Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Month Later

It has almost been a whole month since my last post! Things have been real busy lately, and I have been neglecting my blog. Bob is at work tonight so that means that I have some extra time to write, yay! Where do I even begin? January was here and gone in the blink of an eye, On the 25th I had the wonderful opportunity of going to a bridal showcase here in St George. I went with my newly engaged roommate Kira! I loved going with her and had a lot of fun. I didn't really find anything for my wedding except Steam Roller Copies-they surprised me with all their cheap prices and cute little things they do. I will definitely be going there! On the 26th we threw Holly a baby shower for her and her sweet little girl! I am so excited to be an aunt and wish she was here already! I really haven't bought much for her yet but have seen a ton of cute clothes at Target...good thing I have an employee discount. The shower was a success and everyone who came had a fabulous time and learned a lot of random facts about babies and being a mommy.


On nights I have to work Target bob likes to come see me on my lunch break, he is such a cutie and I love him with all my heart...and then some. I love him so much that when he decided to trade in his jeep and get a truck I said yes. Secretly the jeep was giving us problems and I really really really love that truck. Its a Ford F-150? Or something like that...its black, leather heated seats, and is just a dream!

On February 1st we took engagements!!! It was so crazy that this day was here, I have waited so long for this day and it was here! I bought outfits, had my sister curl my hair, took extra time on my makeup and I feel like they turned out awesome! I have the best photographer and helper ever so that helps. He gave us a sneak peek and I have been dying to see the rest-I was told I would hopefully get them this week! After engagements we ate dinner and then went to see the Book Thief-it was very long but very good, it gave me a whole new perspective on the Nazis and how that affected people.

This last week was so exciting-we got to take some time off and go up North. I mostly had to go up there to find a dang dress. I looked all over St George and just could not find anything that fit me or my budget. I was frustrated and stressed and just needed a dress. I knew that little shops would give me what I needed-that's the trick I feel. There happened to be a shop in Bountiful (where we were staying) so I went and low and behold it was there!!!!! I knew it right when I tried it on! I had to wait for my mom though so first thing Saturday morning we went back and it was still the one! I didn't want to take it off and I can't help but show everyone! I want Bob to see it so bad but he won't-he is strong.

Other than that we are just planning the wedding-59 days!!!!!! It is coming and we still have so much to do! A lot is done but still have a lot to do. We are like half done...lets put it that way! But hey at least I have a dress, he has a suit, and we have a Temple date!

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