Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warm Weather

I know everyone knows this but I really love St George this time of year! It is still chilly in the morning and night but is so beautiful in the afternoon!! All week we have been in the upper 60's almost 70's and it has been very enjoyable! I can't wait for summer...I love St George summers! Bob and I are already planning summer trips and fun things we are going to do! Love him!

Last week Bob and I celebrated our first Valentines day together, it was so great! I had to work so we didn't do much until about 4. First we did present exchange, (he got me a gift card, flowers, and The Holiday, I got him a tool set that he has been wanting) then we ran some errands until it was time for dinner. We ended up going on a double date with the Eves- we went to Pier 49 pizza and then went star gazing in the truck bed. It was so much fun!! I loved just relaxing and being together. It was such a good day and I got so sad when he had to go home that night. The remainder of that weekend went so fast-we were both so busy on Saturday that we didn't really hang out until 9! We had received an invite to a bonfire that was happening at 9:30 and it sounded really fun so we went. It was a small crowd but was still fun and I am glad that we went.


Sunday we had stake conference where we got a whole new presidency, it was so sad because that is the only YSA stake president I know. He got put in the year I moved down to St George and I was hoping he would be there one to send Bob and I to the Temple...for endowments and our sealing. But oh well President Rich can send us to be sealed! After stake conference we went to babysit the Stapley kids! I love those kids and loved babysitting with Bob, he is a natural and will be an awesome dad some day. Sunday also happened to be our one year anniversary! 365 days ago he asked me on a date and in 51 days we will be married!! It really doesn't feel like its been only a year it feels much longer. We have grown so much this year and I cannot wait to see where the years take us! 

first picture together...

most recent! 

On Monday for FHE we went to the Eves and had a little movie night.  We watched here comes the boom, it has been a while since I have seen it and I forgot how good it is! It is one that needs to be added to our collection for sure! Today is my dad's birthday I love him so much and wish I could be with him for his birthday. This weekend Holly and I are heading up north- my mom is hosting our showers and I have to pick up my dress!!! I am so excited to pick it up!!  

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