Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving up in the world of Technology!

You will have to keep reading to understand my title! This week was alright, I have had better that's for sure. Monday for FHE we had Costco pizza and just played games-it was the best turnout so far. I was so happy and just loved that everyone came, I really hope they got some blessing or some assurance that FHE is important and should come every week. Tomorrow we are doing some service I cannot wait it has just been too long since I have helped others.

Tuesday was Pioneer day but I didn't do much because I had to work. I've known this since day one but holidays away from home just suck really bad! The summer holidays especially suck because I miss the parades, BBQ's, fireworks, and just family time. The whole day wasn't a complete failure-we went to batman and did sparklers! I am very grateful for the friends I have here in St George they are my second family and I would be very unhappy without them!

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Wednesday was good, work was so easy the day after a holiday is always very light. After work we went to the gym, Randi and I have gotten so good at going everyday. Days that I don't go I feel like crap and that feeling alone makes me go everyday.I am doing this couch to a 5k training thing it is so great, if you hate running do this and it will help you a lot. We have decided to do a 10k in September I am really excited believe it or not. After the gym we celebrated Brandon's birthday with ice-cream cake and night swimming. I love swimming no matter what time of day it is-I love it the most when the sun is out though. After all that we came in and watched this movie that Randi has been dying to watch. The movie has Rosie O'Donnell and Andie MacDowell in it and they were so good. It really was a cute movie and I very much enjoyed it!  

Thursday night we literally did nothing-I mean we went to the gym and the usual but we stayed home and just hung out. After a while we got so bored and decided to do a late night McDonalds run, last summer we did them all the time and this summer not so much. After our adventure we came home and went to bed. Friday we through Tiana a friend bridal shower, it was sort of stressful to plan but it was so fun to have and I am really glad that we did it! After the shower we went to Brick Oven and then we went star gazing on the front lawn. One of our favorite things to do is be outside under the stars at night. So we did that for awhile then we came in and went to bed because we were all so tired!! 

Saturday was not a normal Saturday the only routine things I did was go to the Temple, the gym, Walmart, and do laundry. The rest of the day was spent packing up Tiana's room, swimming for hours and the best thing...wait for it...BUYING MYSELF AN IPHONE!!!!  My contract with tmobile ended last week and I needed a new phone and contract by August. All my friends have Iphones and I wanted one so bad. It took some persuading but last night I walked into Verizon with a dumb phone I have had since 2009 and walked out with a smart phone! I was so happy and have not let it down since! 


Today was a good Sunday, it was the 5th Sunday so we had a combined lesson with priesthood and relief society. We talked about family history and it was pretty interesting, I have never done family history but I wish I did. The sunday school class is starting soon so I just might take it but we will see. I downloaded an app I am hoping that will help me. After church we watched Enchanted and made dinner, I had a stake meeting, then came home and hung out with Randi. This week should be good-there are two service projects happening, I am taking my kaplan test for Dixie's nursing program on Thursday, and I am going home for the weekend. It's a busy week but that is how I like it! 

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  1. WOOOOOOWEEEEE!!! A new phone!!! We can facetime with eachother now! Hey you should get the voxer app its like a walky talky! Comes in handy especially when driving. Or if you just dont wanna text it=) I have a list of awesome apps you should download lol, well not a whole bunch but some=) And I love your sparklers designs! Makes me think of our fun time with sparklers!!! miss you so much pretty lady!