Thursday, November 1, 2012

One year older and wiser too!

This week was the week of all weeks...mostly because it was all about me...just kidding! The week started out amazing when we went to Wal-mart at 11:30 Sunday night to get in line for the new T-Swift album RED! We arrived to no line and no album stand either. We freaked out, and to make matters even worse the worker was clueless that it wasn't out. She questioned our knowledge of the album release date too..the nerve of some people.  In the end she had to go in the back and get us our copies! We checked out and have been listening to it ever since. It makes me laugh every time I get into one of our cars because it's always on!

Monday was a long day because I was so tired but yet had so much to do! For FHE we were doing a Halloween potluck kind of thing and I was in charge of two things to cook and bring. In the end it was worth it because people loved the activity and my food took third place! After FHE we came home and watched Hocus Pocus! It is such a classic Halloween movie and I don't have much longer to watch my Halloween movies. Tuesday work was good, it is so cold in Beaver and Cedar now I hate it! The worst part is it hasn't even snowed yet...I am going to die! After work Hol and I went shopping for my mom and sister's birthday presents and got them mailed out too. I hate going to the post office because it is always so busy and the workers are crabby (can't say I blame them, customers are difficult most times) but this trip was a very good one, Fred the postman was so very helpful and gave me the best service I have ever had. After that I went to institute-saw the most beautiful sunset-then went to the gym! The last two weeks I have been MIA from planet fitness but this week was much better. I guess I was just in a slump or something. 


Wednesday was the best day of all because it just so happened to be my 23rd birthday!! I love birthdays and I love getting treated like a queen for a day. It started Tuesday after I got off work I came home to a decorated house and my presents all out on the counter. Then later after institute and the gym we stayed up super late watching the grudge and then the little mermaid to calm our thoughts. I took Wednesday off so  I slept in till 9 then at 10 I went shopping with Aubrey. The bookstore was doing a killer homecoming week sale and we couldn't miss it. She surprised me by buying me a sweatshirt and that was my first present of the day! After shopping she took me home and I found my room decorated with balloons and candy, it was the cutest thing ever! The rest of the day went as follows: went to the gym got wished a happy birthday there, went to the Temple too. It was a very slow day so I did almost 30 names and they were stateside names too not Hungarian.  It is awesome to know we have done so many names from Hungary, like 7 months worth, and that we are done for now.  I came home from the Temple and caught my sister red handed decorating the stairwell and the cement around it with beautiful art work.Then while I was showering she made me carrot cake cupcakes and decorated my car too. She also bought me an orange peel smoothie which was delicious. I drank it and checked the mail where I found 2 cards from my mom and Karissa. When Kari came home around 2:30 and we were all kind of tired so we took a nap then woke up and got ready for dinner. Tiana and Randi got off work and came over so I could finally open all my presents. I had opened my grandparents and moms earlier so that was fine. I really have thee best friends and they know me all to well!! I should have taken a picture of everything but I didn't so just trust me when I say I got spoiled. After presents we went to dinner at the Brick Oven, my birthday is seriously full of traditions and Brick Oven is definitely one of them. Our waiter was so nice and took such good care of us, they even sang to me! It was the best. After dinner we rushed out to the Tuachan to watch Thriller!! This is yet another tradition that I absolutely love! It was freezing cold but so great! I loved all the old things they show every year and I loved the new things they brought. After Thriller we had to get some hot cocoa at Mcdonalds to warm our bones and it worked! We then came back to my house for cake and ice cream then called it a night when it was officially October 25th. I had thee best birthday and am so very grateful for the friends and family that I have that care so much about me. I loved getting texts and Facebook notifications all day so thank you all! 


Blurry but still so cute
Phonecase that Ran got me!

Stupid get the point!

Since this past week was homecoming week the Thurs'D' activity was a powder puff football game. Aubrey ended up playing and it was so fun to watch her. We made a poster and huddled together under blankets and many layers of clothing. In the end sophomores and juniors won it! After the game we stopped in at good ole McDonalds for a delicious hot chocolate...and were very disappointed. It was too watery and just not good like the previous nights was. 

We sure do love our Aubrey!

Friday was a good day, work was good I got off early; when I got home I had a chat with Rand before she left for SLC with McCall and Marie, then I took a nap. Around 8 Aub and I went to Tiana and Brandon's to play games before we headed to a surprise party for a boy in our ward. We got to the bowling alley and to my surprise it was a double party-for me and the boy!!! I was in shock and so happy that everyone came and spent the night hanging out with me! We bowled then came back to my house to play games and stuff. We played a balloon game, cards, and danced on the WII. 

My surprise birthday ice-cream cake!
On Saturday I had the house all to myself and just did my own thing until Tiana and Brandon picked me up for happy hour at Sonic and couch shopping. When Kari came home at 6 her, Aub, Tiana, and I went to dinner at Panda Express then went and saw Pitch Perfect. It was so good I loved it and will be buying it when it comes out..I might even go see it in theaters again! We were so in love with the music too that we bought the soundtrack on the way home. We then picked up Brandon and went to Walmart for Sunday dinner items and then came home and danced the night away. We go through these phases where all we do for days is just dance and we are currently in that phase. We red-boxed just dance 4 and loved it! We ended the night with a pizza hut delivery and then went to bed. 

This man was my favorite and he is such a stud!
Sunday was really good, church was good and then we had an amazing roommate dinner! I really am blessed to have the friends that I do! I guess that is all for this week, I stumbled upon this graphic and had to share it: 

I don't know how true this is but I honestly wouldn't doubt it! The age change for missionaries has already been so good and it's only been one month since the announcement! Amazing...just amazing! 

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