Sunday, November 10, 2013

Until next year October!

October sure went by super fast!! My last post was the first part of October and now this post is the last part of it! My 24th birthday on the 24th was so good!! I took the day off-which was a good idea because I heard later that it was a super busy and horrible day! I woke up then Bob came over and made me french toast. I also woke up to a decorated door and bathroom mirror. (I have thee best roommates) The day went like this: We ran some errands, had lunch, watched the little mermaid on DVD-I love it and my parents got it for me. We then went to see the Saratov Approach! It was so so good!! I really loved it and cried the whole movie-I can not imagine going through what they did, they had such great faith thought. It was really a testimony builder and I will definitely be buying it when it comes out! After the movie we had dinner at the Pasta Factory, it's one of our favorites. We then just hung out some more and ended the night with carrot cake! I had a fabulous birthday, Bob really out did himself and I am so grateful for him.

Monday the 28th for FHE we did a Halloween party. I don't know if you have ever planned a party for over 50 people but it is hard. I don't know if it was a very good one or not...people told me they had fun but others told me they didn't so it's whatever. It was so fun to see everyone dressed up-we have some creative people in our ward for sure. Bob and I decided to go as a Gangsta and flapper girl it was a cute idea! On the 29th we did our annual tradition of going to Thriller!! I love Thriller each year and it never feels like Halloween until I go. This year I went with my roommates, Bob, Patrick, Greg, Conner, and Lindsey's sister B. I have never been with a group that big but it was awesome. Halloween day itself was pretty lame, we didn't really have anything planned and I got called into work until 10:30.

November 1st was the long awaited Atkin wedding!! I am so happy for Conner and Nat and am so grateful that I was able to be part of their special day. The weather was perfect, and the Temple sealing was just amazing! It was just the best way to spend a Saturday. This past week I worked a lot at Target, it was very tiring. I am slowly getting the hang of things and am really liking it there. I got to experience some winter weather last week as well, driving to Beaver and seeing the snow covered mountains is the best. I love our snow covered mountains and can't wait to see them more often now. Friday night we joined the Eves and Holly and watched white house down. It was SO GOOD! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and need to buy it!

Didn't take any personal! This is his family! Works for me! 

16 degrees?? Soooo cold!!
Saturday I got a pedicure with Tiana-it was nice and much needed. I then went to lunch and a movie with Bob, we went to Romeo and Juliet. I know what you are thinking-never heard of it recently? Me neither! It was in our cheap theater and was pretty good.

Today we had stake conference, it was different because it was a broadcast from SL! Basically all Southern Utah past Nephi got this broadcast, kind of neat huh? We spent the rest of the day napping. watching movies, and eating breakfast burritos! This week we don't have much planned but I am sure things will come up and it will be awesome!