Monday, November 19, 2012

Amazing Aubrey!

Today is November 19, 2012 and the birthday of my dear friend Aubrey Ann Mullins. Today she is turning 22 so I am going to share with you 22 things about her. First off she spent most of her life living in Fillmore, Utah with her Mom, Dad, and two younger sisters Mckensie and Ryleigh. She graduated from Millard High School in 2009 and then came to Dixie State College to study for a profession in the world of healthcare.

Family vaca in Florida

Aubrey's favorite colors are orange and blue, she loves pizza but not pasta, and could drink 100 Dr. Peppers any day. If she were to max out her credit card at any store it would be at any type of sports or athletic store. She loves to shop...unless you make her try something on! At that point you are on your own. She absolutely loves snowboarding and would die without it, she also recently discovered long boarding. It is very possible that if she has any free time it is spent long boarding in the parking lot or up and down our block.

Aubrey with her snowboarding buddy.

  Pictures of her sweet custom made long board.

She often loves seeing movies in theaters, her favorite type are action ones. She loves to hang out and have fun, she also loves being out doors and doing things like hunting, four wheeling and everything in between. She works at St George Care and Rehab as a cook and also does home health part time. She has an Iphone, Ipod and an Ipad...she is definitely an Apple fan. Those who know Aubrey best can tell you that she is the pickiest eater EVER! She has to pick what or where we eat because she has to give the final approval. She is the girl who loves the rodeo and everything that is associated with it. Basically she loves any sport but she loves to play basketball and volleyball the most. She loves any type of music-unless it is Taylor Swift then she might have to gouge her eye balls out. Sometimes Aubrey likes to act gangsta by using the following lingo: homegurl, homie, wat-up, yo, peeps and es-cuse-me!

At the movies waiting to see the Vow.
Enjoying the outdoors stargazing
Us at the Enterprise rodeo! haha
She participated in the homecoming powder puff game
Us at a Dixie football game!
I have known Aubrey for 2 years now and she never ceases to amaze me. All you people out there who don't her are totally missing out. Here's to you Aubrey on your very special day, I love you and hope we stay friends forever!!

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