Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spiritual High

This week was just so great I hope this post does it justice! Monday before FHE I decorated our apartment! I seriously love October and could not wait another day to decorate. It isn't much but I love it. For FHE we went trick or treating for cans; the holiday seasons are approaching and there are many people that are in need. In the end we gathered 180 items of non-perishable goods and took them to our local homeless shelter. I love doing service and love seeing it in action. 

All the cans in my trunk!

Tuesday was a very special day, my roommate Karissa from summer 2010 came to town and we hung out! We met up at 8:00 and went to the pizza factory it was delicious. We then went to surprise Case-face and played with her for an hour or so then called it a night. Wednesday we hung out again and went to swig-she has never been! I must have been a horrible roommate that summer if I never took her. Her and Tyson-her husband-went to the Tuachan so we only hung out that afternoon. After they left I took a nap while waiting for Randi to get off work. Instead of going to the gym we decided to run to the Temple and back, which is a total of 3 miles. We started out walking and talking then without realizing it walked all the way to the Temple...oops! We did run back though and were content with that. Our favorite past time is watching movies and star gazing, so after our run, showers, and dinner we went up to the old airport and watched shes the man! After it was over we helped Kari with her school project which was a lot of fun. By the time we got done it was way past my bedtime so I called it a night. 

The flash was so bright and Rand could not open her eyes! Haha

Thursday was good work was steady and I got my flu shot! Everyone says not to get one but I do every year and have never had any problems (knock on wood now). Honestly I have no choice because IHC makes you get one, unless of course it is against your religion which to me is super weird but to each their own. After work I went to the gym and had such a great workout. Some days I go and have crappy workouts others days just rock. After the gym and dinner we watched GLEE!! It was such a sad episode we all balled our eyes out. Everyone broke up and it was just depressing, the songs were all awesome though. The worst part was finding out that it won't be on again until November 8th!!! Ridiculous! 

I really feel like since school started our weekends rock and are so full of fun things to do. This weekends was proof of that. Friday started when Rand and I went to lunch, she loves Port of Subs and I have never been there so we went. After that I took a nap then Kari, Aub and I went to Red Robin for dinner and then hit up the corn maze!! I love the corn maze and was so happy we went.

The best part if this weekend was General Conference! I loved every minute of each session and every question I had before was answered! My spiritual cup is now over flowing and I have many goals and many things to work on, wish me luck! So Saturday was spent watching conference and playing card games, going to Deseret Book's ladies night and hanging out with Tiana, Kari, and Aubrey. We went to wingers for dinner, Walmart, and then old navy to shop off the clearance racks. After all that Kari and I came home for a while got bored then went to Tiana and Brandon's house for ice to make orange julius. We ended up staying for hours just playing card games and talking about life. We came home and we watched this show about a guy who saves tattoo businesses-it was very entertaining.

Today we just watched conference, ate dinner, watched once upon a time and now just getting ready for the upcoming week. I know everyone is talking about the age change for missionaries but I have to share these two graphics, I know this change is for the best and that a lot more people are going to go because of it! It is going to be weird but definitely worth it in the end! 

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and that you enjoy your week!! 

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