a few days! This e-card says it all! 

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