Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last week of being 22 years old!

The past week was filled with so many adventures and new surroundings. It is so fun to travel with great friends every once in a while. My week started out awesome because of the weather, this time of year in St. George is just perfect. For FHE we played games at the park and since it was my first time playing ultimate frisbee I really sucked, but it was still fun. We had a decent turnout and ended the night making smores! 

Tuesday nothing really special happened but Wednesday afternoon was a different story. I got a call from Tiana and she informed me that she had the day off and wanted to play when I got off. I was so happy and rushed through my last hours of work. We decorated and rearranged her front room, got Dr. peppers, had pancakes, played cards, and watched Law and Order SVU. It was such a great day and I wish she had every afternoon off. Thursday I worked then came home and had to pack and clean and get ready for our trip to Logan. After everyone got off work and school we loaded the car and left, we took a little detour  in Kanarraville for Casey but then were off. I had never been to Casey's house before but I really enjoyed it! I loved how small and secluded it was; it was very calm and peaceful too. We stopped in beaver for dinner then drove all the way to Provo, dropped off Rand at her sisters house then continued on to my grandparents house in Bountiful. When we got there we chatted with my grandparents then stayed up to do homework and play games. 

Only picture we took on Friday...I am so mad!
Friday morning we got up bright and early to make sure we had ample time to get to the Temple on time. As it turns out we had plenty of time so we took a pit stop in Brigham City to see the newest Utah Temple, it was so pretty and very small too. I wish we would of had more time to go in but seeing the outside was better than nothing. (Case took most of the Temple pics on her camera it was just easier so you'll see those on another post) After that it was straight on till Logan the drive was absolutely beautiful because of all the trees and different colors we saw. We got to the Temple did a baptismal session then anxiously awaited the debut of Kyle and Morgan Pratt! I really expected the weather to be so cold but it was actually really nice. I also expected Logan to be very small, like the size of Tooele or Cedar City but nope. It was huge and very populated I had the time of my life driving around the town and also on USU campus! I have a slight desire to go to school up there but we will see. After the happy couple came out we went to the luncheon at a really good Mexican restaurant-Cafe Sabor. We had time in between the luncheon and the reception so we took Casey to Mcdonalds so she could finish her homework then we went to the reception. It was very simple and very small but it was nice and had them written all over it. My favorite part was that they had a photo booth I have never been to a reception that had one and I liked it a lot.

Brigham City Temple

Logan Temple, really similar to the Manti one

Case and I waiting for the M & K!

Mr and Mrs Pratt

Most delicious refreshments EVER! Fat boy ice-cream with hot fudge on top.
After the reception we were not sure what we wanted to do, Case found a ride to Provo so it was just Tiana and I the rest of the time. She really wanted to go to Idaho since we were so close so we did! It was fun to drive the rest of Logan and to be in a different state for a few minutes. After that we took yet another spur of the moment detour to Weber State University. If you don't know I am sort of in a crisis of where my life is suppose to go now so I figure going to prospective places of school and life will help me decide. So far I have loved every campus, and have not narrowed my choices down yet. 

The blue dot on the map was us! I thought it was a cool picture!!

After our detour we went back to my grandparents and went right to bed. Saturday we got up went to the gateway and city creek, had lunch with my parents then headed to Provo. We got home around 5:30 then headed to Joey Brown's wedding reception. It was really pretty I loved the blue and yellow color scheme. Plus they served delicious cupcakes, I could have eaten ten of them they were so good. I am way happy for Joey and wish them the best. 

After the reception we went to Walmart then just relaxed and watched a movie. Today was a fabulous day of inspiration in my YSA ward, every speaker and teacher just knew what I needed to hear. I was not in one boring meeting today and I love that! Tonight at midnight we are going to wal-mart to buy the new Taylor Swift album RED!! I cannot wait!! Happy Sunday everyone! 

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  1. You girls are so pretty! And by the way i am in love with your blog background! Its so adorable! I haven't seen it forever cuz I'm always looking on my phone and it doesn't show backgrounds. p.s. i think a picture is missing over there >>>>>>> ;) hehe jk. love ya girly! no more 22 soon!!!! time to join the 23 with meee!!!!