Monday, July 2, 2012

July Already??!

I seriously cannot believe that it is July 2nd today! Summer is just flying by and I hate that school starts next month...Aaahh!!! Let's not talk about that, let's talk about my past week! Monday night for FHE we played a game of sand volleyball! It was way fun to goof around and get to know the members of my new ward. Tuesday night we were all really tired for some reason so we stayed in and watched law and order: SVU. 

Wednesday we usually go to institute but I had to have a meeting with my bishop-my Temple recommend expired at the end of June and I can't live without one! I really think that once a year is not enough to get asked those interview questions, I loved answering those questions without wavering. It just really strengthened my testimony a lot! Since the bishop was a tad behind and I could not stop talking to the executive secretary I totally missed institute, but it was for a good cause right? Wednesday was also the start of yet another fire in Utah, New Harmony/Kanarraville was on fire for almost 12 hours. The freeway going both directions was closed and traffic was detoured through Enterprise! Thankfully by the time I started work the next morning the fire was contained and  both freeway lanes were open. It was just heartbreaking to see all that was burnt and all the damaged that was caused. It was a miracle to see the amount of houses that did make it, prayers were definitely answered. I took some pictures but they honestly don't do it justice.

With all these fires happening all over Utah, Arizona, and Colorado I hope that everyone has a prayer in their heart for rain, for comfort to those losing their homes and for strength to those fighting to control the fires. Thursday was another lazy night for us, Friday night we cleaned the apartment and just hung out. We ended the night by playing many rounds of Clue! 

It has been quite awhile since my roommates and I have done a big group date so we decided to do one. Saturday night we gathered our dates and just went crazy. We started at our house at 6pm, we made homemade pizza and then played games. We played mafia and imaginiff, lately we have been really into playing games. We really wanted to go cosmic bowling so we stalled with the games until 8:45 then we headed to Sunset west bowling lanes! The night so far was just going so great, I was really worried about my date Michael because he was the new guy. The rest of the group were regulars-they are my family. Michael is the type of guy that can fit in anywhere and just meet new people like it's no ones business-he was just great. So we got to the bowling ally and had an amazing time!! I love bowling and I loved our group, I totally lost overall but it was still fun. After bowling we went to subzero-a new frozen treat place here. They take your base (ice-cream, yogurt, custard, etc.) then your flavor and mix-ins and then freeze it with nitrogen right in front of your face! In the end I had a great night, I really do love going on dates, Michael was such a gentleman and he is so funny it just was thee best first date! 

Sunday was very inspirational and uplifting, I received a calling and was set apart. I love priesthood blessings and know they are from my Father in Heaven. After church we napped, ate chicken rolls, and played clue. Since it is the first of the month I'd like to share my testimony, like I said earlier I got a new recommend. I just want everyone to know that I love the Temple and love going every week, it is the house of the Lord on this earth today and we are so blessed to have so many in our area. I challenge you that if you are not worthy to be in the Temple today that you try your very best to become worthy-the Temple is where you need to be today. I love you all and hope you stay safe this week!

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