Sunday, June 3, 2012

One busy little bee

I love being busy! I love having days where I am constantly going and can go to bed feeling exhausted and productive. Everyday this week I had something other then work and going to the gym planned! Monday was memorial day which for once means that I had a three day work less weekend-that NEVER happens to me! My roommates had the day off as well (except my sister ) so we decided to go hiking at Red Cliffs in Leeds. Tiana, Brandon, and I went and had a fabulous time. Red Cliffs is so very beautiful and I am so blessed to live in this remarkable area. After hiking we decided to go to Sonic's happy hour and get limeades!


After hiking we took a nap while watching the Hoarders marathon, then Hol and I went to FHE. We learned how to play pickelball and drank Frazzles! It was such a fun activity and we had a real good turn out considering it was memorial day! It was the best memorial day ever an I am so grateful for all those who have risked their lives for my freedom.

Aubrey recently joined a city softball league and Tuesday she played her very first game! Hol and I are her biggest fans and had to go! It was hot and the sun was blinding us but in the end it was so much fun to watch her-she is a pro!

Tuesday was also a very big day at our best friend Tiana Marie Heid got engaged!! That's right people TT is getting married September 1, 2012. Brandon is a very lucky guy and I am so happy for them! 

Wednesday work was so crazy!!! Note to self: NEVER WORK THE DAY AFTER A HOLIDAY...or two days rather. My van was so full and packed to the brim. I have never had so many items in one van! These pictures don't even do it justice!! This was a super long day and I am glad it doesn't happen very often! Wednesday night I went to was not good. I did not like the teaching styles and there were so many young-ins I felt like I was back in seminary...which isn't bad but I just didn't like it. I might give it one more chance but we'll see.  

Thursday was my only night that I didn't have anything so I spent the night with my sister watching TV and the movie Gone with Amanda Seyfried. Friday night everyone was gone except Randi and I so she went with me to Jessica Mitchell's wedding reception, the place was spectacular and Jessica looked amazing!! 
I didn't get a picture with her because she was dancing like a fool when I got there but it's alright. I love this girl and am so happy for her and Michael!! 

Saturday morning we had the brilliant idea to get up super early and watch the sunrise, 5:40 came to early and we were so tired. In the end it was such a good idea and I loved every minute of our adventure! I said it already but I'll say it again-I LOVE ST. GEORGE!! It is a very beautiful place. 

After the sunrise we went back to bed for awhile then I got up went to the temple and I got my haircut-nothing drastic just a  trim. I was left at home all day so I did laundry and cleaned house. I made brownies and went to Walmart with Hol and Aub after Hol got off work. In the end it was a very enjoyable and productive night!



Since today was fast Sunday I thought I would share my testimony with you. I know the gospel is true I wouldn't live it if it wasn't. I know that the Savior died for me and he knows all the pains and things I go through every second of everyday. I am so grateful for Temples and the opportunity I have to be with my family forever! I love the scriptures, prophets, and all the things that increase my learning daily. I love the power of prayer and fact that I have a father in heaven who listens and answers in his time and way. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and know things happen for a reason and all my hopes and dreams will happen when they are meant to happen. I hope everyone had a great Sunday and if you are feeling down and alone just pray and you will be comforted I promise! 

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