Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great News!

I really hate that Bob has to work two nights a week, but at the same time I love my time to get things done: like be a more regular blogger! Since my last post I have been up north and back. We left Friday morning after trying to get everything done before we left. We left like 45 minutes late but got everything done! Friday we got to Bountiful and tried to go get my! I did call earlier and was told it was done. but when I got there it was wet from being washed. It was good they washed it but I wanted it so bad! I had to leave it there to dry but went back Saturday morning and it was perfect! I got it and loved it just as much as I did the first time I wore it! Friday night we went out to dinner with my Uncle and his family. We went to this amazing pizza place in Salt Lake-very very good pizza. Then we just went home and called it a night. Saturday Bob and I got up early so we could go to Salt Lake and run some errands before the dress shop opened and before we had to be at the shower. The first stop was to pick up our bouquet and boutonniere! We are supposed to be taking our bridals this weekend and need them for that. I was a little nervous to see how they turned out but I was so pleased!! Bob's friend did such a great job and I can't wait for him to do the rest of our flowers! After that he took me home then I went with my sister to get my dress then we headed out to Tooele for a combined baby/bridal shower. It was way to hard on my mom to plan two separate ones so we all agreed that a twofer shower would be fine. My mom did and awesome job, everything looked so cute and I had an awesome time! For multiple reasons I only had one friend who was able to come and I am so glad she did! I loved opening all the wonderful things people got Bob and I, we are blessed for sure! After the cleanup we headed back to Bountiful and just relaxed for the night. Grandma made us some dinner and then Bob and I rented Last Vegas for everyone...and funny enough neither of us watched it! We were just so tired and I never really make it through movies. Sunday we lounged around some more, my parents came out to chat for a bit before we left-which was really nice. We eventually got out of there around 230 which was the plan from the beginning so that was good. The drive home went good, not as many stops and no baby came out so it was a pretty successful trip I think. 

This is both of our presents...she got a lot more it seems but it's ok! Mine are really just stacked nicer! 

Since we got home a lot has happened! There has been an apartment up the street from us that has had a sign out for a while now. We really like the complex, we have a friend who lives there. We kept telling ourselves it's too's too soon. We got our tax returns and had a tour and fell in love! It has everything we want in the location we love so we put an application in and it got approved!!! We have our very first apartment!! YAY! We haven't done much with it except eat pizza and move Bob's storage unit stuff into it. We are both still able to live in our current places so gradually I will move stuff in there and Bob will just live there until we get married. He currently hates his housing and can't live there another moment. That was dramatic but he does hate it.  I don't have any pictures yet but I will next week I am sure! Another amazing thing happened to us yesterday: Bob finally got a new job, a job he has been needing for almost 6 months now! It is just such a testimony that we are suppose to be here and that the Lord hasn't forgotten about us! The last fantastic thing about yesterday: I have been trying to win tickets to the Dixie Fest 2014 on the radio and I finally did!!!!! I was so quick, and one of the only callers, so I was caller 1, 3, and 5! 5 is what you needed to be so I won!! I was so happy! It's not like they were expensive but now I am glad I don't have to fork out the money to go. American Authors here I come!! I hear it on the radio now and all the contests too I just laugh and yell "already won mine!" I tried my hardest to convince Bob to come with me now but he hates concerts! So I am hoping that Aubrey can make it up here to go with me! If not I need a concert buddy people! March 7th at 6pm!  

That's about it for now, this weekend will be busy which is normal for us. I have a shower on Friday night and hopefully if the weather is good we are taking our bridals on Saturday! Cross your fingers for me ok!?


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warm Weather

I know everyone knows this but I really love St George this time of year! It is still chilly in the morning and night but is so beautiful in the afternoon!! All week we have been in the upper 60's almost 70's and it has been very enjoyable! I can't wait for summer...I love St George summers! Bob and I are already planning summer trips and fun things we are going to do! Love him!

