Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week full of Hoopla!!

I get so tired of figuring out a catchy post I used and typed 'fun' in the search box and through many clicks came across Hoopla-it means excitement I liked it will use the thesaurus more often. I started off this week at FHE where we played kickball, not a traditional kickball of course. The bases were little pools filled with water and the slide to home was a slip n' slide! So much fun and I loved it! I was a little sad because it was our last FHE as a full morningside YSA but nonetheless I had fun. 

Tuesday night we went to our weekly softball game to watch Aubrey play. To our dismay she didn't even play...ok she played one inning. It was still an alright game though, we were losing until the last inning and ended up only losing by 2 points. It was an 830 game so the weather was perfect and I didn't want to punch the sun in the face like last time. Plus we got snow cones before hand and the place to go is the snow shack on 700 south in the Mexican restaurant parking-lot. We all got one that was half peach half tigers blood-can you say DELICIOUS?!! It was like a party in my mouth. 

Wednesday was institute night and let me just say second chances are usually worth it and I mean it. This weeks lesson was so great and I learned so much! I can only hope that the next 5 weeks are just as fabulous. Thursday not much happened, I was so tired and just wanted to watch a movie. Randi and I were the only ones home so we decided to watch one of her all time favorite movies: Where the heart is. I had never heard nor seen it so I was a little worried during the first ten minutes but then it got better and I really like it. If you haven't seen it you definitely should it's on Netflix people look it up! 

Friday Tiana and I were left home alone so we went shopping and to dinner. She needed a new swimsuit and I just wanted to shop. We found really good deals at Kohls on suits and I will be going back on payday to get one or two myself! Tiana had a gift card to The Olive Garden so that is where we went-that place is always good and never a disappointment. After dinner we had the brilliant idea to visit Grafton-a ghost town right before Zion. Tiana, Aub, Kens, and I hopped in the car and locked ourselves in. We got to Grafton and were so scared that we didn't even leave the car!! Yes, yes I know scaredy baby pants are we but it was too much for us to handle. Next trip we will have boys with us and it won't be as scary...maybe. 


creepy bridge you have to drive over!! 

It was seriously so creepy and I am surprised I didn't have nightmares!! Saturday was less scary! We slept in then ran to Target because we were bored. We sat in a freaking sweet swing/chair thing and took some pictures of course. The rest of the day consisted of the Temple, swimming, Walmart, cleaning, laundry, dinner date with Randi, and ended with a sleepover in the front room.

Today was a very sad day, the stake president came and reorganized our ward boundaries. I ended up being transferred to the Buena-Vista ward-it's a bittersweet feeling. I am really excited to meet new people and to see what this ward has in store for me but I have been in the morningside ward for almost 3 years now and I cried my eyes out all day.  I know that the lord has a plan for me and that this change is definitely a good one. I know that our stake president prayed, fasted, and pondered so much about this decision and I trust them. I hope everyone had a great weekend and that they have a fabulous week!! DON'T FORGET it's fathers day this upcoming weekend-get your dads something special! 

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