Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life is Bliss :)

I feel redundant each post by saying that my life is just great right now and that every week I have an amazing time but it's the truth!! Every week brings me new experiences that I very much enjoy. This week was jam-packed of things, Monday for FHE we played capture the flag with a water fight and had a great turn out. Tuesday the girls and I decided to do a much needed movie night, Aubrey and Casey came over and we watched This means War. This was the first time I watched it and I loved it-it was so cute! We also made delicious cookies...Betty Crocker pre-made bags are my favorite!

Wednesday Tiana and I had tickets to Aladdin at the Tuacahn!! It was so so great and I was freaking out the whole time, it was worth the money and worth being so dang tired Thursday morning.

We were very close!

Besties for LIFE!
Thursday I had a less busy day we went to the gym, wal-mart, and ended the day with Law and Order. Friday afternoon I received a text from Tiana informing me that we were going to the Enterprise rodeo! I shrieked with joy and could not wait! At 7:15 Tiana, Brandon, Aubrey, and I hopped in the car and headed to Enterprise. It has been so long since I have been to the rodeo and was so thrilled to be there. There were so many events and my favorite was probably the ribbon grab, or the event where all the little kids had to catch chickens! It was freaking hilarious! We stayed for a couple hours till our backs started killing us because of the lack of support sitting in the bleachers, got home around midnight and then hit the hay...a little rodeo pun for ya!  

Saturdays seem to go by so fast I don't know why but I wish Saturday time would go slower than other days! I woke up and went to the Temple by myself-the first time in a long time. It was really nice to just go and not worry about anyone else's schedule or anything, I loved being able to stay after my session and just sit outside the Temple. After the Temple I did my normal Saturday things: laundry, Gym, cooking, and cleaning. Holly got off work at 5:00 and then we went on a Moat sister date it was a much needed one. We went to see The Dark Knight Rises because we just could not wait any longer. Let me just say that was freaking awesome!!!! I loved it so much that I could watch everyday. After the movie we hit up the sweet tooth fairy and got some delicious cupcakes. 

After the movie we came home made apple crisp, went to Walmart with B and T, then watched the big bang theory. Today was a good Sunday-it was kind of long because I had 2 activity meetings but it was still good. For now we are watching the Bachelorette, it's so good and I really have no idea who she is going to pick! Only one more hour until we find out though!! 

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