Last week Bob and I celebrated our first Valentines day together, it was so great! I had to work so we didn't do much until about 4. First we did present exchange, (he got me a gift card, flowers, and The Holiday, I got him a tool set that he has been wanting) then we ran some errands until it was time for dinner. We ended up going on a double date with the Eves- we went to Pier 49 pizza and then went star gazing in the truck bed. It was so much fun!! I loved just relaxing and being together. It was such a good day and I got so sad when he had to go home that night. The remainder of that weekend went so fast-we were both so busy on Saturday that we didn't really hang out until 9! We had received an invite to a bonfire that was happening at 9:30 and it sounded really fun so we went. It was a small crowd but was still fun and I am glad that we went.


Sunday we had stake conference where we got a whole new presidency, it was so sad because that is the only YSA stake president I know. He got put in the year I moved down to St George and I was hoping he would be there one to send Bob and I to the Temple...for endowments and our sealing. But oh well President Rich can send us to be sealed! After stake conference we went to babysit the Stapley kids! I love those kids and loved babysitting with Bob, he is a natural and will be an awesome dad some day. Sunday also happened to be our one year anniversary! 365 days ago he asked me on a date and in 51 days we will be married!! It really doesn't feel like its been only a year it feels much longer. We have grown so much this year and I cannot wait to see where the years take us! 

first picture together...

most recent! 

On Monday for FHE we went to the Eves and had a little movie night.  We watched here comes the boom, it has been a while since I have seen it and I forgot how good it is! It is one that needs to be added to our collection for sure! Today is my dad's birthday I love him so much and wish I could be with him for his birthday. This weekend Holly and I are heading up north- my mom is hosting our showers and I have to pick up my dress!!! I am so excited to pick it up!!  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Month Later

It has almost been a whole month since my last post! Things have been real busy lately, and I have been neglecting my blog. Bob is at work tonight so that means that I have some extra time to write, yay! Where do I even begin? January was here and gone in the blink of an eye, On the 25th I had the wonderful opportunity of going to a bridal showcase here in St George. I went with my newly engaged roommate Kira! I loved going with her and had a lot of fun. I didn't really find anything for my wedding except Steam Roller Copies-they surprised me with all their cheap prices and cute little things they do. I will definitely be going there! On the 26th we threw Holly a baby shower for her and her sweet little girl! I am so excited to be an aunt and wish she was here already! I really haven't bought much for her yet but have seen a ton of cute clothes at Target...good thing I have an employee discount. The shower was a success and everyone who came had a fabulous time and learned a lot of random facts about babies and being a mommy.


On nights I have to work Target bob likes to come see me on my lunch break, he is such a cutie and I love him with all my heart...and then some. I love him so much that when he decided to trade in his jeep and get a truck I said yes. Secretly the jeep was giving us problems and I really really really love that truck. Its a Ford F-150? Or something like that...its black, leather heated seats, and is just a dream!

On February 1st we took engagements!!! It was so crazy that this day was here, I have waited so long for this day and it was here! I bought outfits, had my sister curl my hair, took extra time on my makeup and I feel like they turned out awesome! I have the best photographer and helper ever so that helps. He gave us a sneak peek and I have been dying to see the rest-I was told I would hopefully get them this week! After engagements we ate dinner and then went to see the Book Thief-it was very long but very good, it gave me a whole new perspective on the Nazis and how that affected people.

This last week was so exciting-we got to take some time off and go up North. I mostly had to go up there to find a dang dress. I looked all over St George and just could not find anything that fit me or my budget. I was frustrated and stressed and just needed a dress. I knew that little shops would give me what I needed-that's the trick I feel. There happened to be a shop in Bountiful (where we were staying) so I went and low and behold it was there!!!!! I knew it right when I tried it on! I had to wait for my mom though so first thing Saturday morning we went back and it was still the one! I didn't want to take it off and I can't help but show everyone! I want Bob to see it so bad but he won't-he is strong.

Other than that we are just planning the wedding-59 days!!!!!! It is coming and we still have so much to do! A lot is done but still have a lot to do. We are like half done...lets put it that way! But hey at least I have a dress, he has a suit, and we have a Temple date!