Monday, October 15, 2012

Your my sweet Home!

I just love short weeks and I love 3 day weekends! This week was Dixie's fall break which means a short week and a trip home!!! I love going home and wish I could do it more often. I am definitely getting a head of myself though so lets back up. Monday for FHE we did a general conference fear factor. We were split up into 3 teams answered questions and then did some kind of a challenge. Some were easy like making a PB&J sandwich, others were horrible like eating baby food with sardine sauce in it...I was so sick and almost threw up!! In the end we had such a blast and I realized I retained more from conference than I thought. After FHE Rand and I took a drive and looked at the D on the hill. Our boys club put pink bags on the lights for Breast cancer awareness month and it looks great.

cracker eating challenge

stack the cups in a minute

Stand in freezing water longest

Tuesday night I went to Institute it was fabulous, we compared Mark and Luke's accounts of the Saviors life it is very interesting! Wednesday was such a great day, work was so crazy but my friend and new boss Torri did a ride along with me and we just had a blast. The SL driver was super late so we had to drive farther than usual and ended up leaving an hour or so late. In the end we kicked trash and I got off much earlier than I thought I would have. That night we hung out again when her, Kari, and I went to dinner. I seriously have been craving Olive Garden but can't ever go so it was my first suggestion and they jumped on it. Olive Garden is doing this dinner today dinner tomorrow thing it is such a great deal-two meals, salad, and bread sticks for the price of one! We just had fun talking, people watching, and eating. I didn't get one picture though I am so mad! After dinner I went to Tiana and Brandon's house to watch Law and Order: SVU, I wasn't very impressed it was a rather dirty episode. We ended the night playing games and drinking milk shakes.

Thursday was such a weird day I felt like I was in a twilight zone or something. First off I saw such a beautiful sunrise and was amazed! Working early definitely has its  perks. When I got off work I went to the Temple with Holly then came home and had no motivation to do anything. I didn't go to the gym or anything. Finally at like 6:30 I did something productive for a couple hours. After that I was so tired, I could not keep my eyes open for the life of me! I don't know what happened it was weird I usually can stay awake until at least 10:30 but not Thursday.

Friday morning we got up around 7:30 and hit the road for Tooele! It was very rainy and at some points very scary but we made it, we got there and I met up with Heidi for lunch. It has been so long since we hung out and it was definitely needed. I am so proud of her and where she is at in her life and I just know she is going to do so well on her NCLEX coming up. After lunch I went to pick up my siblings from school-I love doing this! It is just great sibling bonding time that I really miss. My brother and sister are so big, my brother is driving now-he is a maniac- and he is in the school play. My sister is just trucking through Jr High and I feel for her I really hated Jr High. After that we just had family time made caramel apples and watched scary movies. Saturday we went to the Halloween store and bought mustaches that we were suppose to wear all brother is the only one who did. We went out to my grandparents house for dinner and ended up going the the Pizza Pasta Cafe. It was so delicious, it was a pizza buffet with all different types of pizza they even had dessert pizzas. It was just so good and I will probably eat there again soon! After dinner we headed back to Tooele and carved pumpkins I am not a very good carver but I still love doing it. After pumpkins we watched a movie, ate ice cream, played phase ten, then went to bed. Sunday we went to church I just loved it; I always love going to my home ward and I hope that never changes. That is it, after church we went home ate dinner, said our goodbyes, and headed for St George! The drive is so long but I love the quality time that is spent with my sister and the conversations we have and it is just the best time! 

My mom loves Halloween and decorating...
Us and our crazy mustaches

I love going home but I love coming back to St George it is my second home and even though it is far from the ones I love I am so happy here! 

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