Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Gut-Busting fun!

These last couple weeks have been all play and no has been so great and I do not want to go to work tomorrow. Last week I worked Monday and Tuesday then had the rest of the week off so I could go home and spend time with my amazing family. Tuesday after work Hol and I hit the road to T-Town, the weather was good and the drive was good; this trip Holly drove more than she has ever! I was just so tired and needed a little nap. We got to Tooele around 7:30 and it was so nice the weather is really different up there and it was very enjoyable. We played the board game curses it's not my favorite but my mom and sister love it.

Wednesday we went to lagoon, I seriously love Lagoon!! I know that it is nothing like Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland but it is good enough for my family and I! We have gone every year (except the last two) since I can remember. I just love this tradition and look forward to it every year, there is just something about riding rides all day that brings my family closer together. This year was no different, we made more memories that only my goofy family can appreciate. Although it was not the same without my papa, he didn't go because he couldn't get work off, it was still great. 

We were part of the many harmons members

When we got home that night there was a fire on the mountain near my house, the fires are now making me very angry. I have been praying like crazy for all these fires to end and for the families to be comforted. Thankfully it was not that bad and it is now out because it has rained so much in the last few days.

 Thursday we slept in way late because we were so tired and didn't really have anything planned until that night. The day consisted of us just playing games and messing around, we tried to get ice cream at Maceys but the stupid machine was broken!! Ridiculous! That night we had tickets to the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray. The show was called the Adams Family Home Evening it was really funny. The playhouse never ceases to amaze me every show is totally different and funny in its own way. My favorite was the oleo they did at the end it was titled summer fun and was freaking hilarious! 

cast of Adams FHE
Friday we packed in a lot because we were leaving at 4:00 sharp. We could not leave the county without seeing the beautiful Courtney Johnson so that is what we did first thing. We surprised her and she loved it, since living at home she has not had many visitors so it really did surprise her. We chatted with her for awhile then hurried home so we could go have lunch up the canyon. We usually don't go home during the week just on weekends so we saw an unusual small amount of my dad which was so sad. I really miss camping and just going up the canyon so I really wanted to do that and my dad loves it so it was a win-win situation. We couldn't have a legit fire so we just cooked in dutch ovens, and played curses. I didn't get one picture up there I am such an idiot. After the canyon we came home got packed up, loaded  the car, and headed back to St George. I always, always, ALWAYS hate leaving home and this time was no different. I am so glad that I live with my sister it makes being away from home much easier. It also makes the drive much better we sing, dance, talk, fight, she dozes off while I listen to music she's the best really. 

This particular drive home was so rainy! There were times when it got so bad that I had to drive like 40 in a 65 mph zone. In the end I am grateful for the rain and we got home safely. That night when we got back we just unpacked and did our own things. Saturday I had so much to do since I was gone all week so I got up early and had a full day hour by hour plan. When I got up I went to get an oil change, then came home picked up Tiana went to Mcdonalds for breakfast then went to the Temple. I say this all the time but I love the Temple and love that it is so close. After the Temple I had a much needed chat with Austin, then T and I went and explored Kanab for a few hours. I used to go there every Saturday for work and just wanted to explore other things there. It was so much fun and it really is such a neat place. 

The rest of the day went as follows: gym, harmons, cleaning, wal-mart, law and order, cupcakes, and finally bed. Today was great, I went to my first ever linger longer it was awesome. We made homemade ice-cream in a zip-lock bag can you say yummy?! After church we napped then made enchiladas for dinner. Holly, Dustin, Nick and I watched Aladdin: Prince of Thieves and ate drumsticks. I love my friends and am so blessed to have such great ones in my life! 

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  1. Looks like fun!! I'm glad you were able to spend time with your family! I'm jealous you went to Lagoon I sooo wanna go for Frightmares, love Lagoon! And that cookie dough shake is making me want ice cream.