Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time for Change

I really love New Years, people forget that we don't need a new calendar year to make changes in our lives but I love how the new year feels. It's like a movement-every one just making goals and changes. Lets talk about how I brought in the New Years. My stake put together this huge party and every ward was in charge of a room in our church, I was in charge of a game room. I definitely had to make an appearance and there wasn't really anything else happening that night so Bob and I went. We were only going to be there till 10 (if that) but ended up staying till 12:30! It was crazy, we just couldn't leave! They had an amazing handmade golf course that we played through with the future Mr and Mrs Woolsey. We also danced our hearts out, ate delicious pancakes, made new friends, and goofed around in a photo booth! We then had a giant countdown and a sweet little kiss at midnight. I had a fantastic New Years and it was a great way to ring in 2014. 

I am one of those crazy people who loves to make new year resolutions...some big and some not so big. I always have to write things on there that I know I will do-like get married!! I am so excited to be getting married to Bob! I love him so very much and am so grateful for him everyday. Lately we have just been planning a wedding and make sure we are looking and feeling our best. We got him a gym membership (haven't used it was much as we would like to) and we also started using white strips. It is a fun nightly tradition! 

Other than planning a wedding, working, and helping Bob manage his school load not much is going on in the life of Heather Moat. It is going to be fun to see where this year takes me and what new years resolutions I actually keep! 

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