Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Radiant Randi :)

Today might be just another day for you but for the girls of apt. 201  it's BIRTHDAY TIME!!! Today is June 12, 2012 and it just happens to be Randi Danielle Stratton's birthday! Since today is her 19th birthday I am going to give you 19 things you must know about her! I came to know Randi after she graduated high school in 2011 from Bonanza high located in Las Vegas, Nevada. In high school she was an avid lacrosse player...how sweet is that?! I wish I would have met her sooner so that I could have watched her play. She moved to St George that summer and after 2 different living situations she finally made her way to become my roommate-third times a charm I guess.

Her and her bestie Emily

Randi is such a family person-she loves her family.  She especially loves her mom, she is one of those girls that would live with her mom forever if it was socially acceptable! She does anything and everything with her family...she even shares her birthday with her older sister!! 

family pic at her sisters wedding!

all her siblings...plus Nick!
20 and 18..sister birthday! 
Randi loves to eat gold fish crackers and chicken (not together of course), she loves to sing in the shower with the radio blasting...every shower no matter what time it is. She loves many TV shows-Parenthood, Lost, Prison break, Glee, One Tree Hill, the bachelorette, the voice, and especially Law and Order: SVU.  She loves loves LOVES painting nails-she paints her fingers weekly sometimes even biweekly!

This is from last Christmas-notice all the nail things!
Last August Randi became the newest member of the LDS church, it was such a beautiful day and I am so glad I got to share it with her.

What else is there to know about Randi you ask? Well she currently works at Southern Utah Spine and Rehab as a receptionist and loves it. Her favorite flavor of blizzard at Dairy Queen is double fudge cookie dough. I recently found out that she loves the movie where the heart it-about the Walmart baby. She isn't a huge soda fan but when she is she enjoys a good Dr. Pepper. She owns an apple laptop and an iPhone-Steve Jobs was apparently her hero. She enjoys wearing Toms and owns a few pairs. She wears a snuggie with pride and brought snuggie into my life...I will forever be grateful to her!

This thing is her LIFE!

She owns a pair just like this! 

Randi just loves to laugh, she loves to be happy and have fun. She is so outgoing and loves just be active and doing something with her best friends and Fiance. Which brings me to my last thing-Nick Smith is Randi's best friend and the one she wishes to spend eternity with. They got engaged and April and plan to be married in December.


wedding countdown chain
 I love you Randi and hope you have thee best Birthday today!!  I am so glad that we became roommates one year ago and dread the day that you move out! 


  1. Heather that was so sweet of you! Randi is so lucky to have you in her life. Thanks for taking such good care of her for me and for being such a great example to her. You rock!

  2. What a cute post! Randi seems like a really fun, nice girl I'm so glad you have good people in your life! And she is lucky to have you too!! Love & miss you Heather!